Shifting my Focus

Look up GPA on X-Men #200 – 300. Its all trending upwards. Why? Who knows!

But its helps explain why I’m shifting some of my focus.

The last few weeks have been a little dry for modern books heating up – So I’ve been looking at copper, bronze and my all time favourite, recalled books.

Superman man of Steel #17 is a $40 – $60 book. I just found that out and I think its something worth relaying. – Thats three times how much S.MOS #18 the first appearance of Doomsday, is getting. Its just wack.

Here are some other under the radar books I’ve discovered and are very easy to find and flip.


photo 2

Action Comics #869 Recalled because Superman is drinking beer – easy to find for $40 or less – Quick flip for $80 – $100. (Raw NM)




Wolverine #131 – This book was recalled because of a editor mistake in proof reading – the word kike is used in reference to Sabertooth instead of Killer.

Remember to check each copy for this misprint before declaring it a recalled issue! There are none kike ones out there!


Last book to look out for, “Uncle Bens Cack”

Spider-ManReign1Nude Spider-ManReign1NudeCover

Spider-Man Reign #1 has a panel showing a nude Uncle Ben with a visible penis. A PENIS! This is a $10 book on ebay – easy to find for $1 – $3 IRL.


Week of December 4 Report

This week has been weird. Alias #1 is still holding strong at $20 – Will it go up?
J Scott Campbell Spider-Man Variants are bonkers! The #22 and the #20 1:50 Variants for Superior Spider-Man seem to be holding at $80 – which is a pretty big deal considering the exact same ratio variant for other issues of that book are flops in the secondary market.

I- Zombie #1 is still holding strong as is Oni’s Letter 44 #1 – not bad pick ups for their $1.00 Cover price!

This week something must have happened on the Comic Book Men Tv Show and it wasn’t what I was hoping. All cast members are still alive – but the Dynamite published tie in book that retailers couldn’t give away last week are selling with peak sales of $75 for #1 and #2 sets! #1 is a steady $30 book and #2 is $15. I don’t expect prices to stay that way because usually anything Kevin Smith does turns out to be terrible in retrospect but we’ll see how this pans out.

The other two books that are on my radar this week is

1. Justice League #4 from 1989 – Booster Gold joins the Justice League (Booster Gold #1 is a great issue to speculate on, its his first appearance and he is rumoured to be used by DC in a big event.

2. Static #1 From DC Comics / Malibu – There are two covers to this book and it features the first appearance of Static Shock. Seems undervalued at $1 – $3. I say, pick it up!


Thats it for this week!