Kate Bishop coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

News broke this weekend that Katherine Langford, star of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why, would be appearing in the already finished filming Avengers 4 in a secret role.

While there has been no confirmation on who she plays there has been a lot of speculation around it. Right now the more prevalent rumors are pointing towards her playing Kate Bishop – which has resulted in Kate Bishop keys starting to pick up online. Kate Bishop’s first appearance is in the 2005 title Young Avengers #1. This book has a Wizard World LA Sketch Variant cover as well as a directors cut second print. The First print of Young Avengers #1 has been selling for $30 to $40 while the directors cut has been steadily selling for $15 to $20. The Wizard World Sketch variant has had two recent raw sales on ebay of above $100.

Another Kate Bishop key book is Young Avengers Presents #6 – which features the first appearance of Kate Bishop as Hawkeye. This book has been selling for $20.



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Hollywood Daze: AKA Jessica Jones round-up


The AKA Jessica Jones netflix TV-Show based on the Brian Michael Bendis ALIAS series has had a lot of casting announcements recently. Announcing both the characters the Purple Man and Hellcat. All ebay auctions of the first appearance of the Purple man for under $10 quickly disappeared this week, with a few NEW listings with $30 asking prices! – This book can still be readily found in the wild – Alias #24
Its only time before the same thing happens with the first appearance of Hellcat.


Hellcat first appears in the Avengers #144 – This is a book on its way up as more information comes out about the TV-Series.

Screen shot 2015-02-01 at 6.33.29 PM
Defenders #89 – easily found in near mint condition for under $15. IS NOT THE FIRST APPEARANCE – however, it is a Hellcat Key as it incorporates The Patsy Waller character as the original Hellcat.

Miss America Magazine #2 (Golden Age Romance book) is another book to look for – This book features the first appearance of Patsy Waller and it has been steadily selling about $150. In the marvel storyline, these are flash-back stories that involve Hellcat and are very early appearances. Miss America Magazine #2 being her first “realized” appearance.


Another book to look out for – that could be going up in value based on the Netflix TV-Shows is Daredevil #111 – from Ed Brubakers run, The First appearance of Lady Bullseye, a character that keeps showing up in the Marvel Now Comic universe.


Coming up: Descender gets picked up by SONY – What does this mean for other Lemire creator owned series?

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Happy Speculating
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