This Weeks Prospects, May 31, 2014

Another Week, another new release selling for $8+.

I never know how to feel about a book selling for three times cover three days after release. C.O.W.L. #1 from Image sold out after coming out on wednesday but it looks like The 2000 AD (Titan Imprint) title Brass Sun #1 is this weeks winner, becoming a $10+ book almost over night. Ordinary #1 last week and now Brass Sun #1. Titan is on fire!


Another recent book to look out for is Boom Studio’s Lumberjanes #1. This book is starting to see movement as the second issue goes to a second print. Some Variant covers get $35! Look for the regular cover, right now this is a book to buy and hold onto.

(Boom’s website has a special offer for a variant limited to 250 copies. Its only $10 and probably worth the buy! )

Honourable Mentions,

Scalped #43 is the first appearance of Southern Bastards character Earl, as confirmed on the Southern Bastards official Tumblr website – this can only mean one thing – Cash. This book has a future – Find it, list it for $50, see what happens.


    $_57-4  tumblr_n2vytyshJE1r8ybe2o1_500


Firestorm Volume 2, #23 first appearance of Byte AKA Felicity Smoak Green from the CW Arrow TV-Show. She might appear as some kind of weird computer program villain, but this is really her first appearance! If you believe in the Arrow TV-Show, this is a good book to be holding onto. At least until the third season premier.


Justice League Adventure #13 – I don’t know if I’m being trolled. First appearance of All-star. A lot of talk but no reasoning. IF you see it for under $5 pick it up. (Maybe people are buying it just to speculate on something creating a fake market where you can make a few bucks, I’m not sure)


Thats it. Happy Speculating.


O’Really Factor: Sonic #1 and Weird Love #1

A book to look out for is the IDW Yoe Weird Love #1 – like its Haunted Horror #1 predecessor, it has sold out on diamond and has a very low print run, (5900), if this book is anything like the previous Yow IDW #1 you should try to buy as many as you can for under $5.


Sonic the hedgehog comics usually sell for ridiculous amounts of money in near mint condition, two books to look out for that are usually under the radar until pointed out are Justice League of Europe #33 and Detective Comics #639 – both were published before Sonic #1 AND both have a preview of the Sonic comic, making it the first appearance. These books usually sell for around $20 but Justice League of Europe #33 is more known than Detective Comics #639. These two books are easy Dollar or Three Dollar finds with peak ebay sales of $40 each!


Happy Speculating

Other Notes:

Tress #1 Comes out this week. Looks really solid!



Word?! Itty Bitty Bunnies #1

Itty Bitty Bunnies #1 sold out at diamond with a few sales averaging around $8 this book seems to be the pick of the week.
This book is Adventure Time mixed with Cocaine – launched as a digital first by Action Lab at NYCC 2013 with a Convention variant from October 2013. (Detroit Fanfare, which is considered the first appearance of the characters and property) There is also a limited variant that came out this week that is also worth looking for.



Other Mentionables from this week that are worth picking up:

Ordinary #1 (Titan Comics) has been selling anywhere from $10 – $12.99


Henchmen #1 (Robot Paper (press?)) has been averaging from $5 to $15



Happy Speculating

Buy it for the Pump and Dump: Secret Service #1

It looks like Mark Millar wasn’t kidding when he said all of his comic book properties were being turned into movies. This one really surprised me. Today a trailer for Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons The Secret Service hit the internet. Its about 4 minutes long and looks like it will shape up to be a pretty solid action film. There is no question that The Secret Service is hitting the big screen, the question is how will it effect back-issue sales? 

While on your journeys look for this book – it seems like all of the cheap ebay buy it nows have dried up over the past 24 hours, this could be a $10 book by weeks end.

Secret Service #1 / Icon Marvel


This Weeks Prospects, May 20, 2014

I’m really surprised at how much Izombie #1 has jumped in price so quickly. $34 to $60 for a #1!

Hellblazer #1 sales seem to steadily be going up. Very Fine to Very Fine Plus copies sell around $50 to $75, which is a big deal! This book couldn’t sell above $10 if it had the slightest blemish not six months ago! Another book to keep an eye out for is Swamp Thing #67, a book you can easily find for under $5, that features the first appearance of Hellblazer #1 – this book is only just starting to get hot and with peak sales of $24.99 has a lot of potential.

