Pick it up: Totally Awesome Hulk #22

The last few weeks there has been a lot of buzz surrounding the Wolverine / Hulk Batch H story line. The first print copies of the books appear to have been under ordered by retailers resulting in most of the books selling for above cover. Most of the Totally Awesome Hulk title cross-over books are currently selling for $10 to $15.

We’ve already been introduced to the “beta” version of the Hulk / Wolverine mash up character but in this weeks issue of the new Hulk comic , Totally Awesome Hulk #22, we see the “alpha”. One spoiler I will reveal is that the Beta version (as predicted) dies and the Alpha versions takes over. This is the Alpha’s first appearance and will be regarded as the first appearance of the Batch H Character. Over the last few days this book has been selling for $8 to $15, the book is sold out at diamond and can currently be found on ebay for $10. I’ve read the issue and It looks like Marvel is planning to revisit this character in future Totally Awesome Hulk – expanding the story line and this character, which means this is a book to be buying and holding onto.

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 6.13.00 PM

Totally Awesome Hulk #22 is not a book you want to be sleeping on.

Happy Speculating
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Week In Review: June 17 , 2015


This week sees another Vertigo / Mad Max book being released, Mad Max Fury Road Furiosa. I talked about the pervious Mad Max Vertigo title here.


Max Max Fury Road Furiosa #1 is a one-shot that has sold out at Diamond days before it was to be released ( on June 17). This book is already selling for $10 in ebay presale and still has some room for growth. The previous Max Max Fury Road #1 sold for up to $30, it currently sells for around $15 to $18 which is still a jump from its $5.99 cover price however these arn’t books to be sitting on as they seem to have a small sales window of opportunity. Unlike the previous Max Max book, Furiosa #1 has a blank variant cover – based on the current popularity of Max Max this book has a lot of potential.

Screen shot 2015-06-16 at 9.51.33 PM

Another book that goes on sale on June 17 that has already sold out at Diamond is Minions #1 from Titan publishing. Still riding on the five year success of the 2010 Despicable Me film and its tie-in / sequel films, Minions #1 is already preselling for $10 on ebay! If the recently released limited edition Minion Tic Tacs are any sign of heat, retailing for $1.50 and selling for $10 on ebay – The Minions have a huge following and this book will have a strong following for some time.


Happy Speculating!

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