What ever happened to the Ridley Scott’s film adaptation of Mind MGMT? Today news came out through the Hollywood Reporter that Dark Horse and Universal Cable Production were working on developing several Dark Horse titles for the small screen – the first being The Umbrella Academy. Universal Cable Production is a company owned by NBC Universal.


Another title that UCP and Dark Horse are adapting for TV is Matt Kindt’s Mind MGMT – being adapted by Dan Cerone. Cerone developed Constantine for the CW and was a show runner for The Black List. While sales of Mind MGMT have dwindled in the last few months on the secondary market this news should make the book see a rebound in completed sale prices. Mind MGMT first appeared in Matt Kindt’s 3 Story as a 8 page preview. There is also a 1 in 3 variant cover for Mind MGMT #1.


Another piece of news from that same THR article says UCP is also developing the 215 INK series, Flutter for the small screen. Flutter was originally released as a graphic novel in 2013 by 215 INK and had two successful kickstarter campaigns that funded Volume 2 and Volume 3. Flutter is about a girl that shape shifts into a boy so she can try to win the affections of a girl.


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Week in Review: Hollywood run down

Two things came out this week to take note of.

It was announced that Ann Weying would be appearing in the upcoming Venom film. In The Marvel Universe, Ann Weying becomes a female venom, She-Venom, this has led to the book she first appears in as She-Venom to sell for very high prices. Ann Weying first appears in Amazing Spider-Man #375 and becomes She-Venom in the Venom: Sinner Takes All series. She first becomes She-Venom in Venom:Sinner Takes All #2 and appears on the cover of Venom: Sinner takes all #3. While ASM #375 hasn’t really been selling (this book has a very high print run), Venom: Sinner Takes All #3 has been selling for up to $100 in raw near mint condition online. While Venom: Sinner Takes All #3 has been a sought after book in high grade  for the last few years, this week this news has blown this book up. Two things to think about – Will the real first appearance of She-Venom start to go up? Has She-Venom been confirmed for the movie?


Another announcement that started as a rumor last week but has since been confirmed is the Umbrella Academy TV-Show announcement. The Hollywood Reporter came out with the news this week that Netflix ordered a 10 episode series for Gerard Way’s Umbrella Academy. Umbrella Academy first appears in the Dark Horse 2007 FCBD book. While this book hasn’t been getting a lot of attention the ratio variants for Umbrella Academy #1 have been (as well as the Volume 2 RRP). Another thing to keep note of is that the Gerad Way signed and graded copies will see a stronger demand down the road – Gerad Way has always been a hard to acquire signature, only attending a handful of conventions.

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Week in Review: June 27

Last month, Spawn #1 Directors Cut sold out at diamond and went to second print which arrives in stores this week. Image did something unexpected and made the second print a special “gold foil encore” edition.

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 2.55.58 PM.png

This second printing is already selling on average between $10 to $15 on ebay. This week also sees the release of Spawn #275 – which features the reintroduction of the characters Sam and Twitch. The Spawn Directors Cut Encore edition is the book to be looking for this week.

Another cool book to look for that came out last week is the Image / Top Cow release, September Mourning Volume 1. This book has been selling for $8 to $12 online. September Mourning is described by Wikipedia as a “transmedia dark culture project created by Emily Lazar and Marc Silvestri” – September Mourning features a touring band. This is the second comic book after 2015’s September Mourning’s A Murder of Reapers #1.



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Hollywood Daze: Spider-Man Homecoming

There is a brief update on this post at the bottom.

Today Sony released the cast list for the upcoming Spider-Man Homecoming film. With it came a few spoilers and the confirmation of a few characters entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This post will be filled with spoilers.

The only real casting to keep note of is the change of name for Donald Glover’s character. Glover is now listed as playing Aaron Davis – Aaron Davis is the Prowler in the Marvel Universe. This is an interesting choice and it leads into what I am sure Sony is trying to accomplish with the new Spider-Man trilogy.

Aaron Davis first appears as the Prowler in Amazing Spider-Man #78. If you haven’t been reading Spider-Man in the last 20 years you might think this is just Marvel changing another character for the films – changing him from white to black – however, a black Aaron Davis appears as the Prowler in the Spider-Man Ultimate Universe.  The Ultimate Universe Prowler first appears in Ultimate Spider-Man Volume 2 #1.

How does this lead into the Spider-Man trilogy? In the ultimate universe, Aaron Davis has a nephew, Miles Morales. Donald Glover is not a low profile actor, that with the history of Aaron Davis’s character – one can only assume that Miles Morales will eventually show up in one of the three planned Spider-Man films. One can also assume that Sony is planning spin off films for Miles Morales in the new Sony/ Marvel universe.

Now is the time to be buying Miles Morales key issues. Miles first appears in Ultimate Comics: Fallout #4.

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 1.36.19 PM.png

Kevin Fiege has confirmed that Miles Morales exists in the Spider-Man Homecoming universe. Read the full interview here

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Weapons of Mutant Destruction

Have you been reading the new W.M.D. series from Marvel? If you want to avoid spoilers only read half of this article.

This week saw the release of W.M.D. #1 the book featuring Batch H – the Wolverine / Hulk mash up character. I spoke about this on facebook (where I post things I don’t always post on the site – for example I posted that Secret War: Battleworld #3 was the first time a Hulk / Wolverine mash up appeared on a comic book cover) but this new series W.M.D. series gives you a lot to think about.