               Image               Image

Every other month there seems to be a new slant on the first appearance of Wolverine discussion. Just like Daredevil #115 getting popular for almost no reason, Marvel Premiere #19 is brewing up a storm. Featuring a half page advertisement for Hulk 181, this book is jumping in value fast.

               Image               Image

Deathstroke the Terminator #15 – This book is a dollar book. However, there has been some movement with this book because it features the first appearance of Rose Wilson. Who? Exactly. Rose Wilson is Deathstokes daughter, but more importantley, Rose Wilson has appearance on the Arrow CW- TV-series and is a returning character. With average sales of $10 – this book has a lot of room for growth.

Honourable Mentions,

                Image               Image

Batman Superman Annual #4 seemed to have jumped in price. – at an average of $24.99 – It has a Batman Beyond appearance, also has a second print that is worth a chunk of coin. ($10 – $15)

Vamplets #1 selling for a steading $5 / $5+. Stupid.

Alex and Ada #1 seems to be a solid $15+ book at the moment

Woods #1 1:9 variant – If you see it, buy it, this book has been largely ignored.

Action #894 is blowing up for no reason. Said to be the first appearance of Death (from sandman) in the New 52, or new contunum. Its dumb, but selling for $15+ – find it for the pump and dump

Word?! Planetoid #1


I don’t understand the recent hollywood trend of picking up comic books for tv-shows or movie. But even more odd are the actors who sign on to properties to adapt them. (i.e. Seth Rogan bringing Preacher to AMC) – so thats why this is right out of left field. Morgan Freeman is bringing Image’s Planetoid to the big screen, a production company run and owned by Freeman announced earlier today. This is a sci-fi series with very low sales and a #1 that sold out week of release. Right now the book is averaging $6 (with most recent sales on ebay being bulk sales).

Right now, this book is a good prospect. 


Planetoid #1 2011 Image

O’Really Factor: Don Johnson, Live Wire, Hellblazer

I don’t know why this book is getting popular. There is no New 52 announcement, or tv-show speculation. This book is getting popular for almost no reason. With peak sales of $100 and average auction prices of $35+, just this week. This book is most likely going to go down and be a $20 book. But right now sales are insane, this book is one to look out for.


Superman Adventures #5 First appearance of Livewire.**

Why is this book heating up? Speculation

I’m only posting this because I’m tired of hearing about it. Sometimes books get popular or go up in value for no reason (and go down in value 😦 )- but I don’t think thats the case with this book.  We live in a world where there’s almost three comic conventions every weekend. Its insane, but the insanity is at a level where its not even about the comics anymore. They sell statues, T-shirts, car decals, swords and even costume paraphernalia. Another element of comic book conventions is cosplay. One costume that predates the heating up of this book is Livewire. Harley Quinn is a character that before the new 52 – her first appearance averages $30 raw in near mint condition – so why can’t it be the same with Livewire? Harley Quinn because popular largely through cosplay and Livewire is almost an identical character with a different costume. Posted below are pictures of people in Livewire cosplay that predate the recent peak sales on ebay.


John Constantine

You know what two weeks ago was a solid $15 to $30 in near mint condition? (and maybe even $45 in near mint plus plus untouched by human hands condition) Hellblazer #1. Well now because of tv-show tid-bits and youtube clips of the upcoming Constantine tv-show Hellblazer #1 in near mint condition can get a solid $65 – $100. Very Fine copies sell for $45 – $50!
This is a book that is in 3 out of 5 back issue bins. Find it, scan it post it. Also don’t forget about Swamp Thing 37. Averaging about $100 in near mint condition raw. Prices on CGC 9.8s are Solange attacking Jay Z cray cray.


PS. Epic #1 from Comixtribe is $15 – $20 now? Who suggested buying that on day of release? That deserves a THUNGE LYFE!


Happy Speculating

** Also worth mentioning is her more recent origin issue –  Action Comics #835 – regarded as the First NEW appearance (and origin) of Livewire


Who is Rose Wilson? and Should you care?
Marvel Premiere 19 has a house-ad for Hulk 181?
Don’t pre-order any Future End 3-D covers. Seriously, what a rip off, 3-D month again? Come on!