Week in Review: May 8

I don’t think this book has a very long shelf light or has long term hold potential but right now there is one book that comes out this week that has been selling for double to triple cover price. Scooby Apocalypse #25, the more “adult” Scooby Doo DC title, features the death of Mystery Inc. Co-founder Fred Jones. This book has two covers, a regular cover A and a virgin art cover B, both have sold out at the distributor level and have been selling well online. One online retailer sold 20 copies of cover A for $8 each.


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Holly-Very-Weird: New Mutants Movie

Screen shot 2015-04-08 at 10.37.19 PM

So What if #10 is already selling for $100 in raw NM condition and BleedingCool is even talking about it. But thats not the break-out news of the day. Today I read on Comicsheatingup that Fox has decided to spin a movie out of their X-Men Franchise based on The New Mutants. I thought it was a joke at first but can now confirm that Fox really is developing something based on the New Mutants, as confirmed by THR. This could be because of continued interest and the development within the Deadpool Film, also produced by Fox – so one can assume there will be easter eggs and the Deadpool movie will lead into the new FOX New Mutants film.

So what does that mean? There are two books you should be looking for that in the past 12 months have been slowing commanding a premium in high grade condition – selling for over Overstreet Guide prices. Now these two books are going to explode.

Marvel Graphic Novel V.1 #4 – (1982) – the first appearance of the New Mutants
Raw copies are selling for $60 – $100, which is more then double the $30 high this book had been getting before the recent FOX News. CGC 9.8 copies are selling for $350 with more then three selling on ebay today. This book is on fire.


The New Mutants #1 (1983) – The first on-going series.
This book has dollar bin written all over it. This book is trending up, and will have a LOT of moving room!


Thanks to Zack for the great intel! Check out his ebay! 

Tomorrow: A WEEK IN REVIEW ARTICLE – Featuring recalled news, Batman No Mans Land Heat and MORE

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Week in Review: April 20: Batman Endgame

Screen shot 2015-04-19 at 9.59.36 PMThis was brought up on the Comic Book Invest website earlier today. So this post is a summary of whats happening with the Batman Endgame story line leading into Batman: Convergence.

Scott Snyder has said for the past few months to expect big things to happen in the Batman Universe. Batman Endgame has been getting rave reviews and has been selling well in both comic book stores and in the comic book after market. The final part of the storyline comes out on April 29 and the story is continued directly after in the DC FCBD book that comes out on May 2 2015. As with all FCBD comics, the books are shipped to retailers weeks in advance – this is to account for shortages or damages allowing the distributor company to send replacements – so that more customers get the books they want on FCBD.

As revealed in the linked article, the FCBD book explains that Batman and Joker died in the previous issue never to return – and the issue is continued in Batman Convergence. Solicitations for Batman #41 suggested that Bruce Wayne would be replaced as batman but now it is confirmed that in Batman #41 Bruce Wayne is dead and commissioner Gordon will take on the reign as a new Batman.

So here are the books you should be looking for.

Gordon of Gotham #1 – This is the first Commissioner Gordon solo book

Batman #35 Endgame Part 1
There are convention variants and a rare combo-pack edition for this book. All covers have a lot of potential. Depending on how long this Batman lasts, the Batman Endgame storyline is going to have legs for years to come, with the possibility of becoming another staple Batman Storyline.

Batman #40 is going to be a big book since it is going to be the Death issue. The covers to look for are the 1:25 AND HIGHER variant covers and the digital copy variant which is already selling at presale auction for $15+!

Divergence DC FCBD is going to be a new beginning for Batman. So Already this has the potential for being the 2015 FCBD Speculation winner. (But there is another HIP HOP Family Tree that looks good! (I know, I’ll talk about FCBD Speculation before FCBD I hope.))

Sorry for not posting in a few days. I havn’t had anything to write about.
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March Hit List Part Un (1)

Screen shot 2015-03-06 at 2.25.20 AMAs a continuation of the “week of” posts heres a new article trend I’m going to start. The Hit-List, A rundown of a few books heating up on and off ebay. Detailing a book or two you should be on the hunt for.

