Week in Review: After SDCC JULY 27

Three things of note this week

I’ve read a lot of people talking about But Like Maybe #1 this week. This book is entirely an example of the current modern pump and dump. The book is not selling above cover online but “speculators” are saying its a great pick. Don’t be fooled. The book is “the first comic to be based on an instagram user”. Also – Its still available on Diamond!

This week the big news came about about the character Kurt Russell will be playing in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy 2 film. It was revealed at SDCC he would be playing Ego the Living Planet, which in itself sounds insane. There should be other appearances of this character that will go up in value over time, but right now the books to look for are the first cameo and first full appearances – Thor #132 and Thor #133.

Currently these books can be found in the wild for under $50 with some bargain $10 to $20 copies. These are both books to start looking for as they are going crazy on ebay with Thor #132 and #133 being on fire!

An earlier version of this post said Ego’s first cameo appearance was in Thor #131. It is not. However, Thor #131 features the first appearance of the Rigellians. The Rigellians are known as “colonizers” in the Marvel Universe and based on how Ego The Living Planet (WHO EATS OTHER WORLDS) develops, this could be another key guardians of the Galaxy book. (So not a bad book to be looking for)


Thor #202 is also worth mentioning as it features the first appearance of Ego in (arguably) his first human form. As in Thor #202 Ego comes to Earth and fights the Asgardians. – This book has been selling for $20 to $30 – which is up from the $10 of a few weeks ago.

Another silver age book that has started going up in price online is Flash #128. Good to Very Good copies of this book have started to sell for $40! Which is almost double what they were selling for three months ago! Flash #128 features the first appearance of Abra Kadabra. DC seems to be building this character up, with him rumored to appear on the upcoming Flash Point season of the Flash.


(This character has been rumored to appear on the show for some time, however now it seems the CW is really moving forward with the character.)
However – as posted on Bleedingcool – This weeks Titan #1 comic reveals that Dr. Manhattan might not be the reason behind the New 52 and now the rebirth storyline (where 5 years were lost).


DC has confirmed that Dr. Manhattan and the Watchmen DC Universe build up is happening so this is probably just a red herring, however, the book is starting to sell based on this news.

BIG SHOUT OUT TO William Zachman, Lincoln Spader and Jeff “Nebo” N for there help with this post!


Happy Speculating
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First off, shout out to Mitch Nash for correcting my Batman Joker post yesterday!

As SDCC continues to spew out comic book news we have two announcements to note and one book that came out this week that you should be looking for.

Continuing the premature finale of Comedy Central’s Brickleberry, this week saw the release of Dynamites new four part series, Brickelberry #1 :ArMOOgedon. This series touches upon what happened to the cast of Brickelberry after they had all been abducted by aliens (as seen on the series finale). This book is sold out at the distributor and is currently selling above $15 online with every online retailer selling comics at cover out of stock. This is a book that is still possibly at your local comic book store and can earn you easy money.


Straight out of SDCC comes the news that the Russo Brothers (Captain America: Civil War) are bringing Deadly Class to the small screen. Deadly Class #1 regular cover is currently selling above $20 and the variant covers are all trending above that. There are still deals to be found on this book. The CBLDF cover is still available for $10 plus shipping and the FP variant is also available. Both of these covers sell on eBay for at least twice as much as they are being offered on their respective websites.deadly-class-01Greg Rucka’s Black Magick has also been optioned to be on the small screen, but that book is currently not trending upwards. However, this is a good book to be looking for and holding on to. Happy Speculating
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Hollyweird: BEFORE SDCC

It’s the week before SDCC also known as the “big multimedia” Every publisher announcing new titles and media deals convention.

A book that has been seeing a lot of love this week is Plutona #1. It was announced this week that Jeff Lemire and Emi Lenox’s Plutona was being developed by Wayward Point Entertainment for the big screen.


This book was still available on Diamond when this was announced and now the book has started selling for $10! With CGC 9.8 copies hitting $40 and CGC signature series copies hitting upwards of $100! This is a book to be looking for as it can still be found in many back issue bins! (Plutona first appears in Image Preview 2015 July book. This book has been selling for $3 and has a cover price of $1. Historically there hasn’t been a lot of speculation value to these Image preview books in the aftermarket.)

