Week of October 20: Civil War and Lady Thor

Marvel / Disney sent the following picture to the media this week which has resulted in some pretty cool speculator trends.

The most prominent story coming from this is that Marvel is publishing new Civil War Comics in 2015 and that Spider-Man is being brought into the Marvel cinematic Avengers universe, with Tony Start and Steve Rogers fighting each other. Marvel hasn’t really explained what is in the works, however, ebay sales speak volumes about the future of Civil War.

Screen shot 2014-10-19 at 8.23.55 PM

Currently this book is averaging sales above $35, with the Turner covers going for more. This is a case of sell while the gettings good. The book had a large print run and is widely available in the comic book store wild. Find, and sell as fast as you can.


Another book that has been getting a lot of interest is Thor #321 – this is a result of the New Marvel Now Thor #1 from 2014, the first appearance of female thor. There has been some speculation on Thor #321 featuring the first appearance of a female holding the hammer of Thor – I have read this book and I can’t find where this happens, however, this book is steadily selling for $10 on ebay. Another easy dollar bin find.
Happy Speculating
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Do yourself a Favour Preorder: Squarriors #1

A lot like Wild Blue Yonder, Squarriors was a kickstarter that was successfully funded and later picked up by Devils Due publishing. Its about cute animals that kill or something. Again, like Wild Blue Yonder, variant covers were made available as incentives for helping fund the book. They have just made some of the left over exclusive covers for sale, and they have a lot of potential on the secondary market once the book comes out. (Thanks D.L.)

Screen shot 2014-10-19 at 8.35.18 PM


Marvel’s Civil War
Lady Thor
Spider-Gwen’s first appearance is still trucking upwards – what does this mean about the real first appearance of Spider-Girl, What If… #105

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WORD?!?! Miracleman Adam Hughes Variant


was really expecting a bigger bump in value in regards to Miracleman, but Marvel really let me down. First they edited a nude panel, than they edited a word, deemed by some as derogatory, out of the book. 

Warrior Magazines 2My Warrior Magazine #1 stash from one point – the first appearance of Alan Moore’s Miracleman

This is old news but the Adam Hughes 1:25 Miracleman #12 Variant is selling for $40+ on the secondary market – plus it looks fantastic.

Screen shot 2014-10-15 at 11.24.21 PM
Could this be the next Supergirl and the Legion of Superhero #23 Adam Hughes Variant?..
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Week of October 15: Suicide Squad Hollywood

Today Time Warner (Brothers) (the owners of DC and the makers of the movies) had a investors meeting where they tried to advertise there product while showing what was coming down the pipe line with projections for the next six years. If the first two movies fail I doubt we’ll see the others ones, so keep that in mind when speculating.

I took out the untitled Batman and the Man of Steel / Justice League Sequel movies

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)
Suicide Squad (2016)
Justice League Part One (2017)
The LEGO Batman Movie (2017)
The Flash (2018)
Shazam (2019)
CYBORG (2020)

I wasn’t expecting a Suicide Squad movie to be announced this soon, and the Cyborg idea must be coming from what’s going on in the Justice League movies – I’d expect a lot of Teen Titan action in those.

$_57                Legends_Vol_1_3_Canada_Variant

The first appearance of Suicide Squad, Brave and the Bold #25, will go up, however, its already such a high valued book thats its not going to double in price overnight – it will slowly rise. So far the speculation winner for Suicide Squad is DC Legends #3, 1987, first new appearance of the Suicide Squad. With ebay closed auctions spiking up, this book was readily findable for under $3 prior to NYCC weekend.

Screen shot 2014-10-15 at 11.21.49 PMThe Cyborg film reminds me of Steel from 1997 – I really hope that like Steel it provides a secondary character that ten years after the film is made is involved in a ranchy sex tape with one the Kardashians. Also there sister should kill an old lady and everyone should forget, than they should get a Flavour of Love spin off show on VH1… sorry. Ranting about Ray J again. 

The first appearance of Cyborg is DC Comics Presents 26 -which is also the first appearance of the New Teen Titans – which should go up as news for the Justice League film develops. (not to mention its already current spike in value over the last 12 or so months)

Where as Cyborg is involved, the book to speculate on is Tales of the New Teen Titans #1: CYBORG, easily findable for under $3.

Happy Speculating
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WORD?!?! News from NYCC 3


It was announced this weekend that based on recent popularity, Marvel are planning on making a new Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman series. Probably coming out after January – as no new images were provided. This means you have a few months to look for these three books before they jump even higher in value.


Edge of Spider-Verse #2 First appearance – Hitting $15+


Edge of Spider-verse #2 1:25 Variant Cover – Hitting $40

 Screen shot 2014-10-12 at 4.04.08 AM

Hawkeye vs Deadpool #NN alleged first appearance -selling for cover or below cover

Marvel has a large fan-base, so even though print runs are higher than most indie books, these three books have long term potential based on how Marvel treats the “Spider-Gwen” character

Happy Speculating

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WORD?!? News from NYCC 2: Wytches Update

Limited to 500 copies and sold out on the floor almost instantly. That was the story of the Wytches #1 NYCC variant – selling out of each days allocation in a few minutes of being available to the public. This book is selling for $100+ in raw condition on ebay and as mentioned is limited to 500 copies and not 1000 like the other variants.

Will this book perform as well as the Saga RRP? Which was up to $200 in raw condition for the first two months of it release?

One variant for this book that hasn’t been released yet and hasn’t had a print run announced is the CBLDF cover – only available to membership stores – this book will be available in the coming weeks as CBLDF ships them out. This will be the hardest to find variant cover, more so than the Hastings Variant, which is already selling for $25.


News also came out this weekend that Wytches is being developed into a movie by New Regency film company. Big Surprise said nobody.

I would also avoid the I for Image book as a first appearance of the story. the I for image books are the first appearance of a lot of stories, however, this book is printed in the tens of thousands. Images comic’s Whats Next #NN was actually sold at the Image Expo’s so its a totally different bag of cats. – even though it doesn’t perform well – first appearance of Black Science, Deadly Class, Rat Queens, and more!

NEVER MIND: 99% of orders have been cancelled!
Thanks Simon Payne and Indy for the heads up

Crossed is being turned into a live-action webseries written and directed by Garth Ennis. Personally I stopped reading Crossed because I couldn’t deal with the change in writers and universe in every new story arc. This with the already hilarious news that Alan Moore is going to be writing an arc of Crossed will only drive up the prices of Crossed #0 (first appearance – 0.99 cover price) and Crossed #1. Even if it is only into the $10 book arena.


NYCC 3: Spider-Gwen
Battle Pope

WORD?!? News from NYCC 1

Heres a book you can find for under $10 in near mint condition – Secret Wars #1

Have you seen the Marvel booth from 2014 NYCC? Secret Wars, this, Secret Wars that – two days ago marvel announced this. A Marvel Secret Wars cross-over event. This will drive up the price on the original series.


PS If you’re still at NYCC
I didn’t talk about this exclusive because I want to get one for myself.
Check out this limited to 35 signed by Alan Moore, Crossed book available at the show.
Every time Avatar does this they sell out and double in value online. 
Neonomicon 1-4 Remarqued by series artist and SIGNED BY ALAN MOORE – Limited to 35 copies $125.00


Happy Speculating

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Wytches update -the hunt for the CBLDF
Edge of Spider-Verse – Spider-Gwen
Crossed – lol
Battle Pope