Week in Review: April 28

Released this week and already selling for $15?? This is the Week in Review.


Killbox #1 from American Gothic Press has already sold out at the Distributor level. (Diamond). This seems to be the clear winner of the week as it’s been selling for $10 to $15. There is also a 1:10 Darick Robertson Variant Cover. This book could be a slow burner or it could lose all steam. Either way, great potential if you’re able to pick it up at cover price.


Another book to be looking for (as pointed out at CHU) is the Fix #1. This book was selling for $15 last week, the price has fallen this week to around $10 now that more copies have been made available. There is a image expo variant cover (that has been averaging around $20 to $25) but the book to be looking for is the retailer ashcan. This book was only sent to select retailers that ordered heavy on image comics – this is not a one per retailer ashcan – if this book has legs this is the book to be looking for.

Screen shot 2016-04-28 at 3.01.13 AM

Also, this is a Nick Spencer book so keep that in mind if you plan on holding onto copies. Spencer is notorious for dropping titles and long delays. His previous Image creator owned title, Bedlam, is just one example of many.

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Hollywood Daze: Wonder-Jesus

Big news came out today from the Millar World Camp. The movies rights of both Supercrocks and American Jesus have been purchased by Waypoint Entertainment. American Jesus was originally published by Dark Horse as Chosen, a three part mini-series later reprinted as a $10 graphic novel by Image comics and rebranded as “American Jesus”. This is important because Chosen came out before the success of the very popular Kick-Ass series as well as before Millar took on major titles at Marvel like Civil War and Wolverine. When published in 2004, this book had very little speculation around it, however, upon release there was much controversy with the content – a 14 year old boy finding out he was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ.

Screen shot 2016-04-26 at 11.46.52 PM

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With a reported print run of 20,000 (as reported by Comichron), this is a book to be looking for. With sales in the past day from $3 to $15 – The Chosen #1 is a book on the rise.


Guardians of the Galaxy started filming this week and with that comes some spoilers and hints for speculation. It appears that the movie will have a Planet of the Apes styled Starlord Time travel scene, where his space craft crashes on present day Earth to find the super-hero of the time, Wonder Man in action, played by Nathan Fillion. Nathan has been spotted in full Wonder Man costume as well as on posters plastered around the set as Wonder Man, suggesting the film might take place in the current time of the Marvel film universe. This brings up three books to look for: Avengers #9 – the first appearance of Wonder Man (already a pretty high priced key book). The other two are more easily attainable- Wonder Man #1 – one shot from 1986 and Wonder Man #1 the first issue of the on-going series from 1991.

These two books help cement the Wonder Man solo storyline and should be good short term speculation books.

I have been terrible with posts lately so this week you should expect a week in review post as well as some kind of “last week in review” catch-up post. (Also Shark / Bear Love should be explained in my next post)

Happy Speculating
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Hollywood Spotlight: The Boys

The Boys was originally published in 2006 under the DC creator owned, Wildstorm label. The series is based around a team, “The Boys”, that police super-heroes (except the super-heroes are a lot more adult). DC cancelled the series after issue 6, for what Garth Ennis described as “anti-hero” content. The series was later continued by Dynamite Entertainment for its 72 issues and multiple mini-series. Last week, Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg announced they were working on adapting The Boys with Cinemax.

Screen shot 2016-04-16 at 2.17.57 AM
This happened after it was reported in October that they were shopping around the title. Here are the books to be looking for:
The Boys #1 – The First appearance of the Boys Team – as well as main characters Butcher and Wee Hughie.
The Boys #2 – The First appearance of the Frenchmen and the “female of the species”. (although they appear on the Cover of Issue #1)
The Boys # 3 – the first appearance of the seven.
The Boys #7 – the first appearance of The LEGEND.


The newly published Scout Comics series, Henchgirl, has a confirmed TV show on the way- with a rumored 2500 print run for issue #1. This was originally published independently in 2014 by creator Kristen Gudsnuk and the first series is near to impossible to find. With the new Scout Comic Series #1 selling for upwards of $50 to $60, imagine what the 2014 #1 would sell for.

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Big shout out to Simon Payne for his help with this post!

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Week in Review

Two weeks have gone by without a new post, which means I have a lot to talk about in the next few days.

Screen shot 2016-04-14 at 1.19.43 AM

This week sees the release of Marvels new Moon Knight series. Written by Jeff Lemire, the first issue is already seeing rave reviews. This book has a few variants but the one to look for is the 1 in 25 – Marco Rudy Variant. This book has been selling for $15 to $20 in presales but has been trending upwards today with peak sales of $30. This is a book to be looking for.

Screen shot 2016-04-14 at 1.42.17 AM

Another book to be on the hunt for is Spider-Man / Deadpool #1. Into four printings (fourth printing not yet released) – these books are on fire! Spider-Man / Deadpool #1 first print has been selling for upwards of $30! with an average sale price of $15 to $20. Meanwhile, the second and third prints have been selling around double cover at $8, with the third print hitting upwards of $15. All three printings have color variations with the third print having added dialogue.

Screen shot 2016-04-14 at 1.43.16 AM

A book that I was tipped off about on the CGC Boards is Sheriff of Babylon #1. This Vertigo mini-series seems to be selling for upwards of $20 with an average price of $15. This book like Spider-Man / Deadpool #1 has a very high likelihood of being at your local comic book store.

Next Post – THE BOYS


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DC and NBC’s new Workplace Comedy “Powerless”


Two weeks ago DC Announced a partnership with NBC for a workplace comedy titled “Powerless”. Little information was revealed except that a pilot was being filmed and that the series would feature Crimson Fox and that the series would focus on the super-heroes’ “normal” human counterparts. Since then, pictures from the set have leaked online displaying Crimson Fox in all her glory. Crimson Fox’s first appearances are all dollar books and up until this announcement held very little if any value.

Screen shot 2016-03-29 at 1.05.46 AM

Crimson Fox first appeared in Justice League of Europe #6 in a very short, “shown on a newspaper”, scene. (see below).

Screen shot 2016-03-29 at 1.08.44 AM

This was a very brief appearance, however, this is Crimson Fox’s first appearance. Crimson Fox didn’t appear again until Justice League of Europe #23 – which not only features Crimson Fox’s first full appearance, she is also featured prominently on the cover.

Screen shot 2016-03-29 at 1.07.45 AM

Both of these books, while currently selling for under $10 online, are sure to grow as more news unfolds about the Powerless TV series. These books are worth buying and holding on to.

Happy Speculating
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