Hollyweird: April Edition

This week it was announced that Hulu has ordered a pilot for a Locke and Key series. Most articles about this say that there was a “very competitive” bidding war. Which seems unlikely considering there was no interest in the series after FOX ordered a pilot and decided not to move forward after filming was completed in 2011. Locke and Key #1 seems to be the book people are looking for.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 3.51.33 PM

It was announced this week that Sony was making a live action movie about He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. This is sure to bring more attention to DC Comics Presents #47 – the first appearance of He-Man in comics.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 3.50.55 PM

Joe Benitez creator of Lady Mechanika took to facebook this week to announce his Lady Mechanika creator owned series had been optioned for a television series. Lady Mechanika has been a popular indie series upon release, since this news broke there has been a lot of interest in the series first issue Lady Mechanika #0 and its various printings and variants. Something that has been largely ignored is that Lady Mechanika first appeared in a pin-up piece by Joe Benitez in Worlds of Aspen FCBD 2010. This book could see a lot of interest if the television series ever comes to fruition.

It was also confirmed this week that Adam Warlock would be appearing in Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

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Week in Review: October 27

This week sees the release of the mini-Free Comic Book day Comic Book Store holiday known as Halloween fest. Halloween Fest is another comic book store event, like free comic book day, one day a year where retailers give out special Halloweenfest edition comic books.

Among this years books is the second appearances of Dollface, Zombie Tramp Vs The Doll-Faced Witch Hunter #1– Dollface is the new Action lab comic series from the creator of Zombie Tramp, Dan Mendoza. Like Zombie Tramp, Dollface was a book that was successfully crowd-funded through Kickstarter. The first appearance of Dollface appeared in a Dollface #1 issue that was given out at the Baltimore Retailer Summit from Action Lab Comics (released September 3, 2016) – The first appearance is being published in December through Mendonza for Kickstarter funders while Action Lab is releasing Dollface #1 to comic book stores for January. So the halloween comicfest edition will be the first time comic book stores see a Dollface comic.

Why is this important? Zombie tramp has built up a cult following where the first print, first appearance of the character in near mint condition sells for north of $1000 and the Action Lab #1 sells for $10 to $20. Dollface coming from the same creator and same crowd funded based origin means this book could already have a following.
Also worth highlighting is that this Halloween comicfest comic is already selling for $8 to $12 online. Not bad for something you can pick up for free at your LCS on October 29.


Another book that has started to see some heat is the Eclipse series by Timothy Truman, Scout. Scout #1 has flown off ebay at reasonable prices – the cheapest available copy on ebay is $20. Scout has been optioned by Studio 8 who wants to turn the comic series into a live action film. This is great news considering this book is more often then not found for $1 at comic book shows and comic book stores with bargain sections!


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Now that New York Comic Con is in full swing a lot of comic announcements have been made that are ripe for speculation, here are a few that caught my eye.

First day of the Convention we heard that Dark Horse Comics Freaks of the Heartland was in production with MTV for a television series we also heard that Polarity from Boom was optioned for development but the big announcements started coming in the second day of the convention.

A Howard the Duck Deadpool series as rumored by Bleedingcool a few weeks ago was officially announced at Marvel’s retailer breakfast (shout out to CHU and Mel V). Coming in January Marvel plans to start publishing the five part mini-series, Deadpool the Duck.  The deadpool market is very saturated, whats next Deadpool the cosplay cat?
This is only worth mentioning because the first appearance of Deadpool as Howard the Duck – Deadpool Kills Deadpool #3 –  has started trending online – selling from $10 to $25 on ebay. This book will probably fall ball to earth around the $5 to $10 range but right now is a good time to be going to your LCS and looking for this book.


Day three of the convention (Saturday) came a few bigger announcements starting with Scout Comics unveiling its line-up of new books for 2017. Based on the success of previous Scout Comics properties this is one to being paying attention to. Scout Comics has published three crowd funded comics with very successful outcomes, Henchgirl, Once Our land and Girrion. Of the four new titles announced by Scout Comics one was previously crowdfunded through Patreon and first printings are still available. This title is Little Guardians. If Scout Comics track record is any indication of future speculation this is a book to be picking up now! Found here.


Something to look forward to is my NYCC Wrapup Part 2 including the Iron Fist speculation Netflix speculation!

ALSO Make sure to check out Sad Lemon Comics! Run by Simon Payne the UK’s Speculation equivalent to Christ.

