What I’m Ordering: April 2013 Previews

ImageWell I’m not going big on any titles at the moment so theres nothing I can opinionate on, however, I did do my April Preview earlier this week so I’ll share my picks,

1. Fantagraphics FCBD – looks interesting.
2. Star wars rebel heist #1 MATT KINDT COVER?!
3. Justice league united #0 (Justice League of Canada!)
4. Southern bastard #1 (Scapled Team back together)
5. Vamplets undead pet squad #1 (Writer / Creator – came up with some kind of My Little Pony or Babie or something?)


Week of February 18

Two books that spring to mind as great pick-ups that are easy to find for under $5 but sell for more than $15 – 20 are Marvel Super-Heroes Winter Special 1991 first appearance of Squirrel Girl and DC Legends #3 first appearance of modern Suicide Squad. Thats not really news as much as its typically not discussed at length.

Izombie #1 is starting to heatup again – The Cooke Variant is selling for insane figures – but what about Izombies first appearance? I think it will only be a short time before this book starts picking up more steam. Going from a $30 book to $50 easily.


The Strain has also been picking up a lot of heat recently. #1’s selling for $45 – the #1 1:5 Variant selling for $75+

Another book to keep on your radar, Sandman #25 the first appearance of the Lost Boy Detectives. If Sandman is made into a tv-show or movie than won’t the Lost Boy Detectives be involved? Didn’t DC just release a Lost Boy Detectives one shot miniseries? Its the Preacher #13 rule.


Also: it is worth noting that Oni’s series from last week that I spoke about in my previous post is now selling or $25 plus as a Cover A + B Set

My Pick This Week: ONI IS BACK with #1s? and DEVIL’s HOPYARD

This week is stupid. Why? Well look at my first pick for this week.
Insect Bath #1 – Coming from Fantagraphics this odd-ball zine wannabe awesome book is selling for $10 plus. Buy it (if you can find it). Stock Low on Diamond and most stores didn’t order it. 

Devil’s Hopyard #1 – Whatever happened to that guy who does Spawn with Mcfarlane? I was thinking to myself when I saw this, Oh thats right – other stuff. Devil’s Hopyard #1 is selling for $15 to $20. I don’t have confirmation of this, but ebay auctions are suggesting the title was picked up for a tv-show.


Bunker #1 – Oni seems to be coming out with some pretty good material as of late. This weeks The Bunker #1 has two covers a regular and a subscription, and the subscription has a Francavilla cover. Sets are selling for $20 plus – this series seems to have potential.
So those are the titles to be looking for, Insect Bath #1, Bunker #1 and Devils Hopyard #1 – did I mention that all of these books came out THIS WEEK?! 

Buy them, sell them, get back at me. 

Week of Februrary 10

This week has been all about TV-Shows and movies. The Strain has been picking up huge amounts of heat – now is the time to be picking up The Strain #1 – and the Strain #1 1-in-5 Variant – (which has peak sales of $75!)

The tv-show is slated to be directed by Writer and Hellboy Director, Guillermo Del Toro, who has never directed a full tv-series. This TV Show has potential and now is the time to buy as many copies of the first appearance as you can! (The Strain #1)

Sean Astin (Hobbit, goes on convention tours) is playing the lead role which means its only a matter of time before we start seeing the CGC 9.8 SS copies coming on ebay. Buy now before it becomes a four figure book!

The Preacher Tv-Show has been given more Green Lights, I’m confused by the news but Preacher #13 – the first appearance of the Hunters – has skyrocketed in value. Raw Copies are selling for $30+ on ebay! This book was $1 last month!


Its starting to feel like every week theres a new comic related hollywood announcement. Mainly because there is. Next on the list – Painkiller Jain! A New Painkiller Jain Tv-show series is in the works – start buying up as many 22 Brides #1 her first appearance (There are impossible to find variants) as you can! (I can’t find any) – I also think this book, Painkiller Jain #1 from Event Entertainment has potential!


Brian Wood has had some pretty bad PR recently. But that hasn’t stopped DMZ (not DMX, oh man how great DMX in a comic would be) from being picked up by syfy for a tv-series. Now the book has gone from unsellable to potential $$$ – find, hold for a week or two for the news to catch on – than sell and make buckets of cash


Since Convention season is here I’ll give you this great piece of advice thats taken me awhile to figure out. Adventure Time is insane. The Tv-Show, the Comics, the fans. If a convention has an Adventure Time Variant it will double in price within three months of the convention 90% of the time.