Another title that has been optioned by a Hollywood Studio for a film that was announced today is Mouse Guard. Mouse Guard has been rumored for some time to be a book with a lot of potential for eventual development. First published in 2o05, Mouse Guard is set in a world of mice who live in a medieval setting, very kid friendly in the vein of Bone. Mouse Guard is being developed and produced by Matt Reeves (10 Cloverfield Lane) with a script by Gary Whitta the screenwriter of the upcoming Star Wars: Rouge One. So there are two books to be looking for, one of which is a ghost. Mouse Guard #1 was first published as a David Peterson self-published book under the now defunct Comixpress publisher. It came out in May of 2005 featuring black and white interiors and has a print run of 200 to 250. A CGC 9.2 copy sold for $1350 today – which has been the current market value of the book before the announcement! (another CGC 9.2 Qualified Signature copy sold for $1009 last year!). If production continues of this Mouse Guard film project, the ComixPress #1 has the potential of holding double the value of the Walking Dead #1!

The Comixpress Edition is on the left. Notice the $3.00 price tag – (also the back covers are noticeably different)


After this book came out, David Peterson signed with Archaia Studios and Mouse Guard was republished and continued on a bi-monthly schedule. The Archaia Mouse Guard #1 ended up having four different printings. However, the first print has a print run of just under 6,000! (published in February of 2006) The Archaia edition is also the first time Mouse Guard was published in color! This book, while it doesn’t sell for nearly as much as the Comixpress edition, still has a lot of potential for growth.

BIG THANKS TO Brian Springman For his help!

Happy Speculating
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Week in Review July 17

Everything has been quite here the last few days, but rest assured there are a lot of posts coming your way this week!

There is still a lot of money to be made on store and regional variants, but it’s about picking the right ones. There was some buzz about the GameStop Harley Quinn #29 Variant, it features a new cover and has both a color and black and white edition, with the black and white edition only available to people using GameStops customer appreciation reward points.

Screen shot 2016-07-17 at 10.35.39 PM

Last week every GameStop store received one copy of the color variant and there was some talk about it being a one per store variant and it started selling for $30! Well that book is not a one per store variant as it is available in very large quantities on the GameStop website for $2.99! The book has dropped in price quite a bit but is still averaging about $10 to $15. It can be purchased for $2.99 here.

Another book that has seen a lot of interest this week is Scout Comics Solarman #1. This book has been announced by the publisher to already be in development for a movie (announced in April). A few websites picked up on that news this week and the book has started to take off, selling for $20 to $25 in eBay presales.

Solarman is the reinvention of the 1989 Solarman Marvel series.In the Scout series they change the title character, Solarman (same name in the Marvel Universe as the new Scout Comics, Ben Tucker into an African-American computer hacker. The First appearance of Ben Tucker is in 1989’s Solarman #1, however it has seen no speculative interest and can still be found on ebay for $3. There are a lot of people with wishful thinking that this will be the next big pay-off book. It won’t be. This book currently screams Niobe, which is a book that did very well upon release but fell in value weeks later. (Niobe #1 currently sells for under $5!)
There is money to be made if you can secure copies for this title but do not hold onto them. This is an example of a terrible trend occurring in the comic market. First Print copies of this title can still be found on the Scout Comics website at cover price. Sorry Sold Out

Scout Comic’s two part series Once Our Land #1 is also coming out this week and guess what?! Its selling for $10 to $15 in presale! This book is still available for cover price (3.99!) on the Scout Comics website!



Happy Speculating
Things to look forward to this week
Marvel Now! New Character Run Down
Whats going on with Henchgirl

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Week of July 9 – Marvel Now

This week has been absorbed with speculation on the new Marvel Now Universe, mostly surrounding new Iron-Man, RiRi Williams. Her first appearance (Invincible Iron-man #7 2016) has steadily been selling for $30 to $40 (shes building the Iron-Man Suit) – the issue where she puts on the suit for the first time is also doing considerably well selling for $15 to $20. (Invincible Iron-Man #9).

