Week in Review: October 9


After a few small hick-ups with the behind the scenes production, news came out this week that Skybounds Clone has moved to Universal Studios and is moving forward as a Live-Action TV-series. Clone was first optioned in 2013, but since then has seen a steady decrease in value. This is sure to change with more positive news coming out about the series. Clone #1 has two covers on release however it is the more recent very rare and limited Black and White SDCC Skybound collectors box edition that you should be looking for. There are 250 to 500 copies of this book floating around, with average sale prices of $20 and a considerably lower print run then the first print issue, this is the Clone book to be looking for.

Screen shot 2015-10-09 at 12.13.45 AM

Thursday of this week saw the release of NYCC Funko Pop Exclusives at Hot Topic. Still available in very limited quantities at select stores, who are rumoured to receive more on friday – these pops retail for $14.99 and $20 for the larger Pops. The one to look for is the Game of Thrones Iron Throne – this Funko is designed for other Funko Pops to sit on and should have long term holding value. The other POPS are also selling for twice what they are being offered for at Hot Topic. (Two of the items are available on the Hot Topic website, the Throne is sold out online – Here and Here)

Screen shot 2015-10-09 at 2.21.51 AMAnother book to look for is Titan Comics Blood Thirsty #1. Titan Comics can be hit or miss – this book is still available on the Titan Comics website and has been selling for $8 to $10. Great Quick Flip potential, not a book to be holding on to as almost all Titan comics lose value – one can just look at the Tank Girl prices upon release and sell out and compare them to the prices now, most titan comics drop in value.


Happy Speculating
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Weird Hollywood: This Week’s Catch Up

Two Comic Remakes were in the news this week, Men in Black and Watchmen.

BWJLVariantCvrsHBO confirmed this week that they were trying to develop a Watchmen television series and Zack Snyder has confirmed he’s in talks to work on the project. Its a weird announcement, Watchmen is the best selling Graphic Novel of all time – and even after a blockbuster film there is still a lot of story to tell. Watchmen #1 might see a small spike in value however the books to be looking for are the Before Watchmen comics – Especially the Comedian related books. Currently found in dollar bins at most Local Comic Book Stores – These books will probably start selling in the $5 range once more news comes out about the HBO series.


This week the producers of the Men In Black films announced their plans of relaunching the franchise without Tommy Lee Jones (dead in the films) and without Will Smith – this of course comes out after the leaked Sony E-Mails suggesting a 21-Jump Street / Men in Black movie was in the works. A lot of people don’t realize that Men in Black was a comic book before it was a movie. Originally Published by Aircel Comics which was later bought out by Malibu Comics which was purchased by Marvel Comics in 1994, Men In Black #1 has been undervalued and looked over for the past few years. This book has a lot of room to grow – With very low print runs the Men in Black Comics the first Men In Black three issue series sells for $50 to $100 in varying conditions. These are books to be looking for and holding onto.

I was going to add Damage Control here but that became a news event in itself. Happy hunting and Happy Speculating

Happy Speculating
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Damage Control TV-Series?!?!

Screen shot 2015-10-05 at 9.16.59 PM Props to Nick Borelli – Follow him on Twitter @Nickscomics

News came out this week that former Daily Show and Colbert Report Executive Producer Ben Karlin was in-words with ABC to adapt Marvel Comic’s Damage Control as a 30 minute a episode television series. Damage Control is the government program that cleans up cities and buildings after a super-hero melt-down; meaning that after something happens like Captain America throwing the Red Scull through a restaurant, Damage Control is there to clean up the mess.

Damage Control had three four part mini-series with the first one being a standout, with Damage Control #1 from 1989 selling from $10 to $20. This is a book pulled directly out of the dollar bin.

Screen shot 2015-10-05 at 10.21.44 PM

The clear winner in the Damage Control TV-Show news is Marvel Comics Presents #19 (May 1989) – this features the first appearance of Damage Control in name and features the full team. This book has already sold for $60 on ebay. So it is trending upwards with most average sale prices around $25 to $30 – this is a book to be looking for with great potential to continuing increasing in value.

Screen shot 2015-10-05 at 10.27.07 PMALSO

Screen shot 2015-04-08 at 1.35.34 AM
Bleedingcool wrote an article today saying that the REAL first appearance of Damage Control was Marvel Age Annual #4 – This book features a preview of Damage Control #1 a full year before the book was released (June of 1988) – Marvel Age first appearances usually see a bump in price when a new announcement has been made but overtime the value drops, so if you find these sell them fast as they sell well now but will not hold value.

