Week in Review: September 27

This was a big week for comic book stores with the release of Marvel’s Legacy #1 but there are really only a few books you should be looking for.

This week sees the release of Spider-Gwen #24. Spider-Gwen #24 has a few store variants (some sold out in presale and are selling great online) but the regular cover has been selling for $8 to $15 online. This book features the first full appearance of Gwenom.

Following the release of The Walking Dead #171 pink signature variant, Skybound’s Red Neck #6 Cover B has a pink signature variant. No word on print run or rarity – as of this posting there have been three sales of this book at $40 each. The pink signature surprise variant might be a trend we start seeing with the next few Image / Skybound comic releases.

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 7.46.07 PM

Later this week I will be doing a post with about updated Hollywood projects. Stay tuned.

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Week in Review: Hollywood run down

Two things came out this week to take note of.

It was announced that Ann Weying would be appearing in the upcoming Venom film. In The Marvel Universe, Ann Weying becomes a female venom, She-Venom, this has led to the book she first appears in as She-Venom to sell for very high prices. Ann Weying first appears in Amazing Spider-Man #375 and becomes She-Venom in the Venom: Sinner Takes All series. She first becomes She-Venom in Venom:Sinner Takes All #2 and appears on the cover of Venom: Sinner takes all #3. While ASM #375 hasn’t really been selling (this book has a very high print run), Venom: Sinner Takes All #3 has been selling for up to $100 in raw near mint condition online. While Venom: Sinner Takes All #3 has been a sought after book in high grade  for the last few years, this week this news has blown this book up. Two things to think about – Will the real first appearance of She-Venom start to go up? Has She-Venom been confirmed for the movie?


Another announcement that started as a rumor last week but has since been confirmed is the Umbrella Academy TV-Show announcement. The Hollywood Reporter came out with the news this week that Netflix ordered a 10 episode series for Gerard Way’s Umbrella Academy. Umbrella Academy first appears in the Dark Horse 2007 FCBD book. While this book hasn’t been getting a lot of attention the ratio variants for Umbrella Academy #1 have been (as well as the Volume 2 RRP). Another thing to keep note of is that the Gerad Way signed and graded copies will see a stronger demand down the road – Gerad Way has always been a hard to acquire signature, only attending a handful of conventions.

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Week in Review April 25

I’m going to do a post about the things I missed last week tomorrow, so be on the look out for that.

At C2E2 Over the weekend it was announced that Tim Seeley and Mike Norton’s Revival is being adapted into a film by Shattlerglass Films. A Teaser was shown. As a result Revival #1s have started to sell again! Two things to keep note of, the Revival #1 Sketch edition only has 500 copies and is a great book to be looking for and holding on to, The first appearance of Revival is Image 2012 Free Comic Book Day Edition book.


Skybound / Image Comics released THREE retailer appreciation books this week that you should be asking your retailer about. The first is the Kill the Minotaur Ashcan. This is a one per store ashcan and is the first published appearance of this series and characters, its a very large book that reprints the entire issue in black and white in the ashcan size.


The other two books Image released are reprints of Redneck #1, one is the Black and White Cover A with Silver Foil Logo and the other is a Cover A with Gold Foil logo. While these books together have sold online in presale for up to $250, these books are currently selling for $40 each. Since these books are given to every store with a diamond account that ordered the book there will be a lot of copies out there this week.

If you want to speculate on Redneck the book you should be buying is the ashcan. This book came out before issue #1 and is the TRUE first appearance of the series and characters – this book can be purchased on ebay for $40 to $50, which is a steal when you consider the high price sales of the gold and silver foil variants.

Another book to be on the lookout for tomorrow is ‘Namwolf #1. Springing from the success of Hillbilly, ‘Namwolf is another series published by Eric Powell’s Albatross Legacy Books, this book has two covers and both covers have multiple sales above cover. There is no ratio variant just a cover A and B.


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Shameless Plug


Shameless Plug


Now that New York Comic Con is in full swing a lot of comic announcements have been made that are ripe for speculation, here are a few that caught my eye.

First day of the Convention we heard that Dark Horse Comics Freaks of the Heartland was in production with MTV for a television series we also heard that Polarity from Boom was optioned for development but the big announcements started coming in the second day of the convention.

A Howard the Duck Deadpool series as rumored by Bleedingcool a few weeks ago was officially announced at Marvel’s retailer breakfast (shout out to CHU and Mel V). Coming in January Marvel plans to start publishing the five part mini-series, Deadpool the Duck.  The deadpool market is very saturated, whats next Deadpool the cosplay cat?
This is only worth mentioning because the first appearance of Deadpool as Howard the Duck – Deadpool Kills Deadpool #3 –  has started trending online – selling from $10 to $25 on ebay. This book will probably fall ball to earth around the $5 to $10 range but right now is a good time to be going to your LCS and looking for this book.


Day three of the convention (Saturday) came a few bigger announcements starting with Scout Comics unveiling its line-up of new books for 2017. Based on the success of previous Scout Comics properties this is one to being paying attention to. Scout Comics has published three crowd funded comics with very successful outcomes, Henchgirl, Once Our land and Girrion. Of the four new titles announced by Scout Comics one was previously crowdfunded through Patreon and first printings are still available. This title is Little Guardians. If Scout Comics track record is any indication of future speculation this is a book to be picking up now! Found here.


