Hollywood Daze: Spider-Man Homecoming

There is a brief update on this post at the bottom.

Today Sony released the cast list for the upcoming Spider-Man Homecoming film. With it came a few spoilers and the confirmation of a few characters entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This post will be filled with spoilers.

The only real casting to keep note of is the change of name for Donald Glover’s character. Glover is now listed as playing Aaron Davis – Aaron Davis is the Prowler in the Marvel Universe. This is an interesting choice and it leads into what I am sure Sony is trying to accomplish with the new Spider-Man trilogy.

Aaron Davis first appears as the Prowler in Amazing Spider-Man #78. If you haven’t been reading Spider-Man in the last 20 years you might think this is just Marvel changing another character for the films – changing him from white to black – however, a black Aaron Davis appears as the Prowler in the Spider-Man Ultimate Universe.  The Ultimate Universe Prowler first appears in Ultimate Spider-Man Volume 2 #1.

How does this lead into the Spider-Man trilogy? In the ultimate universe, Aaron Davis has a nephew, Miles Morales. Donald Glover is not a low profile actor, that with the history of Aaron Davis’s character – one can only assume that Miles Morales will eventually show up in one of the three planned Spider-Man films. One can also assume that Sony is planning spin off films for Miles Morales in the new Sony/ Marvel universe.

Now is the time to be buying Miles Morales key issues. Miles first appears in Ultimate Comics: Fallout #4.

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 1.36.19 PM.png

Kevin Fiege has confirmed that Miles Morales exists in the Spider-Man Homecoming universe. Read the full interview here

Happy Speculating
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Comic Round-Up

Here are some books you should be looking for…


It seems that the way the current Walking Dead storyline is going, Alpha is a character we’re going to be hearing about a lot. Alpha’s first appearance has also started to heat up in the past two or three months – Walking Dead #132 (First Cameo appearance) has been selling for $15 to $20 online and seems to be trending upwards.

Some more recent books that are heating up include the new Z2 Comics title Legend. With the first issue, Legend #1, selling for double cover. Bleedingcool talked about this book a few weeks ago when it initially sold out at the distributor but the three sales on ebay in the past few days vary from $6 to $10.

Screen shot 2016-05-09 at 7.02.03 PM

Another book first discussed on Bleedingcool is Boom Studios Joyride #1. This book has been selling well online, however, with three 50/50 ratio covers released it seems that cover A is the only book heating up. With multiple sales averaging $7 to $10 and one sale of all three covers at $30, this is another book to be looking for.


Last book I’m going to talk about came out last week from Image Comics. From writer / artist/film director Karre Andrews we see the release of Renato Jones the 1%. Already going into a second printing the first print Renato Jones #1 has been selling for $6 to $10 and is still trending upwards.



Also, please check out the newly launched, newly designed, RJ comics and Toys website. Offering 30% off Previews pre-orders as well as offering a very extensive back issue selection

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Spoilers: Deadpool / Walking Dead

Two books to talk about – Before we start this post is filled with Spoilers. So be warned.

81406332Walking Dead #83 – This book has shot up in price since sunday nights episode of walking dead. In the opening episode of the midseason premier, Carl was shot in the face mimicking this scene from the comic book.

screen shot 2015-11-23 at 3.01.32 pm

In Short, Carl was shot, but as the comic shows, he’ll be fine. This book has doubled in price last week selling for $15 to $20, today hitting $30 to $40 and on the rise. This is a book to be looking for! Another book that should hold speculation value is the awakening of Carl.


Walking Dead #87 – Where Carl wakes up and asks Rick where his mother is, forgetting the previous five years of the zombie apocalypse. This book is currently a $10 book but has a lot of potential for growth depending on how AMC plots out this season.

The other big spoiler news from this week involves Cable and Deadpool #38 – This is the first appearance of Hydra Bob – a character who briefly appeared in the Deadpool film and who (in the comic book) will not die and appears in Deadpool’s more popular story lines (Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool MAX). This character’s appearance in the film demonstrated there was a long backstory between Deadpool and Bob, which helps highlight the potential of speculation on his first appearance. Last week this book was in the dollar bin. And in many unlooted comic book stores, they still are. Since the films release, this book has been selling for $15 to $30. For a character that appeared in the film for 30 seconds, it’s kind of crazy; but it demonstrates the comic juggernaut that is the Deadpool film.


Another big jump was Cable and Deadpool #1, a book that was sold on average for $20 since my last post, has now sold between $40 to $100, with multiple sales at the $100 level. Another book still very undervalued is the first appearance of Weasel in Cable #3.

Screen shot 2016-02-15 at 2.35.04 AM

Why is Cable #3 undervalued? Of all the characters appearing in the Deadpool film, this is the character with the biggest connection to Wade Wilson. He gave Wade his code name and is quickly becoming Deadpool’s side kick. This character has the potential to appear in future X-men films alongside with or without Deadpool. At $10, this book has a lot of room to grow.

Happy Speculating
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Stranger Comics: Niobe: She is Life #1

This was first talked about on CHU. Next week (november 4) sees the release of Stranger Comics’s Niobe: She is Life #1
Niobe: She is Life #1 from Stranger Comics is already sold out at the distributor level, already sold out on every findable comic presale website and is co-written by Game of Thrones star Amandla Stenberg. Niobe: She is Life #1 has been selling for $15 on ebay and is sure to be a $20+ book upon release, it is a book to be looking for. However, the character Niobe first appears in another comic also published by Stranger Comics. 


Coming out in 2011 and with no association to Amandla Stenberg, The Untamed #1 features Niobe and the Niobe universe and was written by Niobe co-writer Sebastian A. Jones and also published by Stranger Comics- this is a book to be looking for as its sure to see an increase in value once the new series comes out.

The Untamed also has a variant cover. Both of these books, the regular cover the untamed #1 and the variant are available on the Stranger Comics website for cover price. 
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