Lets take a look at GOTG 2

I don’t really have anything new to talk about this week.

Trey of CBSI made a great post on Comic Book Invest Trey of CBSI made a great post on Comic Book Invest this week and I would like to expand on it.

This week the Marvel Legend retailer solicitation went out and aside from the characters you’d expect, on the list of Guardians of the Galaxy figures were Death Head II and Adam Warlock. Full disclosure, this was discovered in October at NYCC but apparently no one connected the dots.

Why is this important?
Both Adam Warlock and Death Head II* have already appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy 1 in easter egg cameos. Having them as figures, and in different incarnations as we previously saw them, suggests they will be featured in Guardians of the Galaxy 2.


Shoutout to Brandon Yocom for providing this screen cap from GOTG 1.

*That screen capture clearly shows Death Head II in the background in Guardians of the Galaxy 1. The Head in this picture is typical Death Head II and he appears to be wearing some kind of armor/ body-cuff keeping him from moving. Also you can see faint blue skin on the arms and locks of red hair flowing from his head .

I still don’t understand why this is important.
It appears that Death Head II is going to appear in the new Guardians of the Galaxy film and his first appearance is in Death Head II #1 a very easy to find book in the wild. (The concept of Death Head first appears in another book, which is pointed out here on Comic Book Invest.)  More importantly, this also means that Adam Warlock will most likely play some kind of role on screen in the film. We already know HER/Ayesha is appearing in the film but the news about the toys actually being produced, before any suggestions of a Ayesha figure, shows that the likelihood of Adam Warlock appearing in the Guardians of the Galaxy II being very high.

This means that you should be going out and looking for copies of Fantastic Four #67 and Marvel Premier #1 – the first appearance Him and the First appearance as Adam Warlock. This is not an inexpensive book, however, already having a strong following depending on how this character is used he could very well be the next big marvel character.

Shout out Shaun Leggitt for correcting my post

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One thought on “Lets take a look at GOTG 2

  1. I don’t think there any dots to connect, mate. The Doctor Strange legends line came out with both characters that appeared in the movie and related DS characters from the comics that had nothing to do with the movie. Additionally I believe the new GOTG legends line will also feature Nova, Angela, Darkhawk and Vance Astro … none of which you’ll see in the new movie past easter egg status. The new guardian will be Mantis. The new villain will be Ayesha (and will likely be a Warlock stand-in). Ego the Living Planet has a big role. With all the other characters already featured in the movie there’s no way they’re going to be adding more than that.

    And if Disney/Marvel actually ends up adding the character Death’s Head II to one of their biggest cashcows I will eat my fucking shoe. DH and DHII are some of the worst things Marvel’s name has ever been on. There’s literally dozens of other characters in line ahead of them.

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