Marvel_Age_Annual_Vol_1_4_bHappy Speculating
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Week in Review: September 29


Another week, another post. Here are two great talking points.

This first one comes from the Google Plus Group The Comic Book Mint who first made me aware of this. News came out yesterday that DMC (from Run DMC) short for Darryl Makes Comics, Graphic Novel DMC was being developed by Matthew Vaughn (of Kick-ass) for the big screen. This is weird, but in a world where Hip Hop Family Tree is being developed into a TV-Show its not that weird. Right now there is a revision for Hip-Hop within the Comic Book community. DMC will be at New York Comic Con (in Artist Alley) offering his comics for sale, DMC has done several conventions and has four comic con variant covers of the book – all featuring material that was not reprinted in the mass-marketed DMC #1. The book to look for is the first Convention Variant, the DMC #0 Baltimore Comic Con Variant from 2014 – Limited to 100 copies, all signed and numbered. This features the first appearance of the book AND is the lowest print run of any of the DMC books.

Screen shot 2015-09-29 at 2.08.01 AM

A book I briefly touched on last week is now heating up, The Pitiful Human Lizard published by Chapter House Comics (The Publisher responsible for bringing back Captain Canuck). The most recent sale of a Cover A The Pitiful Human Lizard #1 is $15! This is an all-ages book based in Toronto written and Drawn by Jason Loo. With an average sale price of $10 and two 1:10 ratio variants – The Pitiful Human Lizard #1 is one to be keeping an eye out for. The Two mini China Town Ashcans, that were limited to 200 copies each and distributed around Toronto at Jason Loo signings and Comic Con appearances are also books that should see an increase in value.

Screen shot 2015-09-29 at 2.30.32 AM

Happy Speculating
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WORD?! Spotlight on Boom’s Giant Days

Screen shot 2015-09-17 at 11.34.01 PM

I talked about Boom’s Giant Days before in this post about the bleedingcool Effect. Giant Days was heavily speculated and jumped on when the first issue came out but like many all-age comics the consecutive issues had a much lower print run resulting in those issues to be selling upwards of $20 to $25. This was corrected by the published by printing more copies when issue #4 and #5 came out, however, Issue #2 and Issue #3 are books to be looking for.

Screen shot 2015-09-27 at 1.53.18 AM     Screen shot 2015-09-27 at 1.53.35 AM

Giant Days #2 sells for $15 to $25 while Giant Days #3 steadily sells for $18. Both of these books are still available on the Boom Studios website at cover price. International shipping from this website is expensive but worth it considering the potential profit.

Giant Days #2 at $3.99
Giant Days #3 at $3.99

Happy Speculating
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Weird Hollywood: TV Catch Up

Screen shot 2015-03-30 at 3.40.18 PM

Bruno Heller Showrunner for the Fox Gotham TV-Show announced this week that this second season of the TV-Show will see the introduction of the Court of Owls characters. First introduced in the New 52 by Scott Snyder, the Court of Owls first appears in Batman #5. Currently a $20 book – this book is sure to see an increase of interest when Gotham returns to air.


Another recent casting was the character Negative Woman in the CW’s Legends of Tomorrow. The Negative Woman first appears in Showcase #94 – a book that has been gaining momentum recently with rumours as the book also features the first appearance of the “new” Doom Patrol. This is another book to be looking for and holding onto until the TV-Show premiers.


Spotlight on: The Pitiful Human Lizard

Screen shot 2015-09-17 at 11.34.01 PM

Paper Girls #1 comes out from Image Comics next week – it will be the second on-going series by Eisner winning writer Brian K. Vaughn. This book is selling out in presales and while its not being pegged as the next Saga, has potential to become the next hot Image Series. A book that came out this week that you should be looking into is The Pitful Human Lizard #1 from Chapter House Comics.


Jason Loo’s The Pitiful Human Lizard started as a modestly funded Kickstarter, self published under the Loo Harvest Group banner, Loo published the first five issues before partnering with Chapter House to republish and solicit the series to a broader audience. The First few issues will be reprinted material before the story continues with Chapter House. The Pitiful Human Lizard is a fun, all-age comic and is sure to cause buzz in the coming weeks.

The book to look for is the original printing from Loo Harvest Press that was first published through the original Kick-Starter.