Buy it for the Pump and Dump: Adventures of Superman #14

Not a whole lot going on this week speculation-wise.


It appears as if Adventures of Superman #14 with a Jock / Joker cover is selling for upwards of $10 on ebay, This book came out yesterday! So its probably worth picking a few up for a the quick flip, however, many stores were still able to reorder copies before FCO so expect to see copies at your local comic book store in two weeks there go destroying the market. This is a quick flip.

                     Image       Image

If you’re going to speculate on Jock or even Joker comics, the book to go after is Batman Detective #871. This book is the first time Scott Snyder writes Batman, and Jock and Francavilla do the artwork, which BTW is insane. The Black Mirror story is only going to be reprinted 100 more times in my lifetime, this is the first part of that story, plus at the moment Scott Snyder is the go to Batman writer, so this book only has potential to go up in value.


Special Mentions:



Winter World #1 Subscription Variant seems to be picking up some heat. Could be worth a few bucks when the TV-Show hits Xbox. Which again, I’m not sure how Xbox or PSN make tv-shows, how they will be distributed or how they will be over all received.

Wonder Woman #72 is a $40 book? Since when? Today? Last year? Weird / interesting / good to know.

Batman Sword of Azrael #1 – Whats up with that? Prices on ebay are all over the place. I know its asking prices, but its bizarre. If you see this book for under $5 in near mint condition – probably worth picking up. First appearance of Azreal and Azreal became Batman when Batman had his back broken by Bane (or something, see Dark Knight Rises movie) – I know Earth 2 Batman is Thomas Wane (Batman’s Dad in Earth 1) and he has to do drugs to get his powers – so thinking about that concept would it really be a far out thought to think DC would bring Azrael into the DCU in some way?


Happy Speculating

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Word?!?! Apocalypse


When asked what the first appearance of Rocket Racoon is there are two possible answers, Marvel Preview #7 (1976) or The Incredible Hulk #271 (1982). Incredible Hulk #271 is largely favoured over the issue of Marvel Preview because its in comic form where as the Marvel Preview is in Magazine format.

        Image       Image

A similar predecessor first appearance book that is scarcely touched upon is Apocalypse’s real first appearance. No, no the difference between X-Factor #5 and X-Factor #6, but the difference between Marvel Graphic Novel #17.

Marvel Graphic Novel #17: Revenge of the Living Monolith came out October 1985, eight months before his cameo appearance on X-Factor #5, released in June of 1986. The Marvel Wiki-page lists Marvel Graphic Novel #17 as the first appearance of Apocalypse. This is a book that can easily be found for under $20 in a back-issues bin at your local comic book store.

CGC 9.8 copies sell for $250 – $300, but raw copies are rarely seen for under $70. Again, this book can be found easily for $20. Find it and list it. Like with those two Rocket Racoon first appearances – with Apocalypse starring in the New Avengers movie, this book is only going to go up.

Rat Queen Update:

When Rat Queens #1 came out it was speculated on as being the next Peter Panzerfaust, so many stores ordered heavily on issue #1 – but when sales didn’t match the books stellar reviews, the book didn’t really pick up a strong fan base until issue #3 and #4 came out – this resulted in very low print runs for the second printings and Cover B’s of Issues #1, 2 and 3. The print run on issue #1 second print is under 5,000 and features a great Riley Rossmo cover – It fetches around $30, and the Rat Queens #2 second print is selling for around $40. These are books to be looking out for.




Did you know they’re making a new Star Wars Movie?
I think this speculation is stupid but its based on fact – (the original Marvel Series) Star Wars #42 has seen some substantial movement recently. The book guides in overstreet for about $20, but its on the rise because its “first appearance of Boba Fett”. Which means: Star Wars #42 – Expect big things. 



Happy Speculating

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O’Really Factor: X-Factor and Rat Queens


Rat Queens #1 Fiona Staples Variant seems to be hitting the $100 mark, steadily selling for $90+ on ebay in multiple sales. I’m surprised. But #1 regular covers are heading towards the $20 mark, only days after the television hollywood news. Other Rat Queen books to look out for are the Cover B Character variants. These books have lower print runs than the Cover A’s for the same issues. Rat Queens Cover B‘s for Issues 2 to 4 are already hitting the $10+ mark on ebay, at this point, they only have room to grow.

ratqueens(the Cover B’s are this Image cut into four)

X-Men Days of Future Past has an end credits scene that hits of Marvels Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. A Team recently revived in Marvel Nows! Age of Apocalypse The Horsemen of the Apocalypse features Archangel and has some recent sales on ebay for $6 – $10, which doesn’t sound like much, but its an X-Factor book so its very easily found for $1 to $3, X-Factor #15 This book has a lot of potential for long term growth.



