Word?! Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #1

Archie comics announced today Archie comics announced today that a new companion show for Riverdale was in the works for the CW. The TV show is planned have hour long episode and will be based on the Archie Comics series, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a 8 part series published in 2014 and was much in the same vein as Afterlife with Archie.

The book to be looking for is The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #1. This book had two regular covers and more than a handful of store variants.

Happy Speculating
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Recalled Comics Watch: Star Wars #1 Hot Topic Variant UPDATE

I hope some of you read my last post and bought some of the Star Wars #1 Hot Topic Variant. Yesterday / this morning – the Hot Topic head office sent an email to all stores saying that because of the advertisement found on the back of the Star Wars variant all stores were told to pull the item off shelves, count how many copies sold and destroy all remaining copies. All stores were also told to remain very quite about why the book was being pulled and to tell customers replacements would be coming in within the next month.

$_57As a result – copies have been selling on ebay for upwards of $100+. Did you get a copy? Might be time to sell… but why wouldn’t Hot Topic want you to see this image?

_1421882063Have they been instructed by Marvel / Disney? This leaves for a lot of think about. We need to be asking ourselves, would Marvel recall a book based on a too-early advertisements appearing on one of there variants? Probably not, so maybe the “Savage Hulk” isn’t a Hot Topic Exclusive Figure or has more relevance to the Avengers film than initially thought? (See Savage Hulk / Grey Hulk Speculation here) 

If you were able to get a copy of this book you should send it in to grading and get that all so uncommon – recalled label.

UPDATE: Looks like Funko / Marvel / Whoever is in charge at Hot Topic, have changed there mind and now for whatever reason Hot Topic is selling there Star Wars variant. Prices are dropping fast- so sell em’ while you got em’ – but these books still have the potential of levelling out at the $30 sweet spot they were at before the recall. 

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Happy Speculating
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This Weeks Prospects, May 31, 2014

Another Week, another new release selling for $8+.

I never know how to feel about a book selling for three times cover three days after release. C.O.W.L. #1 from Image sold out after coming out on wednesday but it looks like The 2000 AD (Titan Imprint) title Brass Sun #1 is this weeks winner, becoming a $10+ book almost over night. Ordinary #1 last week and now Brass Sun #1. Titan is on fire!


Another recent book to look out for is Boom Studio’s Lumberjanes #1. This book is starting to see movement as the second issue goes to a second print. Some Variant covers get $35! Look for the regular cover, right now this is a book to buy and hold onto.

(Boom’s website has a special offer for a variant limited to 250 copies. Its only $10 and probably worth the buy! )

Honourable Mentions,

Scalped #43 is the first appearance of Southern Bastards character Earl, as confirmed on the Southern Bastards official Tumblr website – this can only mean one thing – Cash. This book has a future – Find it, list it for $50, see what happens.


    $_57-4  tumblr_n2vytyshJE1r8ybe2o1_500


Firestorm Volume 2, #23 first appearance of Byte AKA Felicity Smoak Green from the CW Arrow TV-Show. She might appear as some kind of weird computer program villain, but this is really her first appearance! If you believe in the Arrow TV-Show, this is a good book to be holding onto. At least until the third season premier.


Justice League Adventure #13 – I don’t know if I’m being trolled. First appearance of All-star. A lot of talk but no reasoning. IF you see it for under $5 pick it up. (Maybe people are buying it just to speculate on something creating a fake market where you can make a few bucks, I’m not sure)


Thats it. Happy Speculating.

O’Really Factor: Don Johnson, Live Wire, Hellblazer

I don’t know why this book is getting popular. There is no New 52 announcement, or tv-show speculation. This book is getting popular for almost no reason. With peak sales of $100 and average auction prices of $35+, just this week. This book is most likely going to go down and be a $20 book. But right now sales are insane, this book is one to look out for.


Superman Adventures #5 First appearance of Livewire.**

Why is this book heating up? Speculation

I’m only posting this because I’m tired of hearing about it. Sometimes books get popular or go up in value for no reason (and go down in value 😦 )- but I don’t think thats the case with this book.  We live in a world where there’s almost three comic conventions every weekend. Its insane, but the insanity is at a level where its not even about the comics anymore. They sell statues, T-shirts, car decals, swords and even costume paraphernalia. Another element of comic book conventions is cosplay. One costume that predates the heating up of this book is Livewire. Harley Quinn is a character that before the new 52 – her first appearance averages $30 raw in near mint condition – so why can’t it be the same with Livewire? Harley Quinn because popular largely through cosplay and Livewire is almost an identical character with a different costume. Posted below are pictures of people in Livewire cosplay that predate the recent peak sales on ebay.


John Constantine

You know what two weeks ago was a solid $15 to $30 in near mint condition? (and maybe even $45 in near mint plus plus untouched by human hands condition) Hellblazer #1. Well now because of tv-show tid-bits and youtube clips of the upcoming Constantine tv-show Hellblazer #1 in near mint condition can get a solid $65 – $100. Very Fine copies sell for $45 – $50!
This is a book that is in 3 out of 5 back issue bins. Find it, scan it post it. Also don’t forget about Swamp Thing 37. Averaging about $100 in near mint condition raw. Prices on CGC 9.8s are Solange attacking Jay Z cray cray.


PS. Epic #1 from Comixtribe is $15 – $20 now? Who suggested buying that on day of release? That deserves a THUNGE LYFE!


Happy Speculating

** Also worth mentioning is her more recent origin issue –  Action Comics #835 – regarded as the First NEW appearance (and origin) of Livewire


Who is Rose Wilson? and Should you care?
Marvel Premiere 19 has a house-ad for Hulk 181?
Don’t pre-order any Future End 3-D covers. Seriously, what a rip off, 3-D month again? Come on!

ASM #1 Volume 3 Follow up

Here are the going rates for ASM #1 Volume 3 retailer variants. (these do not include store or other “exclusive” variants)

If you can grab these for half of what they sell for, its a good buy, anything more than that wouldn’t be worth your time.
These prices are only going to go down.

And since Alex Ross isn’t doing a signing anytime soon, it doesn’t make sense to hold to to these books.

Alex Ross 1:300 – $380


Alex Ross 1:75 – $50


Martin 1:75  – $35

Opena 1:75 – $35

Mcguiness – $50



– Livewire

– Silk

– Spider-man 2099 (a didn’t we already go over this? post and it will be revised)

-Wormwood #0 vs Wormwood #1

Expect Big Things

This book can be found in back issue boxes. I found a few. It came out two years ago, was $1 at the time and has a really neat Darwyn Cooke Cover.
Sells for $24.99 now that a CW television show has been optioned.
The key point I want to make about this book is – they are out there.


Another Back issue that I keep an eye out for lately is this magazine size Archie that is largely ignored.

Life with Archie #23 Variant – This book features the first appearance of Afterlife with Archie, came out a few weeks prior to the Afterlife with Archie’s series and because of its odd size many stores keep it in a special area most speculators don’t explore. Ask about this book!