W.M.D. like many marvel events takes place in two comic series that cross over, Weapon X, The Totally Awesome Hulk and the W.M.D. mini-series all include integral parts of the story-line. The W.M.D. story line started in the last issue of Totally Awesome Hulk, Totally Awesome Hulk #19. I am assuming Marvel didn’t properly advertise this cross-over series which has resulted in a retailer sell out for issue #19 and Marvel has already announced a second printing.
First prints of Totally Awesome Hulk #19 have sold for up to $18 but are currently averaging just above $10. This is a book to be asking your LCS about.

In W.M.D. #1 this week we found out that a character named Franklin Edwards would become the human guinea pig that would be turned into the Hulk / Wolverine mash-up character. Who is Franklin Edwards?

I have not been able to find a Franklin Edwards in the Marvel universe, however, I did find a Frank Edwards that seems to have similar characteristics to the new Franklin character.

Frank Edwards first appeared in two comics that came out the same week in February of 1986. Squadron Supreme #6 and Captain America #314. Frank Edwards is a villain who teams up with Captain America to stop the Squadron Supreme from controlling the US Governments mutant program. This character dies and hasn’t shown up in the MCU since 1986.

Another character named Frank Edwards appears in Paradise X – the Alex Ross Earth X Universe. This was set up as a separate entity to the marvel universe where Alex Ross took all the classic characters and did what he wanted with them*. In Paradise X, Frank Edwards builds a bomb to kill mutants because he wants to kill all mutants.

Is Frank Edwards the same character as Franklin Edwards from the W.M.D. series? I am not sure but there seems to be clear similarities.

Thank you Topher S and Nick B for your help with this article.

*The Earth X Universe was only kind of set up by Alex Ross. Alex Ross did a series for DC where he reimagined the DC universe and its characters. This book was very successful, it was titled Kingdom Come. It was amazing. Wizard World Magazine did an issue where they asked Ross what he would do if he had the same control of the Marvel Universe. This was then taken by Marvel and turned into the Paradise X universe. Ross had minimal involvement but did do some covers for the series. TL:DR – Marvel takes ideas from DC and comic collector magazines.

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With Spider-man: Homecoming being released early next month there has been a lot of news coming out about the Sony Spider-Man universe. Early this week we found out that the Venom and Black and Silver (The Black Cat and Silver Sable Movie) would take place in the Spider-Man Homecoming universe. The new Spider-Man film is set up to be a trilogy so it is assumed all of these characters will eventually meet on screen.

Today The Hollywood Reporter announced that Carnage would appear in the Venom film. Carnage’s first full appearance (and first cover) has seen a lot of love today – there were three CGC 9.8 sales on ebay today for $375 – $400. Amazing Spider-Man #361 has been a key book sought after by collectors for some time.

However if you plan to spec on this character, Amazing Spider-Man #360 is the book you should be looking for. This book is currently very undervalued and features the first cameo appearance of Carnage. This book currently sells for $10 to $15 in Near Mint Condition.

Another book that should see an increase and is already pretty sought after, is Maximum Carnage #1 the Marvel / Acclaim promotional one-shot for the Maximum Carnage artridge video game from 1994. There is also the very limited QVC Maximum Carnage Box Set – limited to 5,000 for SNES and 5000 for the Genesis system. This box set came with the Cartridge game, Marvel pins and a Limited Edition leather bound HC that reprinted The Amazing Spider-Man #’s 344, 345, and 359 to 363.

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Hollyweird: Week in Review June 20

Two things to be thinking about this week

This week sees the release of The “Swordquest Earthworld Classic Atari mini-comic” from Dynamite and Atari Comics. Swordquest is the first Atari property that Dynamite has turned into a comic book. Swordquest #0 debuted last month (at 25 cents!!) and this week sees the release of Swordquest #1.
The book to be looking for is the 1:10 ashcan / Mini Comic. For every 10 regular copies of Swordquest #1 that a retailer orders they receive ONE of the Swordquest mini-comics. This mini-comic (featuring a cover by George Perez) is a reprint of the original 1982 DC Mini Comic. Swordquest #1 should have a high print run in comparison to other Dynamite comics, but it would still be low compared to Marvel and DC books. The print run for issue #1 should be higher than most issue #1 Dynamite comics, just based on the 25 cent issue #0 that came out last month, but this mini comic will have 1/10 of the print run of the regular series. This is the book to be hunting for this week.


Another book to be thinking about this week is a Marvel Graphic Novel from the 80s. Bleedingcool wrote an article today saying Dave Cockrum’s creator owned property, the Futurians was being developed for a new comic and a TV series or a movie, with Rob Liefeld taking the reigns. I didn’t see anywhere in Patty Cockrum (Dave Cockrum’s wife and executive of Dave Cockrum’s estate) statement where any TV show or movie was confirmed but it does appear as if that is what the Cockrum estate is trying to push for.
Right now the only thing that has been confirmed is Rob Liefeld working on a new comic series for the Futurians. The Futurians first appeared in Marvel Graphic Novel 9 – a book that typically sells for under $10. With the Cockrum estate pushing the property this would be a great book to be buying and holding on to.

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 8.41.07 PM


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