Week in Review January 28

The last few weeks has seen the speculative power of the Power Rangers – with Boom Studios 7 cover, Power Ranger #0 released two weeks ago tearing up the online market place. All representing a different member of the original Power Ranger Team, five regular covers and two incentive covers were released with the two incentive covers having very sporadic sales. The 1:50 Variant – Green ranger has been selling for $100 to $130 while the 1:100 White Ranger Variant has been selling for $175 to $250 – with full sets of all seven covers hitting up to $300. While the variant covers have stayed at the same price over the past two weeks the regular covers seem to be selling for $10 with the red ranger selling for upwards of $25!

With the popularity of this series and with Boom pushing out multiple variants for future issues – one should look at the first appearance of this franchise in comics. The Power Rangers first appeared in the very undervalued Hamilton / Saban’s Mighty Morphing Power Rangers #1 from 1994. While there was a give-away comic book that featured the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers that came out a few months prior to the Hamilton / Sabans issue (Published by Hamilton Comics and included in a Fruit of the Loom promotion)- it is almost non-existant with very few copies if any accounted for. Currently this book sells on average from $5 to $25 in near mint condition on ebay ($5 on MCS).

Screen shot 2016-01-27 at 11.48.27 PM

A book that came onto my radar while I was at Hot Topic looking for nail polish and nose-rings is the We Can Never Go Home #2 Hot Topic Variant Cover. While a lot of fans seem to be upset with Black Mask for dropping the balls on major titles like Young Terrorists and many other titles that only received a first issue while also unloading multiple variants for titles – some many months after release date – this Hot Topic Variant cover is selling for $7 to $10 – double the $4.50 cover price.

The last piece of speculative news from this week is the Lootcrate Walking Dead Mcfarlane Toys announcement. Earlier discussed on Comicbooksheatingup, next months Lootcrate (the one currently up for order) features an exclusive Walking Dead figure or toy by the Mcfarlane toy company. These lootcrate items historically sell very well once they are released and then slower cool down – however, one could simply look at the December Lootcrate featuring a Star Wars Funko Pop of Han Solo that had peak sales of $80 but now only sells for $20 – still covering the price of the lootcrate and giving you additional product to sell. This offer has great potential and can be ordered here.

PS: Here is a picture of the impossible to find first appearance of the Power Rangers – The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers Fruit of the Loom Edition from Hamilton Comics.


Happy Speculating
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Hollywood Wrapup – Week of January 22

Back a new instalment featuring books that are heating up based on the development of comic book movies and TV-shows news.



A book that is getting a lot of love this week is the Alan Moore Classic, The Man Who has Everything, featured in Superman Annual #11. This week it was announced that Supergirl would be developing this story into an episode on the series – Episode 13. This book is one of the best one story comic DC produced in the 80’s – featuring classic Alan Moore. This book was a 2015 $20 book. Having some peak sales and some low sales, but averaging around $20. This book had has PEAK sales in the last week of $80 (in stated less then Near Mint condition) and a lot of sales above $50. Not bad for one of Alan Moore’s best superhero work.

Screen shot 2016-01-22 at 3.18.01 AM

A book that has been seeing some movement in the past few months and was pointed out by TE in the comments by is Flash Annual #3 – the first appearance of the new Wally West. Coming out two months later and also labeled as the first appearance of the “New Flash” or “Future Flash” is Flash #30 of the New 52. Both of these books were heating up considerably in November selling for upwards of $25 each – the books aren’t currently hitting that peak but there is still room to move. Flash Annual #3 averages $8 on ebay with Flash #30 selling on average for $15 to $20.

Screen shot 2016-01-22 at 3.20.34 AM

The last book this week that is doing crazy things is Tales to Astonish #49. Last week the Captain America Civil War Funko Pops were released for order by retailers – noticably the Ant-Man Funko Pop was labeled “Giant-Man”. So the general thought is that based on this Ant-Man is going to become Giant-Man in the film. Forcing the first appearance of Giant-Man, Tales to Astonish #49, to start selling above guide*. If you can find this book – a lot of speculation value.

Screen shot 2016-01-22 at 3.16.41 AM


WHY DIDN’T I TALK ABOUT DEADPOOL? – I have a post on Deadpool in the works, yo!

Happy Speculating
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Modern Milestones: Y The Last Man #1


I talked about this series briefly a few months ago here. 

In the last few months Y: The Last Man #1 has been selling for record high prices. Since its publication in 2002 there have been numerous rumours and numerous productions companies signed on to bringing Y: The Last Man to either the big screen or to the smaller (TV) screen. However, now that FX has signed on and with Brian K. Vaughn completely behind the wheel it seems that the Y The Last Man TV Series is soon to be a reality**. Which of course means this book isn’t going to start falling in price anytime soon.


With an estimated print run of just over 15,000* – Graded copies of the first issue of Y The Last Man have peaked above the $1000 mark! GPA quotes*** the average sales for CGC 9.8 Signature series (Just Brian K Vaughn) for 2014 as $440 – with the 2015 average jumping to $1000. (There was also a sale in November of $1100 for a quadruple signed CGC 9.8 copy of Y The Last Man #1.)


Prices for this book are on the way up! Another thing to take note of is the large discrepancy between blue label unsigned copies and signature series copies. Where the CGC 9.8 Y the Last Man #1 2015 average sale price was just under $400 – the average sale price signed in CGC 9.8 was more then double this figure.