During the Guardians of the Galaxy movie hype the first appearance of Groot became a very hot topic. Was both Tales to Astonish #13 and Incredible Hulk Annual #5 significantly heating up. Another book that sold well and still sells well is Where Monsters Dwell #6 (1970) – reprinting Tales to Astonish #13 (1960). Based on this – another book that has a lot of potential for growth is Shazam #8. Shazam #8 reprints Marvel Family #1 – the first appearance of Black Adam – with the first “modern” appearance of Black Adam appearing 20 issues later. With Dwayne “the rock” Johnson as the only signed on actor for the upcoming Shazam film, playing Black Adam, this book has a lot of potential.

On Thursday (March 5) – another character was cast in the Lucifer TV-Show – The character “Maze”. This has largely been speculated to be DC’s Mazikeen. Mazikeen’s first appearance is Sandman (Volume 2 – Neil Gaiman) #22 – this book on ebay has completed sales from $5 – $20 – but can still be found in back-issue boxes for around $5.
It all depends on how this character is executed – but right now easy money can be made on the quick flip with this book.


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2015 Movie Watch: Part 1


The last twelve months has really demonstrated the power of television and film adaptation influenced comic book speculation. It almost felt like some properties were being bought without the intention of being developed. Here is a run down of Comic book properties that should see an increase of interest based on this kind of speculation. Every week in January I plan on posting a continuation to this post.

Cowboy Ninja Viking

$_57-2The movie is full-on in development, with Chris Pratt signed on to play the leading role. Information hasn’t been released yet about the Director, which means there is still a lot of behind the scenes work being done. As convention season starts in full in March, more information will be released about the plans for this movie, which will bring up demand for Cowboy Ninja Viking #1 – which is currently selling at around $65.

Suicide Squad
164806-18058-112799-1-detective-comicsScreen shot 2015-01-02 at 2.21.02 AM

This film is plotted to start filming this April in Toronto – that means that while information and media pictures start appearing on the internet, the main character books are going to start going up in value.
First appearance of Deadshot (Detective Comics #474) – Played by WILL SMITH (HE’S A UNDERCOVER MEN IN BLACK!)
First appearance of Amanda Waller (DC Legends #1) – Played by VIOLA DAVIS (SHE WON AN OSCAR)

From Hell
Screen shot 2015-01-02 at 2.25.36 AM

The From Hell TV Show is rumoured to have the first few episodes already filmed. This means that there is only a small window left to speculate on From Hell #1 first prints (LOOK AT THE INDICA WHEN BUYING TO MAKE SURE ITS FIRST PRINT)- which when the TV-Show has an announced release day, will increase in demand.


IZombie #1 is a $14 to $20 book right now. The TV-Show has at least six episodes filmed and is slated to be shown on the CW at some point this year – probably after Arrow. Based on the success of Arrow and Flash and its cross-over popularity – IZombie #1 is another book that is going to be have a huge demand. Buy them now before the Arrow kids are going bonkers for them!

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Buy it: Dreadstar #1 Epic Comics

Talking Points:

Bunker #1 seems to have cooled off, #1s selling steadily at $10.

Manifest Destiny seems to be going out of control with first prints demanding a hefty value. Each week a new record sale seems to be made. 
Amazing Spider-Man #361 has never seen such demand and popularity. I don’t know why, but the first appearance of Carnage is back on the radar! 

Todays Issue: 


Every week there seems to be another comic book optioned as a movie or tv-show. Is this a sign of the speculative bubble bursting? Possibly. 
But this week Bleedingcool announced Jim Starlin’s Dreadstar from Marvel / Epic Comics is being optioned for a movie. 
Dreadstar #1 as of last week was a $1 book. You couldn’t sell it for $3. It was impossible. 
Now 0.99 auctions are trending towards $5+ to $10+. $10 for a book that you could barely give away a few months ago! 

Buy this book before everyone else does. Dreadstar #1. 


Its also important to note Dreadstar’s first appearance is in Epic Illustrated Magazine #3 – which should start going up in value.