Word?!?! Oblivion Song

Oblivion Song is a new on-going series written by Robert Kirkman and published by Skybound Comics. Any time Robert Kirkman has a new series out there is usually a lot of hype behind it, the last time Kirkman released a new on-going series, Thief of Thieves, first prints sold out at the distributor level and the book was quickly “optioned” by AMC studios.  Keeping all of this in mind, the new Kirkman series Oblivion Song is one to be thinking about. The first issue of the series is released in March.

This week Skybound sent retailers a trade paperback edition of Oblivion Song. This trade features the first four issues of the Oblivion Song series in print. This is so Skybound can increase interest in the series and get retailers to increase their orders. This trade paperback was first given out at New York Comic Con’s Skybound retailer conference making the trade paperback the first appearance of the series. I did read the trade paperback a few months ago and I highly recommend this series. Now is the time to be asking your local comic book store what they are doing with there copy. If Oblivion Song blows up like every other creator owned Robert Kirkman series, this is a book you will want to be holding on to long term.

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 2.18.16 PM

One other thing to note, on release there will be a limited to 1000 deluxe collectors edition of Oblivion Song, this comes with a statue and a foil edition comic – this item will be allocated and will sell out. Now is a good time to be putting preorders in for this item.

It is also worth noting that the new image comic, Ice Cream Man #1, which was released this week has steadily been selling for $10+ online. This is an anthology book, where each issue is supposed to be a one-shot, so new readers can jump on at any point.


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Week in Review: January 16

Here are a few books worth mentioning this week,

This week one book that has a few sales above $10 is the Call of the Suicide Forest #1. This book is the second volume of the Amigo Comics “Suicide Forest” series. There is really no reason for this book to be selling well given the first volume’s #1 issue has had two sales in the past two months both under $5. Prices will not stay at this level so this isn’t a book I would be holding on to.


Teether #1 is another indie press book that has been getting some attention on the secondary market. This book is published by Antartic Press and has has sold out at Diamond. There have been at least ten sales on ebay where copies of Teether #1 have sold above $10. There is also a limited to 300 retailer variant for this book.


An older book that has started heating up very recently is the Demon Annual #2. This book started picking up steam when Geoff Johns was asked about the character at a DC Comics panel in DC where he confirmed he was trying to bring Hitman into the DC Television universe. There has been no official announcement.  The first appearance of Hitman, Demon Annual #2 is currently selling for $25 to $30 in near mint condition. These prices are up from the $10 / 15 of last week.


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Here are two items to be looking out for with great flip potential!

This week Eb Games in Canada received the first shipment of SDCC Funko exclusives. The last two years Hot Topic started selling the SDCC, WonderCon, and Stan Lee Comikaze Convention Exclusive Funko Pops after the conventions, this is the first time that a store has started selling SDCC Pop Exclusives before the actual convention, and it also seems that Funko is opening up the venues that sell these exclusives sending some to Gamestop / EB Games. These Pop figures have the “Funko 2016 Summer Convention Exclusive” sticker on them.

Screen shot 2016-07-03 at 1.55.36 AM
The only Pop released so far is the Deadpool Cowboy Figure. This figure is sold for $14 in store and is selling between $35 and $50 online. A great item to be tracking down for the quick flip.
(So far these have just been released at EB Games in Canada – however the assumption is that these will eventually be released in the US through Gamestop)

Another item that hit shelves this week is the Harley Quinn Exclusive Hair Dye kit from Splat. Splat is a hair colour company that has come out with a Suicide Squad promotional hair dye line that comes with a Suicide Squad Comic.

Screen shot 2016-07-03 at 2.54.51 AM.png

The Hair dye kits typically sell for $10 in store – and on ebay unopened kits are selling for upwards of $30 with the comic itself selling for $20 to $25. This product is available in the US at Walmart – it is not available in Canada (due to French language packaging laws) – however this product has great speculation value as the book seems to be very difficult to find in high grade and will probably not be reprinted and released by DC. (there is a Hot-Topic hair dye kit that does not include the comic. Make sure if you buy this product that it says “includes mini-comic”)

Screen shot 2016-07-03 at 2.42.21 AM

Big thanks to Shane Lodi and Topher S for there heads up about the Splat mini comic!

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Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice



The Following Post contains spoilers about the Batman / Superman film. 

Screen shot 2016-03-28 at 10.21.18 PM

The Following Post contains spoilers about the Batman / Superman film. For those living under a rock – Superman vs Batman came out this weekend breaking every box office record of every Comic Book related movie ever. This includes the Dolph Lundgrin Punisher film. The film was used by Warner Brothers, DC and Zack Snyder as a platform to build the DC cinematic universe. The film had a lot of conceptual aspects taken from Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns as well as the classic Death and Return of Superman storyline.

