The Bleedingcool Effect Part 1 and the Death of Wolverine

Today a story broke on about the origin of X-23 in a speculation corner of the website. Usually when it comes to speculation Bleedingcool has more misses than strikes however this book has some promise.

Wolverine Vol 2 #80 

In this book there is a panel featuring an early version of X-23 – Wolverine’s daughter – However this version is in a DNA vile form.


One can only assume X-23 was cloned through this tissue extract from Logan. I would expect to see a big jump in this, Wolverine #80, book probably to a $12+ (already selling for $8) book by weeks end.

Wolverine has died more than once and every time Marvel brings him back. But, for the next twelve months, you can bet Marvel is going to be working every publishable sellable angle out of the death of wolverine franchise.

Two books to buy now before new collectors start wanting them –

Wolverine Origins #10 – First appearance of Daken – Wolverine’s Son
This book has two covers as well as a “Third Claw” Variant cover – show below on the right

Screen shot 2014-09-29 at 9.26.05 PM

NYX #3 – First real appearance of X-23


These two characters will be used in Marvel stories in the next 12 months and should see an increase on there first appearances and back issues.

Wytches #1 Speculation

Happy Speculating

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What I’m Talking about: Guardians 3000 #1

I am not talking about The Deadpool Movie, the recent rise in New Mutants #98, the Rob Liefeld based speculation of X-Force #2 and X-Force #11.

Guardians 3000 #1

Dan Abnett Returns to the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise except this time with a new team- The Alex Ross Comicspro Variant has been announced and a little information about the characters formation as well – The Alex Ross Variant is a great indication that Marvel is going to be pushing this series hard so speculating on the new characters and team formation should be a no-brainer.

The Badoon – Like the Skrull and Kree except in space in the year 3000. First appearances Silver Surfer #2 (1968) – a significant issue on its own, the book to look for is Defenders #28, the origin story of the Badoon. The book should see movement as the Guardians story progresses.

The Team, like the film, will be made up of five characters – The first four appearing in the book that started the Guardians of the Galaxy Speculation, Marvel Super-Heroes #18, first appearance of GOTG, Vance Astro, Yondu, Martinex,and Charlie-27.

Enter Starhawk – This is the fifth member of the 3000 team – First appearance The Defenders #27

In Short, the two books to look out for The Defenders #27 and The Defenders #28.

Defenders_Vol_1_28       Defenders_Vol_1_27

The Wytches #1 – and its projection / comparison to Outcast #1 as a $200+ CGC 9.8 SS in 12 months.  Also Oddly Normal #1 from Viper Comics, either buy them before I expand on it or before the new image series hits issue 4.
I’m also going to touch upon NYCC Exclusives 2014 and which ones to hunt for.

Happy Speculating
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Turn Down for What?!?! Hollywood Week Three (part two)

More news. Newsrama and Dateline are reporting that FOX has now optioned Lucifer and have ordered a Pilot to be made. Yes, Lucifer from Sandman.

What should you buy what shouldn’t you buy?

The first appearance of Lucifer is Sandman #4, however, the DC wiki page indicates that the character first appeared in a dream in a long forgotten issue of Jimmy Olsen. Forget that. The speculation drive for this series will be based around three books. (Ignoring the Sandman film that is apparently being in the works that has and is still driving up the prices of Sandman #1 and #8 respectively)


Sandman #4 – The first appearance of Lucifer in the Neil Gaiman universe. Since the news has been announced most copies of this book on ebay have dried up.

Screen shot 2014-09-17 at 12.56.47 AM

Lucifer #1 – The Mike Carey series, easily found in back issue long boxes, this book is spiking upwards with auctions floating over $15+
This book can easily be comparable to Hellblazer #1, whereas the issue has no real signficance to the character other than it being the first #1 issue – prices of Hellblazer #1 are so healthy that it would be dumb not to look for this book.


