Word!?!: Doop!


On April 9th 2014, Marvel will release a Doop #1 on-going title with a variant cover by Adi Granov.

Which is totally weird but in a comic market where My Little Pony and Dexter’s Lab comics sell like hot cakes it actually makes sense. So does the upcoming Rocket Racoon on-going series that appears to be very family/Disney oriented.

Marvel Now’s Doop #1 will sell out and go to multiple printings but that isn’t the pick. Right now you have two weeks to pick up Doop’s first appearance before anyone starts caring about the character again.
ImageX-Force Volume 1 #116 – readily available on ebay in near mint condition for under $10 – this book has a lot of potential.


Word?!: Ultimate Spider-Man #152

This book has been picked up in the J Scott Campbell craze. I only saw it now, and I’m really surprised at the price it’s been fetching. 
$15 to $25 – for a run where most of the issues sell for $1 – $3. 
I can only chalk this up to being one thing; bizarre

Ultimate Spider-Man #152 Selling for $15 to $25+


This weeks prospects: Movie Time

I don’t understand the Netflix / Marvel tv-show deal. Its listed as five tv-shows one being a mini-series and the others being character development shows surrounding Luke Cage, Jessica Jones (alias), Iron Fist and some others. Its the Marvel Knights imprint idea but towards TV-show. There isn’t a lot of clear thought about how it will develop past season one but I’m fairly confident its going to lead to one thing. 

A Heros for Hire Team-up TV-Show. If its five separate tv-shows they’ll eventually link as almost all of these characters can fit into a nice little package. A nice little package that is, The Marvel Heroes for hire.

Which leads me to our first prospect pick, Power Man #54 first appearance of Heroes for Hire. A Solid Near Mint copy can be scored for under $30. This book has a lot of potential if the TV-Shows get made. 

ImageAnother book that sees a lot of movement on ebay in the under $10 category is Incredible Hulk #448. Easy to find for under $10 in an Incredible Hulk bin, This book is the first appearance of Marvel’s Thunderbolts and it has had peek sales of $25 and $45 respectivly when listed on ebay with “First appearance of Thunderbolts” and “Near Mint condition” in the title. The Thunderbolts see a lot of action with Marvel’s monthly series and this book has a lot of potential both short and long term. 


A book that just showed up on my radar from a Google Plus Comic book speculation group is Inhumans Volume 1 #11. This book has a lot of potential, First appearance of Korath Pursuer, who will appear in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy film. 


While watching Ink Master on Spike I saw something unexpected. Warpath is going to be a major character in the new X-Men First Class sequel, which means now is the time to be picking up his first appearance, New Mutants Volume 1 #16



Flash TV Show

Why Powers #1 and Hack and Slash Volume 1 #1 are better than picking up full runs. 

Spidey Sense: Marvel Now’s Amazing Spider-Man #1


So Superior Spider-Man is about to finish and Marvel is launching Amazing Spider-Man #1 in April. At first, one would think this was a good speculative pick. How many times are Marvel going to relaunch spider-man in the next ten years? My opinion, 0. Superior Spider-man was a terrible title they launched to purposely alienate the Spider-man Fan base – by moving away from tradition and going into the LSD influenced Doctor Octipus Spider-Man. I believe this was done so that more people would get behind marvels planned relaunch of the title with Peter Parker back in costume.

Why is this not a good title to speculate on? 
Print Run. This book is going to have a widely available Alex Ross Colour variant and a Lego / Preview Minimate retailer summit variant, not unlike the Ditko Spider-Man #700 cover – which is going to make more retailers order in higher to qualify for variants – but there are going to be a lot of variants and lot of Cover A copies hitting the market. As of two months ago Marvel was working on 30 special store variants. Since Marvel mandates print runs of 3000 for Store Variants thats 30,000 copies of this new Spider-Man title that are to be sold as manufactured collectibles.

My Picks for the New ASM #1:

The retailer Summit Minimate cover is going to be the hardest one to find and has the most potential to go up in value. Its going to be available exclusively at the Las Vegas Retailer Summit this summer and this will be the first retailer summit where there is no tied in convention. So the only place to buy this book is directly from a retailer attending the summit or on ebay. Its going to be hard.The Alex Ross 1:300 variant is going to have a nice quick flip easy money feel to it. But do not hold onto this book. There are going to be a lot of them.