While the Frank Miller’s Batman key issues have always fluctuated in demand, the Death of Superman Storyline, Superman #75 (a book that was largly speculated on upon its release but has sold very sporadically in dollar bins for the last 15 years) is selling and heating up. Black Polibagged Superman #75’s have been averaging $15 to $25, while near mint opened Superman #75’s have been selling for $7 to $10. This is a book to be looking for when going through dollar bins – but don’t expect this hype to last very long (the very large print run of this book means it has no probability of growth).

Screen shot 2016-03-29 at 12.56.41 AM

A deleted scene has already hit the Internet. It features Lex Luther and a new character that does not appear in the film, suggesting its future in the DC film universe. The scene can be seen here. It was pointed out by John Brown of CBSI (his ebay store is here and he has some awesome Moderns for sale!) that this character is Steppenwolf, the fictional New God created by Jack Kirby for DC. His first appearance has virtually disappared from the online comic marketplace. However, this book can still be found in the wild. The book to be looking for is New Gods #7 from 1972. This book currently sells for $50 to $70 in near mint condition and will rise once more people see the just released, deleted scene.

Screen shot 2016-03-29 at 1.00.46 AM

ALSO, his first appearance in the NEW 52 is Justice League #6 (another book not to be overlooked).

Screen shot 2016-03-29 at 1.01.02 AM

Things to look forward to this week: DC Rebirth, What happened at Wondercon, Week in Review Post, and a post about DC / NBC’s Powerless.

Week in Review: February 17

This seems to be the week of second print variants. (and the Life of Pablo)


The book to look for at your favourite local comic store tomorrow is the second printing of The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #0. Right off the success of the 5 cover set image released last month, this new cover second printing is already becoming a very hot commodity, selling online for $30 to $45. This is a book to buy and quickly sell. The first prints sold very well the first two weeks of release, however, prices have significantly dropped, demonstrating the sale window of these Power Ranger Variants. Great flip potential.


Another book that comes out this week to be looking for is the Imperium #11 CGC Variant cover. Fresh off the success of the Faith #1 CGC Variant cover, it’s currently selling for $15 to $20. This CGC Replica comic book cover, Imperium #11, has a much lower print run when compared to Faith. Currently selling for $4 on eBay, this book has great potential to be a $20 book next week.

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Week In Review February 3 2016


A Big winner from last week was Faith #1‘s CGC variant cover. Faith #1 first print sold out and upon release Valiant sent out both first and second printings to retailers. A weird move. This book had four covers upon release plus the CGC mock up Variant cover. Since last week it has been trending upwards, hitting $15 just this week. This book doesn’t seem to be going down in price.


This week sees the release of Spawn #260 – the second Spawn issue by Erik Larson and Todd Mcfarlane. Spawn #260 has a 50/50 Cover B Variant cover that is already selling for $10. Speculators should know Spawn Variants have a long shelf life. Spawn, born out of the Million comic print run in the 90’s, has a very large build in audience. While Spawn #259 also had a 50/50 Cover B Variant cover, it peaked at $15 upon week of release and is now back at selling just a few dollars above cover price. This demonstrates that while there is a window with these Spawn Sketch Variants, there is still a market for them.



This weeks winner seems to be one of the Neal Adam Variant Covers, Batman’s Detective Comics #49. While this book has some sales at cover price a few hours before release – there are also sold listings ranging from $15 to $20. This book cover homages the classic Neal Adams cover from Batman #227 which is a Homage itself of the Bob Kane cover for Detective Comics #31. Of all the books released this week this one has the most potential.

Coming up: Last week I talked about Power-Rangers, well if all goes well on Saturday a Post will go live talking of the origins of some classic video-game cross-over comics. Including the first appearances of both Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog. – There is also a post I have been wanting to make about the Deadpool movie that I keep putting off – that will happen in the next seven days. 
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WORD?! Batman / Superman News ? -Part 2

Spoilers Ahead. As discussed in my previous post, a reddit user claims to have seen the new Batman / Superman Film and is giving away spoilers. For some reason these are being regarded as credible spoilers. However, the Original Poster has given evidence of being at a mystery screening for Warner Brothers. Here is my previous post.


Jena Malone to this point had been playing an undiclosed character – however the Reddit user confirms that she is playing a crippled Barbara Gordon. This is big news because it means the Killing Joke is in the DC Movie Zeitgeist. This also helps give credibility to Suicide Squad #47 and Suicide Squad #49 from 1990 – the flashback issues. These are the three books that should see an increase in value come the release of the Batman / Superman film.

Screen shot 2016-01-03 at 12.25.38 AM


Happy Speculating
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