Week in Review: May 23

Today news came out from the Hollywood reporter that Lionsgate entertainment had signed on to turn the image series Analog into a motion picture. Analog is an on-going series from Image Comics that currently has two issues. Analog #1 has two covers and a C2E2 convention variant cover.

This week sees the release of a Joshua Middleton cover that has already had peak presales of above $40. Batgirl #23 Cover B is the book to buy this week. It is currently selling for $22. As more copies hit the market the price will go down but I wouldn’t be surprised if this continued to be a $10+ book.


This week also sees the release of Champions #20. While it has not been selling above cover, this book has been receiving some heat as it features the first full appearance of Snowguard.


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Week in Review: May 19

This week there are two books to be looking for.

A book that has seen a lot of interesting this week is Champions #19. Champions #19 features the first appearance of Snowguard, a new female teenage Superhero. While most online marketplaces like Midtown Comics and Mycomicshop are sold out,  this book has been selling for $10+ on ebay.


Another book that came out this week that has been selling well is the new Aftershock Comic, A Walk Through Hell. This is a new Garth Ennis series and the A Walk Through Hell #1 Cover B, all black variant, has been selling for $10 to $15 online.


A few loose ends

Another book to look for is Image’s new series Infidel #1. This book started selling well after news came out that Infidel was being made into a movie.Infidel #1 has been selling for $10 plus.

Another image series that has been seeing some heat is Isola #1. This book has not had any media deals announced but both covers of this book have been selling for $8 to $12.

As interest grows for Image’s new series Magic Order it is worth noting the first appearance of this series is the very hard to find Magic Order ashcan. The Magic Order #1 (Out June 13 2018) is the first issue to the new Mark Millar Netflix book – the first netflix imprint comic that was given out through a lottery system at the 2018 C2E2 Comic Convention.

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Hollywood Daze: A roundup of Comic movies no one asked for

J. Scott Campbell’s Danger Girl was very popular when it was released in 1998. How popular? Two years after its release there Sony released a Danger Girl video game for the playstation one console. This week it was announced that Constantin films, the company responsible for the 1994 Fantastic Four movie and subsequently owns the production rights to any Fantastic Four film, has acquired the film rights to Danger Girl. For years people have been chasing the Danger Girl variant covers because many of them feature great J. Scott Campbell artwork while having low print runs. There is even a recalled cover (read more here). While people have been chasing the variants there hasn’t been a lot of love for the first appearance of Danger Girl Team.

The Danger Girl team first appeared in The Danger Girl Preview published in December of 1997 – there are three covers to this book including a limited edition Gold logo foil cover. All three of these book are books to be looking for – The Danger Girl preview was not sold to stores it was distributed in polybag copies of Gen 13 #25 (December, 1997) and Dv8 #14 (January, 1998). The white covers are American Entertainment variants which were sold as mail away special edition variants – all of these covers have publication dates of December 1997.



Another weird Hollywood announcement that came out this week is that Marvel has a X-Men film in development where James Franco has signed on to play Jamie Madrox, The Multiple Man. The first appearance of Multiple Man is Giant Size Fantastic Four 4. For a silver age book that features a first appearance, Giant Size Fantastic Four #4 is currently very reasonable priced.


One other Hollywood announcement that I should have spoken about earlier is that Sony is developing a Morbius, The Living Vampire film. Morbius first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #101. Amazing Spider-Man #101 has sold well in high grade for some time but much like with the Venom film announcement, Amazing Spider-Man #101 has started to skyrocket off ebay. Even low grade copies of ASM #101 have started selling in the triple digits, this is a book to keep an eye on.



Happy Speculating
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Week in Review: October 18

This has been a slow week for comic speculation but there are two interesting books I’d like you to know about.

