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Today saw the release of a new trailer for the upcoming Deadpool 2 film. In the trailer we are introduced to an unnamed character who Cable proclaims he is going to hunt and kill. There are a few theories about who this character is and I would like to explore them.

Screenrant pushed out an article on there website soon after the trailer was released with a casting theory that this unnamed character played by Julian Dennison is Kid Apocalypse. I think this would make the most sense. The First time we see Kid Apocalypse in comics is when a clone of him is introduced in Uncanny X-Force #4 from 2011 – this is the lowest print issue from this series and has always commanded a premium over other issues from this series. The book currently sells for $10 to $20 in near mint condition. The non-clone REAL Kid Apocalypse first appears in Uncanny X-Force #7. Both of these are good books to be sitting on.

Another theory that came out today from slashfilms is that Julian Dennison’s character is Armageddon Man. When it comes down to Kid Apocalypse or Armageddon Man I think it is more likely the character will be Kid Apocalypse – but there has still not been any confirmation either way. Armageddon Man first appears in X-Force #88 from 1999.

While I don’t think these books are going to become $30 books overnight, I do think they will see some increased interest over the next few weeks until we find out who these character really are.

Thank you John Brown, William Zachman and Gary Nusser.

Happy Speculating
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Weapons of Mutant Destruction

Have you been reading the new W.M.D. series from Marvel? If you want to avoid spoilers only read half of this article.

This week saw the release of W.M.D. #1 the book featuring Batch H – the Wolverine / Hulk mash up character. I spoke about this on facebook (where I post things I don’t always post on the site – for example I posted that Secret War: Battleworld #3 was the first time a Hulk / Wolverine mash up appeared on a comic book cover) but this new series W.M.D. series gives you a lot to think about.

W.M.D. like many marvel events takes place in two comic series that cross over, Weapon X, The Totally Awesome Hulk and the W.M.D. mini-series all include integral parts of the story-line. The W.M.D. story line started in the last issue of Totally Awesome Hulk, Totally Awesome Hulk #19. I am assuming Marvel didn’t properly advertise this cross-over series which has resulted in a retailer sell out for issue #19 and Marvel has already announced a second printing.
First prints of Totally Awesome Hulk #19 have sold for up to $18 but are currently averaging just above $10. This is a book to be asking your LCS about.

In W.M.D. #1 this week we found out that a character named Franklin Edwards would become the human guinea pig that would be turned into the Hulk / Wolverine mash-up character. Who is Franklin Edwards?

I have not been able to find a Franklin Edwards in the Marvel universe, however, I did find a Frank Edwards that seems to have similar characteristics to the new Franklin character.

Frank Edwards first appeared in two comics that came out the same week in February of 1986. Squadron Supreme #6 and Captain America #314. Frank Edwards is a villain who teams up with Captain America to stop the Squadron Supreme from controlling the US Governments mutant program. This character dies and hasn’t shown up in the MCU since 1986.

Another character named Frank Edwards appears in Paradise X – the Alex Ross Earth X Universe. This was set up as a separate entity to the marvel universe where Alex Ross took all the classic characters and did what he wanted with them*. In Paradise X, Frank Edwards builds a bomb to kill mutants because he wants to kill all mutants.

Is Frank Edwards the same character as Franklin Edwards from the W.M.D. series? I am not sure but there seems to be clear similarities.

Thank you Topher S and Nick B for your help with this article.

*The Earth X Universe was only kind of set up by Alex Ross. Alex Ross did a series for DC where he reimagined the DC universe and its characters. This book was very successful, it was titled Kingdom Come. It was amazing. Wizard World Magazine did an issue where they asked Ross what he would do if he had the same control of the Marvel Universe. This was then taken by Marvel and turned into the Paradise X universe. Ross had minimal involvement but did do some covers for the series. TL:DR – Marvel takes ideas from DC and comic collector magazines.

Happy Speculating
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Week in Review: May 30 2018

There is really only one book to be looking for this week, Spawn Directors Cut 1 Per Store Retailer Appreciation Variant. This book features the Spawn #227 cover with a new coloring and with silver foil logos. This book was sent to every diamond account retailer making the print run 2 to 3 thousand. This book is currently selling for $80 to $100, I would expect the price to drop as more copies come to market, however, with the large Spawn fan base this could be a long term collectors item.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 10.18.36 PM

The Unquotable Trump is an ashcan comic book featuring classic comic covers redone featuring Donald Trump and various quotes from speeches he’s made.  Drawn and Quarterly picked up the comic and is publishing an over-sized treasury edition in November. In the past week on ebay this ashcan has sold from $15 to $30. You can still buy copies of this ashcan for $4 from this link.


Happy Speculating
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Shameless Plug



Now that New York Comic Con is in full swing a lot of comic announcements have been made that are ripe for speculation, here are a few that caught my eye.

First day of the Convention we heard that Dark Horse Comics Freaks of the Heartland was in production with MTV for a television series we also heard that Polarity from Boom was optioned for development but the big announcements started coming in the second day of the convention.