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Week in Review: October 4

This week sees the release of the new Black Mask series, Black, and the debut issue has sold out at the distributor and is going for a second printing before even going on sale. This book seems to be selling well at cover and is trending upwards but hasn’t sold for more then a dollar above cover.


This week’s book seems to be Girrion #1 from Scout Comics. I have spoken about this book before here. Girrion was a successfully funded Kickstarter that was picked up by Scout Comics (announced at SDCC). The kickstarter edition (still available for $5 on the official website) has already sold for $50! Where the Scout series has started selling for $15 with some sales hitting $20!  This book has a few retailer variants, however, if the first print is any indication of future prospects – this is a book to be looking for.


Another book that has started seeing an increased interest is Daredevil #58 (Volume 2). One thing that you might have noticed in the new Netflix Luke Cage series is that one character is referred to as “The Night Nurse” which makes it seems that Claire Temple is the Marvel Cinematic Night Nurse. It appears that the modern night nurse, the night nurse that aids Luke Cage, Daredevil and Iron Fist – first appeared in Daredevil #58 (volume 2). This book was off the radar last year but has since started selling for $10 to $20 – this is a great book to be looking for at your LCS.



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Week in Review September 21

Scout comics keeps producing books that sell out and double in price on ebay. Many of the titles Scout publishes are originally published elsewhere, Like Henchgirl and Once Our Land – both of these titles originated as self-published titles, with Once Our Land only seeing publication after its successful Kickstarter campaign.

Scout Comics announced at SDCC this year that they are publishing another series after its successfully funded Kickstarter campaign – Girrion by Tom Lintern. The book comes out on October 5 and already the first print kickstarter edition is starting to heat up online. The first print Girrion #1 is selling for $25 to $30 online but can still be found on the original website for $5. A great book that could increase when Scout reprints it!

As discussed heavily on many websites, Animosity #2 sold out before its release last week and is selling for $10 and the Second print Animosity #1 selling for $25! Anything Animosity seems is hot off the presses!


Another book that has started seeing interest on the secondary market is DC’s Question #17 from 1987. This book has been selling anywhere from $15 to $35.


Why? This book features the first appearance of Rorschach in the DC Universe. Published two years after Alan Moore’s Watchmen, Question #17 features the first appearance of Rorschach outside of the Watchmen universe. This could prove to be a very important book now that DC is building its new universe with the integration of the Watchmen characters.

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Hot Shot Run Down

Deadpool back in black #1 comes out next month, a series based around the Venom symbiote taking over Deadpool. A cool concept but when was its first appearance?
Cable and Deadpool #50 – the last issue in that series is the first appearance of Deadpool as Venom. This book came out in 2008 – three years before the What if Venom took over Deadpool mini-series.

This book currently sells for $30 to $50 in high grade but can still be found in the wild at bargain prices. This is a book to be looking for! When Deadpool back in Black aka Deadpool as Venom really kicks off with fans, this is the book everyone is going to be looking for!

Thanks to UltraMaximus. He was the first person to point this out on Google+.

While we’re on the subject of Venom – a book to look for is the new Marvel Now! Venom #38. This book sells for $25 to $40 as it features the new Venom Side-kick character, Mania. Will this book have long term potential? probably not – but it has great flip potential!

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Right when the American election couldn’t get weirder and more in your face, the Hillary Clinton campaign reminded everyone that comic books characters can still be important. Hillary Clinton’s campaign is currently targeting Donald Trump online supporters, here is a screen capture from her website.


Screen shot 2016-09-17 at 10.55.50 PM.png

Pepe the frog is a comic book character that through websites like 4chan and reddit has been associated with memes and viral content. Pepe is a frog that lives with three other animals whom play video games, drink and get high together. These characters have  no association with white supremacy.

Pepe the frog first appears in Boys Club #1 a self published comic-zine by Matt Furie in 2006 – later collected in trade paper back by Fantagraphics Comics. The original zine has grown in popularity considerably after Clinton started talking about the character.


Over the past week since being brought up by Clinton, the first printing of Boys Club #1 has quickly grown from a $10 to $20 book to a $50 to $60 book. This is a great book to be looking for (and can still be found in some comic book stores that cater to more independent publishers!)

Read more of Hillary on Pepe here

Expect a week in review post this week featuring some catch-up news as well as some great speculation tidbits I’ve neglected to post about in the past month.

Happy Speculating
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