There has also been a lot of movement with Marvel’s new Vision series, The Vision #1 introduces Viv – Visions Daughter – and she just joined the newly announced Marvel The Champions team. Her First appearance, The Vision #1 (2015) – has been selling for $10 but trending upwards.

There has been a lot of traction with these new characters marvel has been introducing. Right now there is a book that is kind of under the radar but introduces a new Marvel Now character that seems to already be a big part of the Marvel Universe.

Meet Miranda.

Screen shot 2016-07-09 at 9.22.30 AM.png

From this Excerpt (X-Men: Worst X-Man #5) – this new character, Miranda, has been credited for bringing back Bucky, Changing Nick Fury, and keeping the Avengers Young. Has the watcher been reborn? Either way, Marvel clearly has big plans for this character, first introduced in X-Men: Worst X:Man #3 – This is a book to be looking for as its already sold out online and the only auction currently on ebay is a $25 Buy-it-now. This is a book that you can still find in the wild and has a lot of potential to be the RiRi Williams of next week.


Happy Speculating
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Book to Look for: Hillbilly #1

After a fairly lengthy absence from the publication scene and after bringing his Goon monthly series to Dark Horse Comics, Eric Powell has relaunched his creator-owned Comic publishing imprint, Albatross Funnybooks. A company that has been very quiet since the publishing of Chimichanga in early 2010.

Screen shot 2016-07-05 at 1.03.15 AM.png

Last week, Under the Albatross Funnybooks label, Powell released the first issue of what he describes of the publishers new “flagship” book – Hillbilly #1. It appears as if Powell has moved on from the Goon title in the comic medium and is focusing on the development of the Goon film, which makes Hillbilly the new character you’ll be seeing Powell write and draw. With two more issues already solicited in diamond and a proposed 12 issues first arc, Hillbilly #1 could have some legs long term.

Hillbilly #1 is currently selling for a few dollars above cover and is trending upwards with one or two sales hitting the $10 mark. Hillbilly #1 has great speculation potential for both the quick flip and the long term hold.

UPDATE FROM MY LAST POST: EB Games Corporate has told all stores to stop selling the Deadpool Cowboy Funkos until July 12. So if you have any, sell them now, because this is a sign that larger quantities are soon to be released both through EB Games and Gamestop (USA).

Happy Speculating
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Here are two items to be looking out for with great flip potential!

This week Eb Games in Canada received the first shipment of SDCC Funko exclusives. The last two years Hot Topic started selling the SDCC, WonderCon, and Stan Lee Comikaze Convention Exclusive Funko Pops after the conventions, this is the first time that a store has started selling SDCC Pop Exclusives before the actual convention, and it also seems that Funko is opening up the venues that sell these exclusives sending some to Gamestop / EB Games. These Pop figures have the “Funko 2016 Summer Convention Exclusive” sticker on them.

Screen shot 2016-07-03 at 1.55.36 AM
The only Pop released so far is the Deadpool Cowboy Figure. This figure is sold for $14 in store and is selling between $35 and $50 online. A great item to be tracking down for the quick flip.
(So far these have just been released at EB Games in Canada – however the assumption is that these will eventually be released in the US through Gamestop)

Another item that hit shelves this week is the Harley Quinn Exclusive Hair Dye kit from Splat. Splat is a hair colour company that has come out with a Suicide Squad promotional hair dye line that comes with a Suicide Squad Comic.

Screen shot 2016-07-03 at 2.54.51 AM.png

The Hair dye kits typically sell for $10 in store – and on ebay unopened kits are selling for upwards of $30 with the comic itself selling for $20 to $25. This product is available in the US at Walmart – it is not available in Canada (due to French language packaging laws) – however this product has great speculation value as the book seems to be very difficult to find in high grade and will probably not be reprinted and released by DC. (there is a Hot-Topic hair dye kit that does not include the comic. Make sure if you buy this product that it says “includes mini-comic”)

Screen shot 2016-07-03 at 2.42.21 AM

Big thanks to Shane Lodi and Topher S for there heads up about the Splat mini comic!

Happy Speculating
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