If you have been following spider-man trends in the past two years you should see Superior Spider-Man 30 / Superior Spider-Man 31 as better picks over Marvel Now ASM #1. Its the last issue of Doctor Ock as Spider-Man and the last Superior Spider-Man issue. It might not sell over cover in the next twelve months, but it has a hell of a lot more potential than ASM #1, considering print run and multiple variants.

Future for Spider-Man

Spider-Man is stupid. But it has a fan base. Marvel just announced a new Peter David Spider-Man 2099 title. From speaking with Ryan Stegman, I know there is a lot of interest at Marvels House of Ideas for this character. Which makes this pick a dollar bin diggers wet dream,

Find it / Buy it : Amazing Spider-Man #365
First Spider-Man 2099




I’ll talk about The Netflix Marvel Deal and why it would be a good idea be thinking about the Thunderbolts and Heroes For Hire.

What I think about InkMaster and My New Mutants / X-Men First Class predictions

Why you shouldn’t think the Flash TV-Show will have any effect on value

Why teenagers can grow better facial hair than me

This Weeks Speculation: My Little Phoney #1 Dynamite

I go to hot topic once a month. Mainly to get berated at by girls with multiple face piercings. It turns my crank. But the My Little Pony Variants from Hot Topic do stupid things online. I mean, they did a Doctor Who My Little Pony #1 cross-over variant cover AND a Say Anything My Little Pony #2 Cross-over variant, all selling for double what you buy them for at Hot Topic depending on the sale and the store and the time. 

Which leads me to this weeks pick. If there is one property that keeps getting a huge response its My Little Pony. I was sorting boxes this week when I noticed the My Little Pony #1 first print Box Set sells for double the retail price at $50+, not to mention the increase value in almost all My Little Pony related variants – The My Little Pony Deadpool #1 SDCC Cover is a $50 + book. Which is outrageous. 

and this week there is a homage/tribute/fan book written by Steve Seeley (Hoax Hunters) with a cover by Tim Seeley (Hoax Hunters and Revival). If there is one book that comes out this week with any potential of growth, I think, its dynamite’s My Little Phoney #1


I’ll talk about The Netflix Marvel Deal and why it would be a good idea be thinking about the Thunderbolts and Heroes For Hire. 

Why you shouldn’t be speculating on the New Amazing Spider-Man #1 if you’re paying cover. 

Buy It: Green Lantern #28 New 52

I don’t usually follow DC or Marvel that closely because they’re new releases rarely get hot out the gate – Most main on-going DC titles sell for above cover in the convention setting a few months after release – online not so much, so I apologize for my delay in pointing this book out. 

Green Lantern #28 NEW 52


This book sold out at Diamond and DC announced a second print. First prints are selling for about $10, with a premium being asked for the digital code polibagged edition. This book is popular because it is the first appearance of Supergirl as a Red Lantern. This book has short term flip potential, however, I have to point out Green Lantern Annual #1 from the new 52, which sold very well out the gate, having some sales for raws hitting $40. Now CGC 9.8 SS copies go for twice that, while raw copies get maybe $10 – $12. 


Another thing to keep in consideration is Batman the Darkest Knight – an elseworlds prestige format book which shows the first appearance of Batman as a Green Lantern which is a character used in Official DC video games and toys. Which has made this book very popular, will the same happen for the “Red Daughter”? 




Well Maybe, if you didn’t reset every title every six months retailers would feel confident ordering your stuff! Plus Deadpool is jealous of the Punisher because he’s having sex with Elektra? What the eff is that Marvel? Marvel sucks. 

Word?: She-Hulk #1 Trends


She Hulk #1 CGC Graded at 9.8 has seen a lot of movement.
In December this book could be easily obtained for $100 plus shipping. Now? The book sells for anywhere from $130 to $150.
When I pulled up GPA Analysis, a pay for use chart ebay sales site that averages out CGC graded titles, this is what I saw:


One or two ebay sales not being included (like the March 1st auction that ended at $165)  is most likely a result of incomplete ebay listings, however, this book is trending up. Why are Marvel Female Super-hero first appearances going up?

When it comes to She-Hulk #1 Now is the time to buy.

PS, GPA for Ms. Marvel #1 in CGC 9.8…