Expect Big Things

When this book came out I was underwhelmed by the story. I couldn’t read the issue and regretted my 5 preorder. 
That all changed a few hours ago when I heard news of Sheltered, Images 2013 title, being adapted into film. 

Ebay buy it nows under $7 are all but gone – leading me to say, Sheltered #1 – Expect Big Things!


Week of January 26

Comic Book Movie and television adaptations are driving the speculative market. It sucks, but it is what it is.

Avengers #188 – Ant Man 


Hank-Pym’s (Ant-Man’s) first appearance is in Tales to Astonish #27 – This book has always been a minor key but now with the new Paul Rudd staring Ant-Man film TTA #27 has received a nice bump in value. However, Paul Rudd isn’t playing Hank Pym in the new ant-man movie, he’s going to be Scott Lang. Its weird, its a movie, get over it. Avengers #188 has since gone for a worthless drek of stapled goods into a $30 – $100+ book. Its weird, but its happened.

Tales to Astonish #25 – Deathlok 


The Shield TV show is still on the air. I’m surprised. A new character was announced, Deathlok. Deathlok has now doubled in value. Overstreet Value is $40 for a VF+ / NM – but VF+/NM sells for $80+ now – its weird.

WHAT THE?!?! New Guardians #2 First Snow Flame

photo 2

New Guardians #2 features a villain named Snow Flame. He gets his power from doing Cocaine, his only weakness is drug dependency and his major piece of equipment is, cocaine. Oh and he’s religion is the worship of cocaine.

photo 3

New Guardians #2 is his first appearance and near mint copies have been selling for $20 to $40+ on ebay.


How Bizarre. How Bizarre.

photo 4

My Pick for the Week: Sex Criminals and Obama

This week two books are on my mind,
Sex Criminals #1 Fourth Print – selling for $10 – $25 online and going for a fourth print second print – Crazy Cool covers do that!

This book is probably going to drop in value in three weeks – easy burn and turn $3 to $10.

Sky Man #1 1:10 Variant – its a mini-series – its been under ordered.
Many retailers didn’t get the variant – because its a mini-series from a new publisher – and the variant is Obama related. This book is a no brainer. See: The Other Dead Obama Variant – which sold out the gate for anywhere from $30 – $60 week of release!

Bonus Sauce:

THE ADVENTURES OF APOCALYPSE AL #1 Retailer Preview Edition 

The book was sent to every comic retailer – its a nice JMS title with lots of second market potential.
Go to your LCS and ask if they have a copy and if you can buy it. Now, go.

My Pick for the Week: Detective #27 Jim Lee Variant

Screen shot 2014-01-09 at 5.58.32 PM Screen shot 2014-01-09 at 5.58.53 PM

I guess it’s not really a good thing that the first pick of the year is a variant but the 1:60 Detective Comics #27 Variant by Jim Lee is doing big things. Easily picked up for under $50 – it’s been spoking at $100+ on ebay. – Also these J Scott Campbell Marvel covers are always wanted – and it looks like a lot of retailers didn’t order high enough to get a lot of them.

With the Black Widow #1 J Scott Campbell variant’s hold value? Colour selling for $150 online, while the colour is around $60 – $70.
Only if the series goes beyond 15 issues and doesn’t lose steam.

In other news,
Have you seen the FCBD 2014 DC book?


Might be a good idea to buy up some Batman Beyond #1’s – easily found for under $5 each – the first appearance in comics of the darker batman that first appeared in the animated show.

Screen shot 2014-01-09 at 5.59.19 PM

(Also Greg Rucka spoke to bleedingcool about how DC asked him to do something with Booster Gold. Does this mean something might be happening with the character? A Movie or tv show appearance maybe?)

It happened

Doomsday has finally hit the major leagues.
Man of Steel #18 is finally selling for upwards of $150 in CGC 9.8 blue label, raw copies are selling for $20 – 45 – but the big winner in the entire Doomsday debate is the Man of Steel #17 – where Near Mint raw copies on ebay are fetching $50 – $80, graded CGC 9.8 copies can go from $200 – $300!


Every website in the last two years have discussed this book saying it was going to explode. Well, it has.

Sandman is being discussed as possibly being made into a movie (again) so as one can expect raw issue #1’s have skyrocketted in price.
Sandman #1 NM has been selling for $100+ where as Sandman #9 NM is now a $50 book.
Which in my experience is a DOUBLE UP in value when you compare prices before the Hollywood news. (November).

Black Science #2 is also doing some stupid things – being impossible to find in the wild and selling for $10 – $20 on ebay.


Sex Criminals #1 has been gaining some traction as, I’m sure you can guess, Black Science #1.


Aside from that its been pretty slow moving in the speculation side of the comic world.

Will update soon with 2014 predictions.
Hint: BoosterGold + StaticShock + Batman Beyond

well staticshock is more of a “I REALLY HOPE IT HAPPENS” than a prediction, but I’ll spell it all out very soon.