Wytches #3 Eh! Variant

Wytches has been one of the hottest books to come out recently. the variant covers have been very popular, with the king still being the NYCC variant.

Now that Comic Book Scalping has partnered with the Eh! Variant program, here is the world premiere of Final Cover art with a direct link to buy copies for the Wytches #3 Eh! Variant limited to 1000 copies. 


Buy here

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Week of November 25: WORD?!: Black Friday Walking Dead

I did a week round up a few days ago, but its time for this week to end already!
I know Marvel Point 1 #1 has been having a lot of speculation related rumours surrounding it. Right now I don’t see it doing anything so I would just ignore it.

This weekend is American (Fake) Thanksgiving which means Black Friday is upon us again. Black Friday, when getting high and waiting for the youtube clips of people fighting in Walmart over the next Grand Theft Auto becomes acceptable.


Two Years ago Skybound released the unsigned Walking Dead #100 red foil variant – quickly becoming the hardest to find of the Walking Dead #100 books. This year they are releasing a similarly exclusive website book, The Walking Dead #1 10 anniversary black and white #1, however, this one comes in a mystery box. with other product.

The Box costs $50 and Includes
∙The Walking Dead #1 Black Anniversary Edition!
∙2 additional Skybound comic variants!
∙4 T-shirts
∙2 additional mystery items

These Boxes go on sale on Friday and will sell out fast! Link attached.

Another Book that comes out this week that you should be looking for is the Edge of Spider-Verse #2 Second print. Already selling for $7 to $15 in presale, this is the new book to buy this week.


Happy Speculating

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Word?!?!: Kamala Khan

This is pretty cool but also unexpected. The first appearance of the new Ms.Marvel is heating up based on movie speculation. Will the new Muslim Ms.Marvel show up in the Captain Marvel movie – based on her character relation in recent Marvel comics storylines with Captain Marvel. Kamala Khan, the new Ms. Marvel first appeared in Captain Marvel #17 on the last page, as a cameo appearance before the launch of the new Ms. Marvel series. However, the second print of this book, Captain Marvel #17, features Kamala on the cover and is trending upwards past $15.

This book is one to hunt for, Captain Marvel #17, second print.


Also entering the $15+ arena is Captain Marvel #14 – Where Kamala Khan appears but isn’t named or identified. Will the market lean towards this book being her first appearance? (Thanks Dan Wozniak and Thomas Vaeth for bringing this to my attention)


Happy Speculating

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Week of November 23: Books I Havn’t talked about

Heres a run down of a few books that have heated up over the past week or two that I havn’t talked about.

Global Frequency has been picked up by as a TV-Show. This is the third time this series has been rumoured to have a hollywood project in the works, however, this time there are Hollywood studios confirming the move.

Sets of this series have been selling anywhere from $50 – $100 – Global Frequency issues can largely be found in dollar issue bins, Global Frequency #1 is definitely going up.

Screen shot 2014-11-23 at 3.59.45 PM
Micronauts Volume 1 #8 is quickly becoming a $50+ book because it features the first appearance of Captain Universe. This happened a few weeks ago, but most Micronauts issues are easy to find due to low interest.


Another book heading into the $50+ arena is Action Comics #521. This book features the first appearance of The Vixen – who is rumoured to be in the Suicide Squad movie.

Coming up:
Wytches Eh Variant’s – I’m going to premier the Eh Variant Wytches Covers here in the coming days.

Happy Speculating

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Hollywood Daze: Cowboy Ninja Viking

A few hours ago news came down that Chris Pratt (Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy) had signed on to play the lead in a Cowboy Ninja Viking movie. Cowboy Ninja Viking, the oversize comic published by Image based on a character with multiple personality disorder weaponized by the government. A really cool concept with art by Riley Rossmo pre-Bedlam.


Cowboy Ninja Viking #1 

This book has two recorded sales at $100 today. This book had a pretty mediocre print run, but its still possible its in the back-issue-bin of your LCS.

Screen shot 2014-11-20 at 3.59.17 PM

Happy Speculating

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WORD?!?! I am Groot Venom

The following contains spoilers, but its also contains some pretty neat speculation!
This was hinted at a few months ago when people read Previews and saw the synopsis of the issue- In the new Guardians of the Galaxy The Venom symbiote is brought into the story and wouldn’t you believe it? The case broke and got a hold of Groot.

Based on the popularity of the Venom / Deadpool one-off – this issue, Guardians of the Galaxy #21 and the next issue Guardians of the Galaxy #22 are not to be slept on (even if it is just for the short term flippery!!!)

Happy Speculating

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