This Weeks Prospects, April 29, 2014


ASM #1 Volume 3 comes out tomorrow. The variants have some really stupid fluctuating prices at the moment. I would advice everyone to avoid them unless you get them at cover. Southern Basters #1, The New Jason Aaron on-going series also comes out this week, its a much better buy and has way more potential of making you money than spider-man’s new reboot. (This is projected to be his new Scalped Project)


It was announced this week that 100 Bullets is being made into a tv-show. 100 Bullets #1 has always been a good buy, easily found for under $20, sells for $50+ in near mint condition, but now its going to be a $100+ book (not unlike what happened with Scalped #1 last week) – again, this is a good book to buy.

ImageIt seems the Preacher keys never end – Preacher #51 is now a $30 + book because it has the first appearance of 100 Bullets. Stupid? Yes. Easily found at cover at most Local Comic Book stores? You tell me.

There has been renewed interest in Volume 2 of Starman. Its a great series and a great character. The first appearance is Jack Knight, who appears in Zero Hour #0. However, Jack Knight becomes Starman in Volume 2 Issue #0 of Starman. Easily found in the dollar or three dollar bin – selling from $6 – $10 online. This book has a lot of potential to be the next Booster Gold #1 (lol)

Starman Volume 2 #0 is my mysterious pick of the week

Miscellaneous updates:

– The prices of Chew #1 are just going up. Now is a great time to buy. The TV-show has been announced and you can easily get this book for under $600. It sounds expensive now, but when the tv-show comes out it could exponentially grow. Again, Now is the time to buy.

– Prices of Ms.Marvel #1 are still getting really stupid right now. Its a good time to pick up Spider-Woman #1 and She-Hulk #1s – all which can be obtained for $5 in Near Mint condition.


Word?!: Sonic The Hedgehog #259 RECALLED

I’m trying to figure out why this book was recalled but I can’t figure it out. I was able to find copies but I just don’t get it. 
There is an earlier cover with a different train on it, but this book was released digitally around December, so it shouldn’t be a content issue, and only the Cover B Variant is recalled by Diamond. Its weird.

Not a lot of people know about this yet but all the cover priced Buy It nows on ebay are starting to dry up. 

ImageSonic The Hedgehog #259 Variant Cover – Recalled April 23, 2014 – This book has potential 

What I’m Ordering: April 2014

Whats up with all these video game comics? Angry Birds #1? Doodle Jump #1? This is stupid.

Heres what I’m picking up:

Screen shot 2013-08-17 at 1.31.46 PM

Cartoon Network: Super Secret Crisis War #1(IDW) – Powerpuff Girls and Dexters Lab plus Samurai Jack in a 6 part story? I’m sold

Outcast #1 (Image) New Robert Kirkman on-going. As long as issue 2 and 3 come out; this is going to be a sure fire hit.
The Wicked and The Divine #1 (Image) – Three covers and one by Bryan Lee O’Malley, which I would suggest picking up. It seems like it has potential.
Wildfire #1 (Image) – Matt Hawkins has been around for a while at Image, but he’s only recently found success. This new on-going could be a risky pick but I really liked Think Tank.
Scratch 9 Cat of Nine Worlds #1 – New Scratch 9 Series and Kevin Eastman is doing a cover.
Big Trouble in little china #1 – Kurt Russell

Coming Soon:

Chew #1 and why you should be picking them up this week instead of waiting while the price skyrockets

This weeks Prospects: Scalping Scalped #1


Scalped #1 has been optioned for a tv-show by the WGN network. Which shouldn’t be a surprise, Scalped is a great series and CGC Graded Signature series 9.8 copies averaged $100 – $150 for the last year.
In the past week Scalped #1 has been averaging $90 – $110. Thats a four fold jump for what #1s were averaging only four months ago. Its insane. This book is still easily found in the wild underpriced. As of right now, This book has a lot of potential to grow.

I talked about this in my last post but I want to add some more points. Invincible #110. Every blog /website about modern comics has given an opinion on this issue, where heres what they’re not telling you;


Invincible #44 is the first appearance of Anissa, the rapist in question in issue #110. Three weeks ago this book sold for cover, maybe. Now, on ebay, this book averages around $10.
Currently Invincible #110 is averaging $20 – $30. While Invincible #110 goes down, Invincible #44 goes up. It seems like a good pick up.


I’ve had the same Kick-Ass #1-6 set on ebay for almost five months. They’re all Near Mint and first prints. Thats why this next piece is questionable. An auction for Superior #1 ended today at $16. It seems like nothing, but this is huge. The creator of Superior and Kick-Ass, Mark Millar made it very clear after the first Kick-Ass film that all of his books were to be adapted into film, and he would arrange for all of this before most of the books were even released.

