My Pick for this week: The Other Dead #1


I went to a few stores this week and it was disheartning. This 3-D thing isn’t good for anyone. 

This week ‘The Other Dead’ really stood out to me. I opened it up, read it, and saw Obama. This 1:10 variant is already selling for upwards of $50! The regular cover and Sub Variant are also selling together above $15! This seems to be a good book if you can find it! 



Honourable mentions: 

If you want to dig in some back issue boxes, Ghost Projekt #1 (Oni Press), was just picked up for a movie or tv-show or something stupid. Anyways – its selling for $25+. I was able to find 2 copies, that being said, copies are out there. 


WHAT I’M ORDERING: September 2013 Previews

Screen shot 2013-08-17 at 1.31.46 PM

Well I’m not going big on any titles at the moment so theres nothing I can opinionate on, however, I did do my September Preview earlier this week so I’ll share my picks,

1. dark horse – clown fatale #1
2. harley quinn #0
3. scooby doo team up #1 Its a Batman and Robin Team-Up Issue with Scooby Doo. You’re an idiot NOT to buy this book.
4. Image – alex and ada #1
5. Manifest destiny #1
6. Drumheller #1

7. Image – A Voice in the Dark – I was given a preview PDF of this book and I couldn’t stop reading. It was a kickstarter not to mention its written and drawn by the same person. I am ordering at least 10 copies to speculate on!

Forever Evil #1 3-D



If there is one book that seems to be attracting money right now its the Forever Evil #1 3-D. 

most retailers are selling this book for $100 or less – which makes it an easy flip on ebay for $200 with three recorded sales in the $175 or higher range.

Could have Ditko Variant potential, could be the break out hit, could be worthless in a month after the 9.8s come back. Buy for $100 sell for $200. This is not a book you want to be holding on to. 

My Pick for this week: The Mocking Dead #1


This book has already gone into a second print and its related to the walking dead.

These days almost everything zombie related in a comic goes up or holds its value. (see any Aspen / Bluewater Zombie title, 75% follow this trend) 

This week in speculation terms you have two options: You could buy a bunch of DC 3-D Variants (I am, I just don’t know which ones yet) or you could speculate on titles that are for zombie fans. Sure Its a lose lose, but the Mocking Dead #1 is my suggested pick out of those two.