Magazine Speculation Part 4: Marvel Graphic Novel 17

Parts of this post also appeared in the Comic Book Scalping video series, “This week in Speculation.” Excerpts from this article originally appeared in episode 6. This video and more can be found on our youtube channel.

This week I want to talk about the first appearance of Apocalypse. Apocalypse first had a cameo appearance in X-Factor #5 from 1986 and had his first full appearance in X-Factor #6 but there is one earlier appearance that isn’t highly recognized.


Marvel Graphic Novel #17: Revenge of the Living Monolith came out October 1985, eight months before the X-Factor #5 cameo appearance. In Uncanny X-Men #376, published in January of 2000 the story retconned Marvel Graphic Novel 17 saying that unnamed benefactor to the living monolith was actually Apocalypse in disguise. Also, The Marvel Wiki-page lists Marvel Graphic Novel #17 as the first appearance of Apocalypse.


This is a book that can easily be found for under $20 in a back-issues bin at your local comic book store and even online. CGC 9.8 copies sell for $200 – $250.  There is also a second printing of this book – the way to tell the difference between first printings and later printings is the price on the front cover. First prints of Marvel Graphic Novel #17 have a 6.95 / 7.95 price while later printings have a 9.95 / 12.50 price.

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Hollywood Daze: Caliban / X-Men Apocalypse


A lot of my posts have been these Hollywood Daze recently. Don’t expect that to change, I have one or two more in the pipeline for the next few days! This is old news but news on a book you should be looking for. 

Screen shot 2015-05-30 at 11.04.33 PM

Five days ago Bryan Singer, X-Men Apocalypse director confirmed via Instagram that he was currently filming Caliban’s place of business. Caliban, the character know one cared about until this very moment Caliban and the Morlocks came into the speculation foreground. The Morlocks are a group of disfigured mutants who for the most part shy away from public view, created and run by Caliban an albino / yellow eyed character. So it should be assumed that the Morlocks will appear in the upcoming film while Caliban has been confirmed.

Caliban’s first appearance is Uncanny X-Men #148 (1981) – This book has sold for upwards of $40 in raw NM condition but averages about $25 online. This book can still be found for about $10 in the wild. This is a book you should be holding on to.

Uncanny_X-Men_Vol_1_148The first appearance of the Morlocks is Uncanny X-Men #169 – this book in recent days has sold anywhere from $3 to $30. This is another book you should be looking for and holding on to. (If the Morlocks name sounds familair its because Morlocks #1, the first on-going series involving the characters features the first appearance of Angel Dust, appearing in the Deadpool film and discussed here.)

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Happy Speculating
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