This Weeks Prospects, June 8, 2014

Scalped + Rai #2 Recalled

This week has been weird. Nothing really new on speculative picks, but two books that I have been watching and reading about are Scalped and Rai’s recalled issue. Rai #2 recalled recently sold for $75 at auction. Now there are a hand fun of completed Buy it nows on ebay for $75 with a few $25 – $50 sales. This seems to be the book of the month.

I posted a few weeks ago about Scalped #43 being the first appearance of Earl a character in Southern Bastards. I was wrong.
Scalped #43 is the first time Jason Aaron and artist Jason Latour worked together on a project, which is what started the idea of them working together on an on-going title.

The character shown in Scalped #43 first appears in Scalped #16. The character dies later in the book, however, this is obviously a prototype of Earl (explaining the resemblence) that Jason Aaron based the character on. If you believe in Southern Bastards, Scalped #16 is the book to pick up.

Image                300px-Scalped_Vol_1_16



Honourable Mentions,

Doom Patrol 42 – EDIT: Origin of Flex Mentallo (thanks Tom in the Comments – Doom Patrol #35 is regarded as the first appearance of Flex Mentallo – expect an update on that soon)

No one is talking about this book but its an easy $1 – 3 find and it sells for $10 – $15 on ebay.


The Strain #1 and #2 first prints just keep going up in value. Now that the TV show is coming in a matter of weeks, now is the time to sell. (I found three near mint #1’s recently for $1 each. They are still out there!)



Happy Speculating!


7 thoughts on “This Weeks Prospects, June 8, 2014

  1. no worries with the scalped 43 did make 10x on the mask before the saturation factor. Remember when you speculate on comic the only for sure thing is you’ll have a lot of comics!

  2. Excellent post. Though Doom Patrol 42 is the origin of Flex Mentallo not the first appearance. Doom Patrol 35 is his cameo and 36 is the first full appearance. Keep doing what you’re doing awesome info.

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