Turn Down for What?!?! Hollywood Week Two (Continued)

So James Gun, director of Guardians of the Galaxy, recently confirmed that Star-Lord’s father in the Marvel Movie Universe will not line-up with the Marvel Comic universe. So Star Lord’s father will not be Jason of Sparta (also referred to as J’son of Sparta) and you shouldn’t be buying Marvel Preview (magazine) #11.  Put that in my swing and a miss section. 

There is a lot of rumours coming out in the last few days from the Hollywood / Entertainment scene talking about another Marvel Movie being green lit to move forward. The Inhumans. This isn’t really a surprise, as for the past few years Marvel and even Stan Lee have hinted that an Inhumans film was in the works, This is being branded as Marvel’s Phase Three. Vin Diesel (Groot) also hinted about being cast in the film on his facebook page earlier this week.

Screen shot 2014-08-16 at 10.20.29 PM

The First appearance of The Inhumans, Fantastic Four #45 (Fantastic Four #46 is first Black Bolt and He’ll be in any Inhumans movie, so its also worth picking up) has been seeing a pretty heavy increase in the last few months, selling over guide, where Very Fine / NM- (9.0) is guided at $450 and NM- (9.2) is priced at $650, copies on ebay are selling for $2-300 more than that. Keep in mind thats without the CGC premium. CGC Graded this book sells for a lot more. (see GPA). 

undervalued-silver-age-comics-fantastic-four-45Another book effected by this current speculation is Marvel’s 1975 series, The Inhumans, with the #1 issue recently selling in VF / NM- for $80 on the secondary market.


There are not a lot of completed listing however there are a few active auctions with very high prices in comparison to the described condition. CGC Graded copies of The Inhumans #1 has also seen a very generous increase in the past few months.

Screen shot 2014-08-16 at 10.32.24 PM

Jae Lee and Paul Jenkins recently did a very popular 12 part miniseries based on the Inhumans with the same team from 1975. It received great reviews and is definitely worth picking up if you can find the #1 issue for a few bucks. 


So in short, don’t buy Marvel preview #11, try to find reasonably priced FF 45, Inhumans Volume 1 #1 and Inhumans Volume 2 #1.

Swamp Thing 50 / Justice League Dark Del Toro Update with Flash 245 (Thanks Topher)

Happy Speculating
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Turn Down for What?!?! Hollywood Week Two

I liked when comic books went up in value based on quality, merit and relative scarcity, however, this week has been all about Hollywood and speculation based on Comic Book adaptations.

Screen shot 2014-08-13 at 12.31.33 AM

Boom studio’s The Foundation is being developed by FOX into a movie. This is the second film in recent months to be optioned by FOX, the Malignant #1 being the first.  The Malignant #1 was a $20 book a few days after the movie announcement and The Foundation #1-5 has two sales online at $50. Well current interest in the Malignant has cooled off, The Foundation is very hot. If The Malignant is any indicator, The Foundation is not a good book to be holding on to. 


Another very unreported comic news story is Steve Niles announcing on his Tumblr blog that Breath of Bones is being adapted into a movie by Shrek director Andrew Adamson. Breath of Bones #1 is currently a $4 book. That should change in a day or two once the news catches on. 


A Next #7


This book was posted on Bleeding Cool this week as the speculator pick of the week. In my experience Bleeding Cool isn’t that great for speculation picks, however, this book, which is ripe in many comic book store back issues – is now selling for $20. The book is being pegged as the first appearance of Hope Pym, Hank Pym’s (Ant-Man) daughter. However, there is still speculation of if Hope even appears in this issue or if this issue can really be considered an appearance over a cameo. 


Happy Speculating

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Word?! Hollywood

AUGUST 16 UPDATE: Director of GOTG James Gun has not said who Star-Lords Father is, however he confirmed he is not following the Marvel Universe comic history (in this instance). 

Caution: GOTG Spoilers Ahead

Who is Star lord’s father?

So the guardians of the Galaxy movie was a huge success. Old news. Anyone who has seen the movie knows they heavily hinted at a sequel and the films box office success means Disney has no choice but to expand this franchise.

Now Star lord is the main character in the film, and he gets his power from his father, an alien. This will be explored in future films, they’re going to explain how Star lord gets his powers and the family connection of why he was stolen from Earth by aliens.

So who is Star lord Father? Well, in Marvel Preview (magazine) #11, we meet Jason of Sparta (also referred to as J’son of Sparta) – this character is later revealed to be Star Lord’s father.



I imagine the first draft of this scene went like this.
“Hey, Dad”
“so this is what you do now? eat girls assholes while largely ignoring the poonanny?”

His first appearance is Marvel Preview #11 and he no doubt will show up in the Marvel film universe.


Happy Speculating

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TURN DOWN FOR WHAT: Spread / Black Atom

Wool #1 from Cryptozoic Publishing seems to just keep going up
Ridley Scott is apparently making the series into a movie. – Take that with a grain of salt, remember Pain Killer Jain was a tv-show (same creative team) and is a flop speculatively and When is Mind MGMT coming out?
Right now its hovering around being a $30 to $40 book. 