Lucifer #1 first appears in a preview flip book – Lucifer #1 / Swamp Thing #1 Volume 2 VERTIGO Flip book, this book will probably be ignored until the Lucifer #1 and Sandman #4 copies dry up in the wild. So give it a week – this book is sold by Mile High Comics for $2, and is the preview and first appearance of Lucifer #1 – This is like Swamp Thing #67 – which sold for high numbers when Hellblazer was first announced but recent prices have fallen out. So this is a potential buy and dump situation.

 Also, whats going on with this new Image Oddly Normal on-going Series and will it have any effect on the 2005 mini-series from VIPER Comics (Later successfully kickstarted and reprinted in TPB)?

Screen shot 2014-09-17 at 1.59.40 AM

Happy Speculating
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Turn Down for What?!?! Hollywood Week Three

I’m not sure what Boom Studios and 20th Century FOX is but today marks the third title to be optioned for a partnered multimedia project. First Malignant Man, Than the Foundation, now Unthinkable. Will these projects ever actually be seen in other formats?
Well Malignant Man‘s creator, James Wan plans on directing the film, with his previously directing the Conjuring and Fast and the Furious 7. In Short, Malignant Man has been in the works for a while but these other titles could just be FOX testing the waters.
Now unlike The Foundation, Unthinkable has been optioned for a tv-show and FOX has announced that is has sunk a lot of money into the project already, one day into the announcement.

Unthinkable #1 BOOM – Cover A or Cover B

Unthinkable_001A       thumbnail
This book was a $3 last week, now its entering the $20+ arena. Find it, buy it, hold on to it until more information comes out about the tv series.

Another book that has been heating up considerably in the past week or two is Bobs Burgers #1. Even with multiple covers, this book seems to be selling towards the $10 mark for regular covers – more for variants.

D.E. Comic Page Template.epsD.E. Comic Page Template.eps
Here you can find a special sketch cover for Bobs Burgers #1 for $10 plus shipping (I bought four copies) – other sketch covers of issue #1 have been selling for $40+ so as long as the series doesn’t die out before you get your copies, this book is a no brainer.

Happy Speculating

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Week of September 9: David Peterson and Grant Morrison

Been getting some slack lately for not updating more often so this should be your dream post.


September 10 sees the release of Grant Morrison and Legendary Pictures new series, Annihilation #1. This is the first, of a proposed four, series from Legendary Pictures. Yes, Legendary Pictures the film company known for Godzilla, Jonah Hex and 300 to name a few. This is a mini-series but it has great pump and dump potential, with completed sales on ebay reaching $10+, days before the books release, AND its sold out at diamond. If you see this book, buy it! 
                     $_57-6  $_57-5

Another book that comes out tomorrow (September 10) that seems to be sparking up a lot of interest on the secondary market is Boom’s Wild End #1. This book features a 1:10 David Peterson variant. This book has been getting stellar reviews, and is the one of the first series by Dan Abnett since coming out in public of breaking up with writing partner Andy Lanning. If you see the variant cover, grab it! This book has potential and a David Peterson (Mouse Guard) variant just adds icing to the cake.  


Happy Speculating
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Turn Down for What?!?! Face Value Comics

I’m not sure whats going on with this book. I don’t like the art and I am not the biggest fan of gimmick comics if they’re not funny. So Face Value Comics wasn’t really only radar. This book has been selling for $30 to $50 plus and was released last week. This is largely a result of a low print run, over speculation, and tv-news segments spotlighting the series for its subject matter.
This book has quick flip potential all over it.
 SEPTEMBER UPDATE: Now sells for $15. wa wa


 SEPTEMBER UPDATE: Now sells for $15. wa wa Modern Comic flipping game
Odds and Ends

There is a lot of speculation surrounding Mockingbird, because she’s an agent of shield and its TV speculation. Marvel Team up #95 was the go to book for the last few weeks in this arena however, Astonishing Tales #6, the first appearance of Barbara Morse, the character who later becomes Mockingbird is also creeping up in value. Hitting $20+ on ebay.


A dollar bin find that should be a good pick down the road, Machine Man 19 (1981) – first appearance of Jack-O-Lantern the Spider-Man villain who later becomes Hobgoblin.


Happy Speculating
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