Week In Review: October 31: Ice Cream Man, Jenny Frison

This week sees the release of a few books you should be thinking about.

DC’s Vertigo imprint has been publishing a lot of new titles recently – this week sees the release of there newest title Hex Wives #1. This book has two covers and one of them is by Jenny Frison. The Frison cover has a few sales online averaging $8.

Another book that comes out this week that has been selling well online is the cover B for Image Comic’s Ice Cream Man #8. This variant cover, featuring a sad clown eating ice-cream, has been selling online for $8 to $15.

Two other books that come out this week that have been selling above cover in presale are the Justice League Dark and Wonder Women: Witching Hour #1 cover B and the Cover B variant for Marvel’s Avengers Halloween Special #1.


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WORD?!?!?! Demon #1

Screen shot 2015-01-26 at 1.11.43 AM

And with this Tweet, all reasonably priced first appearance of Jason Blood were sold off ebay. The First appearance of Jason Blood being The Demon #1 from 1972.

Screen shot 2015-01-26 at 1.09.24 AM

In CGC 9.8, this book has been on the rise for the last few years, however, to known Jack Kirby or DC collectors, this is just another bland DC book, a creation from a time when Kirby was much in demand for DC creating character after character. Like Sandman, The Demon doesn’t get the kind of respect he deserves.

This book right now has no where to go but up, and is still very available in the off the internet comic book market. This book has the opportunity to go to the heights of Hawkman #4 and Swamp Thing #37 – don’t miss out!

Bird up +Trey Kenyon for writing about this influencing me to write about it.

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Happy Speculating
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