Screen shot 2014-08-05 at 11.13.24 PM

Spread #1 second print Faux Action Figure Cover- There has been a lot of speculation around this book, however, confirmed sales today on the secondary market of $8 to $10+. This book is rumoured to have 5,000 print run, and print run numbers publicized for the first print was just under 25,000. – This is probably the book to look for tomorrow


Another book heating up, suffering from rumour and speculation is DC’s Shazam #28 from 1977. Duane Johnson – AKA The Rock, has hinted that he’s going to play Captain Marvel or Black Atom in an upcoming DC comics filmed. Warner Brothers hasn’t made a statement.

Screen shot 2014-08-05 at 11.16.59 PM

The first appearance of Black Atom is in 1945’s The Marvel Family #1. However, the new speculation buzz is saying Shazam #28 is Black Atom’s first appearance out of the Golden Age. Pumping the book – in High grade to $140 and in the arena of Fine plus condition in the $40 range. This book still has some potential. 

Screen shot 2014-08-05 at 11.15.04 PM


Happy Speculating

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Wool #1 has a low print run and the current highest completed sale on ebay is 6.99, but there are a few auctions hovering around the $10 – $15 mark. Remember Creator Owned Heroes? Back to Brooklyn? This is a very hyped creative team that doesn’t perform well long term.
Buy it if you see it at cover otherwise avoid.

Screen shot 2014-08-01 at 2.22.14 AM

DId you Know that Runaways #1 by Bryan K Vaughn is a $40 to $60 book?

Also, the first appearance of Howard the Duck (Adventures Into Fear 19) has peak sales of $250 on ebay. Up from $20 two weeks ago. Seriously, That, Howard the Duck #1, are the books to find.


Happy Speculating

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Word?!? Spoilers ahead

I havn’t seen the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie, but the movies end scene has gone viral. Four words. Howard the fucking Duck!


That means two books are going to see a major increase in value. Its the 80’s all over again! 
Howard the Duck #1 and Adventures into Fear #19 (first appearance of Howard the Duck) 

               gerber          12387-2472-13882-1-fear

Swamp Thing #50 – This book is the first time the Justice League Dark team appears that Guillermo Del Toro plans on using  in his film. This book is seeing increased interest. 
Speaking of Del Toro, with episode four of the Strain coming out this sunday, The Strain The Fall issues #1 to 9 are selling for $50 on the secondary market. Its great! 


Archer Armstrong is being optioned for a movie. The first appearance, Archer and Armstrong #0 has a print run of a million +. So right now its a dollar book. It might be a good time to buy up batches of this book – It could be a $5 book in a year. Keeping in mind what I just said about its print run, the 90 day average on GPA for 9.8s is $65 well the most recent sale is $95. 



Happy Speculating

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This Weeks Prospects: July 27 2014

So SDCC just ended – a lot of the information released by hollywood studios and comic publishers through panels is still be absorbed by the general public. No real big announcements. Aside from Frank Miller looking sickly. A lot of talk about variants. Will Humans #0 be the winner? Being self-published, sold at the show, and being picked up by Image for a #1? – and its from the creators of Glen and Henry Forever – Here you can go to the official website and buy Humans #0 for $5 each plus shipping - You know, Glen and Henry Forever, the book about where Henry Rollins and Glen Danzig are lovers. 


Five ghost is being developed into a TV show and surprise surprise, Robert Kirman’s Outcast has been picked up for a tv-show by Cinimax / Fox. Both books havn’t really seen an increase in price, With Outcast #1 staying around $8 and Five Ghosts #1 averaging $15 on the secondary market. 

Screen shot 2014-05-14 at 5.45.30 PM
I think the best bet is to not get hardcored on Outcast (remember how fast Kirkman’s Hardcore #1 had fans losing interest? Or what about Thief of Thieves? What is happening with that tv-show?) – and to speculate on Five Ghosts #1.

There has been some rumblings about low print runs of the second printing for Five Ghosts #1, however, the book to go after is the ECCC variant. This book was limited to 200, has a wrap around cover. Also, most of these books were signed and numbered when sold, however, 20 to 30 of them were sold as bricks, untouched by Five Ghosts writer, Frank J Barbiere – this means that most copies were signed and numbered, meaning the signature series CGC copies are much rarer than raw copies of this book – where as unnumbered blue label copies are even more rare. So – its really a choice of going after what you like more, signature series or blue label. These books are averaging $300 to $400 on ebay. 


Other Books to look out for

Avengers #112 – First appearance of Mantis – Sky a character on Agents of Shield is speculated as secretly being Mantis, which isn’t that far of a stretch when you consider Agent Coulson is apparently Vison. So the first appearance of Mantis, Avengers #112 has seen a nice increase in value, with Very Fine copies in the $15 and Near Mint in the $30 arena.

Marvel Team up #95 – Another book going up in value because of the Agents of Shield Television series. You couldn’t sell this book for more than $3 last year but now its the first appearance of Mockingbird putting it in the $10 – $15+ range. 


There have been new rumours and castings surrounding Edgar Wrights exit on the Ant-Man film. Three actors were hired and than all three of them left the film, the story being two of them left because the characters they were to play were cut out of the film. The third actor left the film for other reasons with his character being recast. His character? Rumoured to be Crossfire. Resulting in Marvel Two In One #52 1st Crossfire to see a healthy increase in value over the last two weeks. Its a $30 in Near Mint $15 in Very Fine. Plus the cover is bad ass. 



Happy Speculating

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