Word?!? Spoilers ahead

I havn’t seen the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie, but the movies end scene has gone viral. Four words. Howard the fucking Duck!


That means two books are going to see a major increase in value. Its the 80’s all over again! 
Howard the Duck #1 and Adventures into Fear #19 (first appearance of Howard the Duck) 

               gerber          12387-2472-13882-1-fear

Swamp Thing #50 – This book is the first time the Justice League Dark team appears that Guillermo Del Toro plans on using  in his film. This book is seeing increased interest. 
Speaking of Del Toro, with episode four of the Strain coming out this sunday, The Strain The Fall issues #1 to 9 are selling for $50 on the secondary market. Its great! 


Archer Armstrong is being optioned for a movie. The first appearance, Archer and Armstrong #0 has a print run of a million +. So right now its a dollar book. It might be a good time to buy up batches of this book – It could be a $5 book in a year. Keeping in mind what I just said about its print run, the 90 day average on GPA for 9.8s is $65 well the most recent sale is $95. 



Happy Speculating

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This Weeks Prospects: July 27 2014

So SDCC just ended – a lot of the information released by hollywood studios and comic publishers through panels is still be absorbed by the general public. No real big announcements. Aside from Frank Miller looking sickly. A lot of talk about variants. Will Humans #0 be the winner? Being self-published, sold at the show, and being picked up by Image for a #1? – and its from the creators of Glen and Henry Forever – Here you can go to the official website and buy Humans #0 for $5 each plus shipping – You know, Glen and Henry Forever, the book about where Henry Rollins and Glen Danzig are lovers. 


Five ghost is being developed into a TV show and surprise surprise, Robert Kirman’s Outcast has been picked up for a tv-show by Cinimax / Fox. Both books havn’t really seen an increase in price, With Outcast #1 staying around $8 and Five Ghosts #1 averaging $15 on the secondary market. 

Screen shot 2014-05-14 at 5.45.30 PM
I think the best bet is to not get hardcored on Outcast (remember how fast Kirkman’s Hardcore #1 had fans losing interest? Or what about Thief of Thieves? What is happening with that tv-show?) – and to speculate on Five Ghosts #1.

There has been some rumblings about low print runs of the second printing for Five Ghosts #1, however, the book to go after is the ECCC variant. This book was limited to 200, has a wrap around cover. Also, most of these books were signed and numbered when sold, however, 20 to 30 of them were sold as bricks, untouched by Five Ghosts writer, Frank J Barbiere – this means that most copies were signed and numbered, meaning the signature series CGC copies are much rarer than raw copies of this book – where as unnumbered blue label copies are even more rare. So – its really a choice of going after what you like more, signature series or blue label. These books are averaging $300 to $400 on ebay. 


Other Books to look out for

Avengers #112 – First appearance of Mantis – Sky a character on Agents of Shield is speculated as secretly being Mantis, which isn’t that far of a stretch when you consider Agent Coulson is apparently Vison. So the first appearance of Mantis, Avengers #112 has seen a nice increase in value, with Very Fine copies in the $15 and Near Mint in the $30 arena.

Marvel Team up #95 – Another book going up in value because of the Agents of Shield Television series. You couldn’t sell this book for more than $3 last year but now its the first appearance of Mockingbird putting it in the $10 – $15+ range. 


There have been new rumours and castings surrounding Edgar Wrights exit on the Ant-Man film. Three actors were hired and than all three of them left the film, the story being two of them left because the characters they were to play were cut out of the film. The third actor left the film for other reasons with his character being recast. His character? Rumoured to be Crossfire. Resulting in Marvel Two In One #52 1st Crossfire to see a healthy increase in value over the last two weeks. Its a $30 in Near Mint $15 in Very Fine. Plus the cover is bad ass. 



Happy Speculating

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SDCC: Word?!

A lot is happening this week. Archies prices dropping – seems like the After Life With Archie 36 Magazine issue was only profitable in presale. And now Sabrina is the new character? Afterlife with Archie was a fluke, Life with Archie was a bomb, Sabrina is going to be a disaster. Stay away.

There is a lot of news coming out from SDCC this week – Five Ghosts is being a tv-show – where did we hear that before?

Also This – What is this? I don’t know but worth keeping an eye out for.

Manifest Destiny #8 SDCC Cover Sketch Variant
How many were printed? I don’t know – but if you’re at the show, ask around!

Screen shot 2014-07-26 at 12.37.39 AM

Also – Artist / Writer first appearances are heating up. Its really cool and more on that next time!

Happy Speculating

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Word?!?!: Death of Archie

Life With Archie #36 and its many covers are stabilizing on ebay around $7 – $10 each, with sets of all five covers selling for around $40.

