Hollyweird: April Edition

This week it was announced that Hulu has ordered a pilot for a Locke and Key series. Most articles about this say that there was a “very competitive” bidding war. Which seems unlikely considering there was no interest in the series after FOX ordered a pilot and decided not to move forward after filming was completed in 2011. Locke and Key #1 seems to be the book people are looking for.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 3.51.33 PM

It was announced this week that Sony was making a live action movie about He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. This is sure to bring more attention to DC Comics Presents #47 – the first appearance of He-Man in comics.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 3.50.55 PM

Joe Benitez creator of Lady Mechanika took to facebook this week to announce his Lady Mechanika creator owned series had been optioned for a television series. Lady Mechanika has been a popular indie series upon release, since this news broke there has been a lot of interest in the series first issue Lady Mechanika #0 and its various printings and variants. Something that has been largely ignored is that Lady Mechanika first appeared in a pin-up piece by Joe Benitez in Worlds of Aspen FCBD 2010. This book could see a lot of interest if the television series ever comes to fruition.

It was also confirmed this week that Adam Warlock would be appearing in Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

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Week in Review: December 3 / Black Mask

Another week, another three books to be on the look out. All three of these books have sold out at Diamond Comics Distributors and all three of these comics are selling for above cover and heating up on ebay!

IMG_0003Another new release from 451 media usually means another week of talking about 451 Media. This week is no exception seeing the release of the second issue of Sunflower – the first book to start heating up from the publisher. Sunflower #2 is no exception from the previous releases from this publisher and is already selling for $10 on ebay. This is a book to be looking for as there is certainly a lot of moving room with this relatively new publisher.

IMG_0009Another new publisher to just hit the scene this week is Overground comics releasing two new series but really only one of note. Graduate #1 – written by Jon Hughes and with art from fashion designer Celia Callie. This book has been fetching double cover on the online market and is starting to creep up. Another book to be keeping an eye out for.

Screen shot 2015-12-03 at 12.28.46 AMThe last book that came out this week that you should be looking for is Z2 Comics’s Carver A Paris Story #1. This book sold out on Diamond a week before release and features a 1:2 variant cover by Paul Pope. This is another book already selling for double cover.

Something else to be thinking about is the Black Mask Mailing List Variant Set. This set will probably eventually be made available to the public – but its currently being offered on the Black Mask website for $50 – featuring all new variant covers by Alexis Zirrit of Space Riders the book includes a Black Mask T-Shirt and new covers for Young Terrorists #1, We Can Never go Home #1, Liberator #1, Ballistic Volume one Trade Paperback and a Godkiller Volume one Trade paperback. Also there is a one in 100 chance of receiving a Black Mask golden ticket, something that still hasn’t been revealed yet. Something to be checking out!

boxset-1b-1BUY HERE


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Weird Catchup: Marvel Battleworld

Screen shot 2015-03-30 at 3.40.18 PM

I’m not really following Marvel’s current storylines. I was really into Daredevil until Shadowland ended. Never could get back into the Marvel U after they kept re-writing it, so excuse me for being slow on this one.
This was first pointed out by the homies at The Dakoit’s Comic Book Speculation.

Marvel has brought back Marvel Zombies to the Marvel Universe. This time they’ve brought back an old character that is only now getting noterity.

Screen shot 2015-06-15 at 11.11.34 PM

Elsa Bloodstone is the daughter of a Ulysses Bloodstone – a character who had a gem of power that let him live forever, he eventually became a mercenary who mainly hunts monsters – and Yes it is the same Bloodstone as Captain America Bloodstone First appearance of Crossbones. Eventually his daughter is given fragments of the stone. Right now the first appearance of Elsa Bloodstone – the new monster hunter in the Marvel Universe is gaining steam – two weeks ago this book sold for under $3 online, today it sells for upwards of $15+. This book is very much a dollar book but with Marvel’s new Female character focus, this book has a lot of potential down the road.

Bloodstone #1 (2001)  

Another book that could become relevant based on how Marvel uses Elsa is the first appearances of Ulysses Bloodstone, her father.

Marvel Presents #1 Bloodstone (1975) – First appearance of Ulysses Bloodstone

Screen shot 2015-06-15 at 11.07.37 PM

Happy Speculating!