A Howard the Duck Deadpool series as rumored by Bleedingcool a few weeks ago was officially announced at Marvel’s retailer breakfast (shout out to CHU and Mel V). Coming in January Marvel plans to start publishing the five part mini-series, Deadpool the Duck.  The deadpool market is very saturated, whats next Deadpool the cosplay cat?
This is only worth mentioning because the first appearance of Deadpool as Howard the Duck – Deadpool Kills Deadpool #3 –  has started trending online – selling from $10 to $25 on ebay. This book will probably fall ball to earth around the $5 to $10 range but right now is a good time to be going to your LCS and looking for this book.


Day three of the convention (Saturday) came a few bigger announcements starting with Scout Comics unveiling its line-up of new books for 2017. Based on the success of previous Scout Comics properties this is one to being paying attention to. Scout Comics has published three crowd funded comics with very successful outcomes, Henchgirl, Once Our land and Girrion. Of the four new titles announced by Scout Comics one was previously crowdfunded through Patreon and first printings are still available. This title is Little Guardians. If Scout Comics track record is any indication of future speculation this is a book to be picking up now! Found here.


Something to look forward to is my NYCC Wrapup Part 2 including the Iron Fist speculation Netflix speculation!

ALSO Make sure to check out Sad Lemon Comics! Run by Simon Payne the UK’s Speculation equivalent to Christ.

Happy Speculating
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Hollywood Wrapup – Week of January 22

Back a new instalment featuring books that are heating up based on the development of comic book movies and TV-shows news.



A book that is getting a lot of love this week is the Alan Moore Classic, The Man Who has Everything, featured in Superman Annual #11. This week it was announced that Supergirl would be developing this story into an episode on the series – Episode 13. This book is one of the best one story comic DC produced in the 80’s – featuring classic Alan Moore. This book was a 2015 $20 book. Having some peak sales and some low sales, but averaging around $20. This book had has PEAK sales in the last week of $80 (in stated less then Near Mint condition) and a lot of sales above $50. Not bad for one of Alan Moore’s best superhero work.

Screen shot 2016-01-22 at 3.18.01 AM

A book that has been seeing some movement in the past few months and was pointed out by TE in the comments by is Flash Annual #3 – the first appearance of the new Wally West. Coming out two months later and also labeled as the first appearance of the “New Flash” or “Future Flash” is Flash #30 of the New 52. Both of these books were heating up considerably in November selling for upwards of $25 each – the books aren’t currently hitting that peak but there is still room to move. Flash Annual #3 averages $8 on ebay with Flash #30 selling on average for $15 to $20.

Screen shot 2016-01-22 at 3.20.34 AM

The last book this week that is doing crazy things is Tales to Astonish #49. Last week the Captain America Civil War Funko Pops were released for order by retailers – noticably the Ant-Man Funko Pop was labeled “Giant-Man”. So the general thought is that based on this Ant-Man is going to become Giant-Man in the film. Forcing the first appearance of Giant-Man, Tales to Astonish #49, to start selling above guide*. If you can find this book – a lot of speculation value.

Screen shot 2016-01-22 at 3.16.41 AM


WHY DIDN’T I TALK ABOUT DEADPOOL? – I have a post on Deadpool in the works, yo!

Happy Speculating
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Week in Review: December 3 / Black Mask

Another week, another three books to be on the look out. All three of these books have sold out at Diamond Comics Distributors and all three of these comics are selling for above cover and heating up on ebay!

IMG_0003Another new release from 451 media usually means another week of talking about 451 Media. This week is no exception seeing the release of the second issue of Sunflower – the first book to start heating up from the publisher. Sunflower #2 is no exception from the previous releases from this publisher and is already selling for $10 on ebay. This is a book to be looking for as there is certainly a lot of moving room with this relatively new publisher.

IMG_0009Another new publisher to just hit the scene this week is Overground comics releasing two new series but really only one of note. Graduate #1 – written by Jon Hughes and with art from fashion designer Celia Callie. This book has been fetching double cover on the online market and is starting to creep up. Another book to be keeping an eye out for.

Screen shot 2015-12-03 at 12.28.46 AMThe last book that came out this week that you should be looking for is Z2 Comics’s Carver A Paris Story #1. This book sold out on Diamond a week before release and features a 1:2 variant cover by Paul Pope. This is another book already selling for double cover.

Something else to be thinking about is the Black Mask Mailing List Variant Set. This set will probably eventually be made available to the public – but its currently being offered on the Black Mask website for $50 – featuring all new variant covers by Alexis Zirrit of Space Riders the book includes a Black Mask T-Shirt and new covers for Young Terrorists #1, We Can Never go Home #1, Liberator #1, Ballistic Volume one Trade Paperback and a Godkiller Volume one Trade paperback. Also there is a one in 100 chance of receiving a Black Mask golden ticket, something that still hasn’t been revealed yet. Something to be checking out!

boxset-1b-1BUY HERE


Happy Speculating
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