Next week the magazine-size (or normal issue) of Life with Archie #36 comes out – featuring the second part of the Life With Archie Death story. Many stores do not order this magazine because of its odd size, but this book is already pre-selling for $40. This is the book to ask your local comic store about ahead of time!


Two other books to look out for are Veronica #202 and Kevin Keller #1 (Veronica Comics #207).
Veronica #202 features the first appearance of Kevin Kellar – this book should see movement in the next few weeks.veronica202

another book to look for is Veronica Comics #207/Kevin Keller #1 – This book is the first time Kevin Keller is put as a #1 in name, and the story is an all Kevin Story.


Happy Speculating

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This Weeks Prospects: July 15 2014

So the Spread Convention teaser seems to be doing stupid things on the ebay after market at the moment. Selling for upwards of $300. Tread Carefully if investing in these books – it seems the majority of the print run is being sold by one seller – this book really has no moving room for the next three months, it can only go down.

The Talk of the town this week is Life with Archie #36 – sets of all five covers were selling for $40 five hours ago. Now? $75. This is this weeks winner but again, no one is going to care about this book in three weeks. Your best bet is to get all five covers – otherwise you’re wasting your time. Buy low sell high.

Screen shot 2014-07-15 at 10.57.50 PM


UPDATE: It looks like one cover was very allocated and is the sure fire winner of all five covers. The Fiona Staples cover is the one to buy. Selling for $15+ on ebay day of release – if you’re only buying one, buy this one.


Remember Injustice Gods Among Us #1 and missing the boat on it by not buying it when it came out? A new DC Video game is on the horizon and a tie-in comic book comes out this week that features a unique code in each issue with a special downloadable character or costume or something stupid. Infinite Crisis Fight for the Multiverse #1 should be in demand once the video game comes out – and the Dodson variant cover (already selling for around $50) – should also be a hit.

$_57-3                 $_57-2


A book I forgot to mention and seems to have passed by most people is Firestorm Volume 1 #3 The first appearance of Killer Frost a character that steadily appears against Firestorm in every incarnation of the character. Killer Frost has appeared on CW’s Arrow so one can assume that Killer Frost should show up at some point on the Flash TV-Show. (seeing as the Firestorm is penned as the Flash’s new Crime Fighting best friend or something stupid).

Screen shot 2014-07-15 at 11.17.17 PM

– BTW SPOILERS – I watched the Flash Pilot episode (it’s streamable online) and it was terrible. 30 seconds before the Flash’s mom dies she tells him how he doesn’t need to go fast. Its painful.

– The Strain’s first episode was good. I couldn’t stop starring on the main characters hair. He was bald in House of Cards! Next week after the second episode of The Strain #2 is probably the best time to unload your strain comics.


Happy Speculating

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Word?! Hollywood

If the CW’s Arrow TV-Show is any indication of how characters appearing in tv can effect comic book values and prices – All news about the planned Flash television series.


Today it was announced that Robbie Ameil has been cast as Firestorm. Firestorm’s first appearance was in the 1978 series Firestorm – making his debut in issue #1.

When you look at GPA you can see a $137 rise in average sales of CGC graded 9.8s in 2014 than in 2013, with the most recent CGC 9.8 being $455 (July 2014) – This book is on fire.

Firestorm, the Nuclear Man No. 1 (March 1978) – Find it, list it, sell it.




Happy Speculating

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This Weeks Prospects: July 9 2014

Spread #1 came out today and almost as expected sold out from Diamond distributors almost immediately. Right now the book is selling for $10 on ebay making it this weeks obvious winner for speculation. There are also a few variants, a Walking Dead 19 homage, Third-EYE Variant and a Phantom Variant (so far, might be more) – both of which are selling for $15 – $25 on the secondary market.


The one book that you should be looking for is The Spread Convention teaser. 250 were made, 50 of which have a yellow insignia, while the other 200 are blue. This book hasn’t appeared on ebay since May – it was sold at conventions by the author. If you believe in Spread – this is the book to be chasing.

Another book that came out today that sold out at diamond and has been performing well on the secondary market is Sherwood, Texas #1 by 12 Gage Comics – its a reimagining of the Robin Hood character as a biker.
(which I imagine is like Pinocchio the Vampire Slayer Graphic Novel, which again is just me assuming based on the books title, is about Pinocchio killing vampires by going up to them and than saying things like “I hate my parents” having his nose grow and than head butting vampires in the chest only to say “I’m a good little boy” having his nose shrink back.)

Screen shot 2014-07-09 at 7.49.24 PM


Sherwood, Texas #1 was first released as a FCBD special and has been selling online for $3 – 5. It doesn’t sound like much but this book is a dollar book and many stores didn’t order it because of its indie publisher. Based on the 300% mark up on day of release, both the FCBD edition and the #1 have potential.

Happy Speculating

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