Wool #1 has a low print run and the current highest completed sale on ebay is 6.99, but there are a few auctions hovering around the $10 – $15 mark. Remember Creator Owned Heroes? Back to Brooklyn? This is a very hyped creative team that doesn’t perform well long term.
Buy it if you see it at cover otherwise avoid.

Screen shot 2014-08-01 at 2.22.14 AM

DId you Know that Runaways #1 by Bryan K Vaughn is a $40 to $60 book?

Also, the first appearance of Howard the Duck (Adventures Into Fear 19) has peak sales of $250 on ebay. Up from $20 two weeks ago. Seriously, That, Howard the Duck #1, are the books to find.


Happy Speculating

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4 thoughts on “Yo!

  1. I unno bout ya Spec on Wool..Ridley Scott Film coming soon…http://www.scified.com/news/1341
    I know old Article ..but Id say buy Now before the spike ..of course if u can find it at cover then by all means get 9000 of them..but with the low print run..and the already spike..find em and get em while ya can

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