Y: The Last Man #1 is a book on its way up – a lot of money can be made with this book and now is the time to be speculating on it!

*Estimated Print run of 15,287 as quoted by Comic Book Realm
** FX Signing on
***GPA is monthy membership software website tracking sold graded books both on and offline, tracking and averaging completed sale prices of CGC books. 

Happy Speculating
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Word: Quick Flip Potential

Two books will come out this week with some great quick flip potential. These are not books to be holding on to!

This week Walking Dead #150 comes out with this milestone issue that is being advertised by the published Image, Skybound, as a new jump on point. This is great for new readers to the series. WIth that, Skybound has announced that they are sending every Diamond Account holder a special edition one-per retailer Walking Dead #150 variant cover.

The-Walking-Dead-150-variant-cover-600x922This book has been selling for $200 to $250 in presale – this shouldn’t be a rare book (there are approximately just over 3000 Diamond Account holders). This will be an in-demand book upon release. One to ask your Local Comic Book store about!

Another book to be looking for this week is Boom’s new series Power Rangers. This week sees the release of Power Rangers #0 from Boom with 7 covers – one being a 1:50 Variant (a Green Power Ranger) and one being a 1:100 (a White Power Ranger). This was discussed by Comics Heating Up and they wrote a great article on the current Value of these books.


The 1:50 Variant averaging $40 on ebay with the 1:100 cover selling above the $120 range.  These books should go up in value this week upon release when the scarcity of the actual variants is shown and the, “who would order more then 20 copies of a Power Ranger comic”, question is asked. Right now all covers can be ordered in a special comic pack on the Boom website for $100. (with free US shipping). This has great flip potential and is something you should be checking out! (UPDATE: THiS ITEM IS CURRENTLY SHOWING AS PENDING IN STOCK, WHICH IS WEIRD BECAUSE I CAN CONFIRM AT LEAST FOUR ORDERS THAT WENT THROUGH – THIS WILL HOPEFULLY UPDATE ON WEDNESDAY WHEN THE BOOK IS OFFICIALLY RELEASED)

Another book that is quickly heating up this week, with all reasonably priced copies flying off ebay, hot off Supergirl casting announcements is Titans / Young Justice: Graduation Day #1 – featuring the first appearance of Indigo. Laura Vandervoort – known for playing Supergirl on the Smallville TV Series was just cast as Indigo. Its not certain how prominant this character will be on the television series however based on the actor they chose to play her and her previous prestige playing Super girl – one can assume there is more to this character then a one episode appearance!

Screen shot 2016-01-11 at 8.30.02 PM

Happy Speculating
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Paper Girls – American Newspaper Delivery Guild

This was put on my radar by Good old Matt Skillman of The CBSI on Google Plus.
This was also recently brought up in a Reddit subforum.

Straight out of the letters papers of Paper Girls is a special members only sign up club form.


One user on Reddit Posted what they had received in the mail after sending a self-addressed envelope to the above address – posting this Membership Card and its accompanied letter.

Screen shot 2016-01-10 at 7.23.09 PM

This item could have speculative value down the line as Paper Girls continues and these items are no longer offered. Now is the time to be sending those self-addressed envelopes!

Happy Speculating
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Week In Review January 9

Another week and just a few books with some speculation value.

Klaus #1 – Grant Morrison’s Santa Claus story seems to continue to heat up on the secondary market. Released in November and currently on a third printing, the first print of this book steadily sells for $10. This book has great quick flip potential!

Screen shot 2016-01-03 at 1.48.34 AM

This week in the CW Comic Universe, Firestorm reappeared on Flash after being killed off. Robbie Amell (the actor that plays Firestorm) is a fan favourite so bringing his character back after death is a no brainer. However, following in the Brightest Day/Blackest Night DC Storyline the reemerged Firestorm is returning as Deathstorm. Deathstorm’s first appearance is currently not on anybody’s radar. However, this book has a lot of potential in growth seeing as Robbie Amell has been rumoured to return to Legends of Tomorrow and will have a continued life within the CW Comic Universe. The first appearance of Deathstorm, Brightest Day #10, has a regular cover and a 1:10 ratio variant cover – both of these books have great potential for growth as this character is developed.

Screen shot 2016-01-08 at 11.45.06 PM

A book that came out this week that you should be looking for is Heavy Metals’s Interceptor #1. Released with two 50/50 covers – this book has sold out at Diamond Distributors – this book is currently trending upwards, currently selling for a few dollars above cover. This book, either cover, is one to be looking for.

Happy Speculating
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WORD?! Batman / Superman News ? -Part 2

Spoilers Ahead. As discussed in my previous post, a reddit user claims to have seen the new Batman / Superman Film and is giving away spoilers. For some reason these are being regarded as credible spoilers. However, the Original Poster has given evidence of being at a mystery screening for Warner Brothers. Here is my previous post.


Jena Malone to this point had been playing an undiclosed character – however the Reddit user confirms that she is playing a crippled Barbara Gordon. This is big news because it means the Killing Joke is in the DC Movie Zeitgeist. This also helps give credibility to Suicide Squad #47 and Suicide Squad #49 from 1990 – the flashback issues. These are the three books that should see an increase in value come the release of the Batman / Superman film.

Screen shot 2016-01-03 at 12.25.38 AM


Happy Speculating
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