Who /What is (a) Volcana? Updated

imagesThere has been some talk about DC’s Volcana recently, as there has been talk of many of the DC Batman / Superman adventures universes, which is largely a result of the success of Harley Quinn and more recently the high sales and interest in Live Wire.  I don’t think Volcana is the next Livewire, however, there are some very large misconceptions about the character. Volcana never appeared in the DC superman Adventures comic book. Although the DC Wiki and some ebay listings claim Superman Adventures #20 as being her first appearance it is not. She does not appear in the book. Volcana’s first appearance outside of the Superman animated television series was in 1996’s Action Comics #725. Does this book have the possibility of being the next Livewire? Maybe. Probably. No. Probably not. But I mean, anythings possible.

Screen shot 2014-06-20 at 2.08.11 AM

Happy Speculating

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This Weeks Prospects June 17 2014

This week has been pretty big for Rat Queens. First Print #1 is an easy $18+ while the one in ten Fiona Staples variant became a $60 to now $100 book almost overnight. Its a beautiful situation.

This week sees a new Bryan Lee O’Malley Variant hitting shelves. Wicked + Divine #1 Cover C. The last time O’Malley did a variant cover, it was again for the creators of Wicked + Divine (Young Avengers #1) and t became an instant $10 book. This is the book to grab this week. This was an order as many as you want cover so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding it.


Hollywood Reporter is saying Fox picked up Boom’s Malignant Man for a movie by the Fast and the Furious 7 director, aka, the guy that killed Paul Walker. Right now, Malignant Man #1 is in a lot of back issue bins at cover price, might be a good idea to pick one or two up. Image

The last book to keep an eye out for is Marvel / Disneys Figment #1 Variant Covers. I’m not sure where Figment is from, its apparently a Disney character whose origin comes from Disney Theme parks, which is weird. The 1:25 Variant is selling for $65+ on ebay plus the 1:50 variant has two sales of $120+ on ebay. This book has some potential at being the flavour of the month. Great buy low sell high situation on this one. (Plus the covers are really trippy)

Image       Image


Happy Speculating

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– Action Comics #725 – is this the first Volcana?
– X-Factor #15
– Apocalypse back issues?
– Del Toro’s Justice League Dark
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Word?!? Rat Queens

Variety came out with shocking news today. Rat Queens is being developed into a animated television feature. Will it be a full-length film, will it be a serialized tv-show? The article wasn’t really all that specific, or I didn’t read it close enough. Either way, Rat Queens is probably going to be a $10 book in a month or two (or maybe sooner) but a lot of people have copies of this book. Based on the “success” of Peter Panzerfaust, many people jumped onto the ‘new on-going series by the same writer’ band-wagon assuming this series would have the same fait as Panzerfaust.


If you’re going to speculate on Rat Queens you should be buying the Fiona Staples variant cover, which can still be found in some instances for under $20 for near mint copies.

This is also good news for the writer of both Rat Queens and Peter Panzerfaust, Kurtis J Wiebe – as this is just another point that cements him in the comic book industry for a few more years which means it might be good to speculate on his earlier titles.

Two books you should be looking for are Snow Angel self published by Wiebe and Jenkins or the collected Snow Angel Arcana trade paperback. So far only one copy has turned up at CGC, which means there are copies out there. There are no previous sales on ebay and only the trade paperback can be acquired through online sources.

This is a book to look out for – Especially in the Vancouver area – the only copy I can find a picture of is this graded one on ebay. I am not suggesting you buy it, just using it for reference.


Happy Speculating

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– Who is Kristov in the DC Animated Universe? Why does batman want to protect him? Will I actually talk about this?

How to Prepare books for CGC SS

Today in our, because no body asked section of Comic Book Scalping,

How to Prepare books for CGC Signature Series in Five Steps:

Step 1: Get your tools
– Painters Tape
– Knife
– Scotch Tape
– Sharpie
– Bag and Board

photo 1

Step 2: Decide where you want the placement of the signature

– Sharpies work great

photo 2

Step 3: Place Painters Tape (or masking tape) in desired area and carefully cutting open with Knife

photo 3

Step 4: Leave room on back to write the CGC Invoice number on the back with your name and who you want to sign in and the 

photo 4
Step 5: Stash the book away in an oversized magazine bag you’re good to go. 

photo 5


Happy Speculating

Word?! Harley Quinn #1 Fourth Print

Yeah, I’m sorry about my last post. I’m confused about Volcana too.

Reported to have a print run of under 5,000 (to go in stride with the other printings of this book) the Harley Quinn #1 fourth print has been getting a little attention on the secondary market. With peak sales of $20 plus, this book averages about $5 to $10. Its good a book and I suggest you pick up as many copies as you can.


Remember when Batman #1 Fifth print was hot fire? Well, now Harley Quinn #1 Fourth Print is.

Also, Powers is suppose to be a TV-show again but on the Playstation network. Which like The Last of Us being option for X-box makes no sense. I’m not suggesting buying #1 copies, because they’re already impossible to find, however if you can find graded copies of Powers Volume 1 #1 for under $60, You probably want to jump all over that. This book will probably become a  $100 – $200 9.8 in a few days.

Happy Speculating

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