Screen shot 2014-04-18 at 1.29.15 AM

While it looks like he’s moving forward on Superior because when you do a completed listing search on ebay you see sets have been trending upwards. Superior #1 and many of the series additional issues can be found easily for under cover. Many stores couldn’t sell this book for the last year! Now is the time to look for it!

This weeks prospects: Movie Time Again (1) April 12, 2014



I’m really surprised by the recent sales of Collider #1. For a DC / Vertigo title these numbers are kind of unheard of! $20 – $30 just for the first issue of a book that came out 6 to 8 months ago! Meanwhile Trillium and the Wake first issues remain around $10. All because FPB has been optioned for a movie and Collider was the name of FPB before some copyright thing where DC/Vertigo changed the name. Collider #1 averaging $20 on the ebay after market is crazy. (and you can still find these books for cover! This book sat dormant for months, check the back issue bins, this book is readily available)


Insane Thought of the week, 
I spoke about this in my last post but I’m going to expand the thought. Collider #1 had a print run of roughly 16,000. (according to comichron). One book I’ve been able to find but has been harder to find than Collider #1 is the second print with the new name FBP #1. It has the same cover, with the Vertigo icon on the opposite site and the new name replacing Collider. Copies are hard to find on ebay but if you can find one, grab it! This book had a print run of under 3500! TWO ZEROES! FPB #1 might technically be a first print, but I think its going to be the money book long term. Find this book.

In his weeks, Buy it for the Pump and Dump

Invincible #110
has sold out on Diamond, which means comic book stores can no longer order any more and the book is going to go to a second print. I’m lazy so I have no idea whats going on in the book but all the ebay listings suggest something about rape. So I’m assuming Invincible gets rapped. Which is horrible. But thats not todays pump and dump thought – Invincible #110 just came out this week have ebay listings of $20 – $100. This book will probably stabilize around $20 by the time the second print comes out, but that doesn’t neglect its current potential.

My Picks for This week: Taco Time, Dredd Underbelly, Vertigo Movie TYME

Aw Tuesday. The Day before comic book day.

It looks like Judge Dredd Underbelly #1 Second Print has shipped to North American stores through Diamond this week. Titan publications has a two week early UK policy that is based purely on the books being published in the UK and being shipped across the Pacific. I mention this because Judge Dredd Underbelly #1 Second Prints have been going for $20 – $35+ on ebay in the past two weeks.
This book probably won’t hold at the price its getting right now, but the opportunity is still there for the quick flip and profit.




I havn’t enjoyed what Marvel has been doing post-Siege so I don’t really pay that close attention, but I did notice the 1:75 Taco Time 8-Bit Deadpool #27 variant. In the past 30 days there have been two presale sales on ebay of $150 and $369. $369. For a Deadpool Variant.
Right now there has been a lot of speculation on variants and Deadpool #27 1:75 Taco Time Variant and the Deadpool #27 Detective Comics #27 Art Adams Homage variants seems to be the flavour of the week.



Also, Collider or as they now call it FBP is being turned into a movie. A MOVIE. UNHEARD OF!

So yeah, now is probably the time to buy any Collider #1 1:25 Variants you can find! If a movie is made, it will be this variant and probably FBP #1 that people are looking for.
FBP #1 is a reprint of Collider #1 just with the new name. They changed the name around issue #2 and many stores still had copies of Collider #1 so as a result the second print or FPB #1 had a lower print run.
remember any movie will be called FPB #1 and not Collider #1 – with that in mind FPB #1 is a better pick with more potential than Collider #1 regular cover.


Buy it: Dreadstar #1 Epic Comics

Talking Points:

Bunker #1 seems to have cooled off, #1s selling steadily at $10.

Manifest Destiny seems to be going out of control with first prints demanding a hefty value. Each week a new record sale seems to be made. 
Amazing Spider-Man #361 has never seen such demand and popularity. I don’t know why, but the first appearance of Carnage is back on the radar! 

Todays Issue: 


Every week there seems to be another comic book optioned as a movie or tv-show. Is this a sign of the speculative bubble bursting? Possibly. 
But this week Bleedingcool announced Jim Starlin’s Dreadstar from Marvel / Epic Comics is being optioned for a movie. 
Dreadstar #1 as of last week was a $1 book. You couldn’t sell it for $3. It was impossible. 
Now 0.99 auctions are trending towards $5+ to $10+. $10 for a book that you could barely give away a few months ago! 

Buy this book before everyone else does. Dreadstar #1. 


Its also important to note Dreadstar’s first appearance is in Epic Illustrated Magazine #3 – which should start going up in value.