This week saw the release of Kid Lobotomy #1 from IDWs new Black Crown imprint. There was a 250 limited NYCC variant and this book was previewed in the free Black Crown preview comic released a few weeks ago however the cover to look for came out this week. Kid Lobotomy #1 has a 1:10 gold foil variant cover and due to a “manufacturing error” IDW and Diamond have recalled all copies of this comic. IDW has asked all retailers to destroy all copies of this cover. Will retailers destroy copies? Probably not, but nothing drives up demand for a comic like announcing its been recalled. Since news of the recall broke, this book has been selling for $15 to $25.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 8.24.54 PM

Speaking of Manufacturing errors, this weeks Zdarsky “how to draw” variant for Mighty Thor #700 has a big one. This book was manufactured with the wrong back cover – instead of an advertisement – the back cover is the same as the Spider-Gwen #25 back cover for the Unknown Comics retailer variant. Copies have sold on ebay for $10 to $12 – double cover price. All copies distributed by diamond have this error. Marvel and Diamond have not issued a recall for this book.

mighty thor blah

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The First appearance of Rick and Morty in Comics

When Oni Press’s Rick and Morty #1 started to heat up people were noticing the grading companies were not classifying the first printing of the book as the first appearance of the characters. Well thanks to Negan Grimes on CBSI we now know why.

Rick and Morty first appeared in comics in the book The Good Morty. The Good Morty is a comic in the style of a Chick Tract. Chick Tracts, created by Jack Chick, are short evangelical gospel comic books that began circulation in 1974 (as free religious pamphlets) and can still be found today. The Good Morty first appeared in Season 1 of the Rick and Morty series.


The Good Morty was distributed in the first editions of the Rick and Morty season 1 Blu-ray from 2014. 250 of these were inserted signed by Rick and Morty creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. I am unsure how many of these were printed – however, they are only found in the first edition blurays – there are several editions of the season 1 bluray and packages are almost identical. So this will prove to be a difficult item to track down.

Thanks again to Negan Grimes and CBSI.

Happy Speculating
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Week in Review January 4

This is my first post of the year and there is really only one book this week that you should be looking for.
Underworld: Blood Wars is a graphic novel sized comic that came out this week from Darkstorm Comics. This book has already sold out at the distributor and is becoming harder and harder to find online. This book has a 50/50 cover and both covers are photo covers promoting the film of the same name that was released to theaters this week.
Cover A has already sold online for $20 while the Cover B “Variant Cover” has sold for $30.

If early film reviews of Underworld: Blood Wars says anything its that you should not be holding on to this book.

Here are a few things I should have talked about last week but didn’t.

love is love came out last week and immediately started selling for $40, this was of course before retailers realized they had received second printings. Due to printing error that has been reported by almost every speculation site except mine, Love is Love seconds prints shipped out before the first prints to North America retailers. The second print has cooled down and is currently selling for $20+ while the few copies of the first print that have hit stores are selling for $35 to $40.
This book is being totted as the first appearance of Harry Potter but its really just a pin-up that was approved by Harry Potter writer J.K. Rowling and CGC has decided not to indicate this book as the first appearance of Harry Potter on the comic book label.
Is there speculation value here? I would advice you to sell now and not hold onto this book. Long term this book is not going to be sought after.

Another book that has seen some interest is the new Saga comic book issue #41. This book due to a printing error where the book was printed too dark was recalled by the distributor and publisher. Now while this book is not currently selling well, this book will do well term in high grade CGC or CBCS copies. There is a market for recalled book, it just happens to be small.

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Spoilers: THE CW / Walking Dead

*WARNING* This post is going to be filled with spoilers – mostly pertaining to the AMC Walking Dead television series. If you care about the plot and content of the AMC Walking Dead TV Show, this post might not be for you. Be sure to have kept up to date before continuing reading.
The long awaited question walking dead fans have been asking has been answered. When will Jesus appear on the television series? Last weeks episode saw the first appearance of Jesus into the AMC continuity. Shooting up the price of his first appearance in comics considerably. Jesus (Paul Monroe) first appearance was Walking Dead #92, which sold for just under $50 in January. Now with the television appearance this book has shot up to $80 to $90 and is still increasing. This is a book to be holding on to.
Another book that has suddenly started to see interest is Supergirl #16 with sales around $10 in near mint condition and above cover in varying lower conditions. Supergirl #16 is the first Flash / Supergirl cross-over issue in the New 52 and with CW moving forward and releasing production stills from the filming of a Flash / Supergirl cross-over episode – fans have been clambering over this issue. Sure to see an increase once the episode premieres.
Watch-out for a new post in a few days “Two books to grab from the dollar bin”