Something to look forward to is my NYCC Wrapup Part 2 including the Iron Fist speculation Netflix speculation!

ALSO Make sure to check out Sad Lemon Comics! Run by Simon Payne the UK’s Speculation equivalent to Christ.

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Another rumor that just hit the internet about the DC universe involves the Green Lantern and helps reinforce some of those reddit rumors. Moviecreedlive and several other websites are reporting that Luke Evans is currently in talks with DC to play Sinestro in the Green Lantern Corps film (to be released in 2020). While this doesn’t really effect the price of wine as the first appearance of Sinestro (Green Lantern Volume 2 #7 is already a silver age staple) there is more information in this rumor to explore.


Part of this new DC rumor states that the film will explore different Lantern Corps and will include the Sinestro rival, Atrocitus. Why is this important? Atrocitus was created in 2005 by Geoff Johns. This is a great book to find in the wild and since the breaking of this news it has become harder and harder to find online. Atrocitus first appearances in two page panel in Green Lantern (2005) #25 and later appears in Green Lantern (2005) #28. Both of these books have great potential if this rumor proves to be true.


One thing I forgot to talk about in my last post is that you should be looking for the first appearance of the New Warriors. Since Marvel is developing a New Warriors television series it would be a no brainer to start picking up copies of Thor #411 and Thor #412 – the first partial and first full appearance of the characters – both of these books are very undervalued at the moment.



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Week in Review: Spawn (AND MORE)

I apologize for my absence. It has been a very busy month following the Ryan Lochte story. Why would you do that to us Ryan?

This week is going to be mostly about catching up on spoilers. Which I will be talking about tomorrow. Today will be all about the books you should be buying this week.


New from Heavy Metal Comics this week is ReincarNATE #1. This series is from creative team Michael Moreci and Keith Burns and last year was optioned by BUCK productions for the small screen. But did you know that this series started as a Kickstarter campaign where the original trade paperback copies are selling for $70 to $80 on the secondary market place? And did you know that you can buy copies for $10 at Michael Moreci’s website? This book is a great pick up!


A book that was released this week that seems to be trending upwards is Spawn #265 Cover B. This book introduces Ant to the Spawn Universe. Ant was creator owned series created by Marc Gully that was purchased by Erik Larson – the current writer of Spawn. A new Ant series is also being launched in a few weeks. Another Spawn book that has been getting a lot of attention is the recently released Spawn Kills Everyone one-shot, released in the vein of the Punisher kills the Marvel Universe one-shot and the followup Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe mini-series. With three covers released – this book has steadily been selling for $8 to $10 – with three cover sets selling for $30 to $40! (The second print of this book is also selling quite well, selling for double cover!) This is another clear Spawn winner.


One piece of news that came out today that everyone is going to be talking about is the rumored New Warriors TV-Series currently being shopped around studios. Apparently, the New Warriors TV-series is in development by ABC and Marvel TV and will focus around Squirrel Girl. Now is the time to be hoarding Marvel Super-Heroes #2 Volume 8 (AKA Marvel Super-Heroes 1991 Winter Special)



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Week in Review: After SDCC JULY 27

Three things of note this week

I’ve read a lot of people talking about But Like Maybe #1 this week. This book is entirely an example of the current modern pump and dump. The book is not selling above cover online but “speculators” are saying its a great pick. Don’t be fooled. The book is “the first comic to be based on an instagram user”. Also – Its still available on Diamond!

This week the big news came about about the character Kurt Russell will be playing in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy 2 film. It was revealed at SDCC he would be playing Ego the Living Planet, which in itself sounds insane. There should be other appearances of this character that will go up in value over time, but right now the books to look for are the first cameo and first full appearances – Thor #132 and Thor #133.

Currently these books can be found in the wild for under $50 with some bargain $10 to $20 copies. These are both books to start looking for as they are going crazy on ebay with Thor #132 and #133 being on fire!

An earlier version of this post said Ego’s first cameo appearance was in Thor #131. It is not. However, Thor #131 features the first appearance of the Rigellians. The Rigellians are known as “colonizers” in the Marvel Universe and based on how Ego The Living Planet (WHO EATS OTHER WORLDS) develops, this could be another key guardians of the Galaxy book. (So not a bad book to be looking for)


Thor #202 is also worth mentioning as it features the first appearance of Ego in (arguably) his first human form. As in Thor #202 Ego comes to Earth and fights the Asgardians. – This book has been selling for $20 to $30 – which is up from the $10 of a few weeks ago.

Another silver age book that has started going up in price online is Flash #128. Good to Very Good copies of this book have started to sell for $40! Which is almost double what they were selling for three months ago! Flash #128 features the first appearance of Abra Kadabra. DC seems to be building this character up, with him rumored to appear on the upcoming Flash Point season of the Flash.


(This character has been rumored to appear on the show for some time, however now it seems the CW is really moving forward with the character.)
However – as posted on Bleedingcool – This weeks Titan #1 comic reveals that Dr. Manhattan might not be the reason behind the New 52 and now the rebirth storyline (where 5 years were lost).


DC has confirmed that Dr. Manhattan and the Watchmen DC Universe build up is happening so this is probably just a red herring, however, the book is starting to sell based on this news.

BIG SHOUT OUT TO William Zachman, Lincoln Spader and Jeff “Nebo” N for there help with this post!


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