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Bleedingcool Effect: Age of ULT

Screen shot 2015-04-08 at 1.35.34 AM

Remember yesterday when I said there would be more posts about Avengers: Age of Ultron? Well, we’re under 30 days before the new film premiers and here is another post all about the age of ULT. Bleedingcool posted an article yesterday about Dr. Helen Cho appearing in the Age of ULT being played by Korean actor Claudia Kim. A lot of female power focused magazines have done exposes spotlighting the actress.

Bleedingcool’s article suggests that based on Helen Cho appearing in the Age of ULT, her son, Amadeus Cho (member of the Illuminati) will appear in the film. Which is very likely, however, if he doesn’t appear in this film marvel has built a place where he can appear in future franchise movies. While Amadeus’s first appearance has been selling for $10 to $20 in near mint raw condition, no one has really talked about the confirmed character to appear in the film, Helen Cho and her first appearance.

Amazing Fantasy Volume 2 #15 (published in 2006) is the first appearance of Amadeus’s Cho and has spotlighted by Bleedingcool will go up in value, just based on there article so you should be looking for it.


Dr. Helen Cho, confirmed to appear in the film, first appears in The Incredible Hercules #133 (published in 2009), which has a regular cover and a pretty cool 1:15 Marvel 75 Anniversary Variant cover. This is also the origin issue for Amadeus Cho. Both this and the first appearance of Amadeus have a lot of Age of ULT potential.

Incredible_Hercules_Vol_1_133 $T2eC16V,!)QE9s3HFe6sBQRUt8MT1g~~60_57

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The Weird Catch Up: Jupiter’s Legacy

Screen shot 2015-03-30 at 3.40.18 PM

This is the second instalment this month of the Weird Catch-Up. This months Hollywood run down theme. Today’s instalment is brought to us by the ATLComic news – a great Twitter account that covers all Comic Book Stores relevant to the Atlanta – Check them out! 

Yesterday it was announced that Mark Millar had partnered with Lorenzo Di Bonaventura for the film adaptation of Jupiter’s Legacy. This is what? The 5 Mark Millar Project to have some kind of hollywood optioning? Remember it was just last year at this time Fox announced it was going to optioning Superior for the Big Screen – and there has been NO news since. This is a little different because Di Bonaventura is a producer, best known for G. I. Joe Films. So Jupiter’s Legacy has a better chance of being the next Secret Service.

The second volume of Jupiter’s Legacy – Jupiter’s Circle #1 came out this week while the first issue from the first volume can still be found for cover price at most comic book stores. Sales were so poor for this title that there is a strong possibility you can find issue #1’s in the dollar bins of your local comic book store.


The book to look for now is the 1:20 variant cover, which you can still find for anywhere from $6 to $15 online. This is the book that people are going to be looking as more news comes out, if more news comes out about this film.

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March Hit List Part Un (1)

Screen shot 2015-03-06 at 2.25.20 AMAs a continuation of the “week of” posts heres a new article trend I’m going to start. The Hit-List, A rundown of a few books heating up on and off ebay. Detailing a book or two you should be on the hunt for.

During the Guardians of the Galaxy movie hype the first appearance of Groot became a very hot topic. Was both Tales to Astonish #13 and Incredible Hulk Annual #5 significantly heating up. Another book that sold well and still sells well is Where Monsters Dwell #6 (1970) – reprinting Tales to Astonish #13 (1960). Based on this – another book that has a lot of potential for growth is Shazam #8. Shazam #8 reprints Marvel Family #1 – the first appearance of Black Adam – with the first “modern” appearance of Black Adam appearing 20 issues later. With Dwayne “the rock” Johnson as the only signed on actor for the upcoming Shazam film, playing Black Adam, this book has a lot of potential.

On Thursday (March 5) – another character was cast in the Lucifer TV-Show – The character “Maze”. This has largely been speculated to be DC’s Mazikeen. Mazikeen’s first appearance is Sandman (Volume 2 – Neil Gaiman) #22 – this book on ebay has completed sales from $5 – $20 – but can still be found in back-issue boxes for around $5.
It all depends on how this character is executed – but right now easy money can be made on the quick flip with this book.


Happy Speculating
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Word?! Mortal Kombat X

Heres a book that isn’t really on the radar. This book came out a few months ago (January 14 2015) and was very under-ordered for a DC book.
This book has two covers and one variant and because of cross-over fans video-game / comic book fans, has only one way to go. Up.

$_57-4 $_57-3

Mortal Kombat X #1. The regular connecting Scorpion and Subzero covers have been selling for $15, where the all black 1:25 variant cover has been selling for $40. This is a book to be holding on to.

Screen shot 2015-02-08 at 3.00.50 AM

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