GO GET IT: Hot Topic Star Wars #1


I know I know, this is a difficult think to ask you to do. But go to your local American mall and find the Hot Topic. Ask them where there comics are (probably in the My Little Pony Section) – and buy the new Hot Topic Star Wars #1 Variant cover.
This book is selling for $25 – $35 – and is available for $7.99 (Buy one get one half off) at Hot Topic.

Screen shot 2015-01-23 at 8.49.29 PM

NEW INFORMATION: All hot topic stores were told to hold the Star Wars Hot Topic Variants due to a Funko Pop advertisement that isn’t supposed to be seen by the general public yet. No word as of yet for when the books will be released – but it might be a good idea to get on the Call list at your local Hot Topic for when these books are released! –

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6 thoughts on “GO GET IT: Hot Topic Star Wars #1

  1. Wen to a Hot Topic this evening. Asked an employee if they had it. They said one of the employees put them on the floor, but, were immediately told to remove them. She said they weren’t supposed to be released yet. She looked on the computer to find a release date. Then she said, “oh, we aren’t supposed to talk to the customers about the comic. Something to do with a Hulk picture on the back.” That’s all she told me. Don’t know if these are gonna be recalled, or released at a later date. The web site says they are ‘Out of Stock’.

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