Recalled Comic Watch!

Last week Marvel issued a notice to comic book retailers letting them know that the recent, Marvel Rising: Ms. Marvel and Squirrel Girl #1 was being reprinted because the issue sent out to stores was missing a page. This book has three covers and they have been selling sporadically online.


This week DC has told retailers to call certain copies of Batman Kings of Fear #1 in as damaged due to a printing error. One of the panels has a weird text that reads “Batman:What Knight” – it is very out of place. While I haven’t been able to find copies of this book that don’t feature the error, DC has stated not all copies are affected.


These books are great books to be purchasing and holding onto. While both of these books have large print run, DC and Marvel error / recalled books go up in value over time, especially in high grade condition. Two examples of these kind of books that perform very well are All Star Batman and Robin #10 and Wolverine #131 – both of these books had very large print runs and they sell very well in both raw high grade condition and in Graded CGC 9.8.


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Recalled Comics Watch: Wytches #4 Eh Variant

The 1,000 print run of the Wytches #4 Eh! Variant had to be destroyed after a print error resulted in the cover dressing stating issue Wytches issue #3. Before the 1,000 print run was shelfed and order to be destroyed, 69 copies sold.

All copies are most likely somewhere in Canada. If this book takes off has it has been, this could be a book to look for. Above is the recalled variant next to the corrected version. 

Recalled Version


Correct Version


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Recalled Comics Watch: Star Wars #1 Hot Topic Variant UPDATE

I hope some of you read my last post and bought some of the Star Wars #1 Hot Topic Variant. Yesterday / this morning – the Hot Topic head office sent an email to all stores saying that because of the advertisement found on the back of the Star Wars variant all stores were told to pull the item off shelves, count how many copies sold and destroy all remaining copies. All stores were also told to remain very quite about why the book was being pulled and to tell customers replacements would be coming in within the next month.

$_57As a result – copies have been selling on ebay for upwards of $100+. Did you get a copy? Might be time to sell… but why wouldn’t Hot Topic want you to see this image?

_1421882063Have they been instructed by Marvel / Disney? This leaves for a lot of think about. We need to be asking ourselves, would Marvel recall a book based on a too-early advertisements appearing on one of there variants? Probably not, so maybe the “Savage Hulk” isn’t a Hot Topic Exclusive Figure or has more relevance to the Avengers film than initially thought? (See Savage Hulk / Grey Hulk Speculation here) 

If you were able to get a copy of this book you should send it in to grading and get that all so uncommon – recalled label.

UPDATE: Looks like Funko / Marvel / Whoever is in charge at Hot Topic, have changed there mind and now for whatever reason Hot Topic is selling there Star Wars variant. Prices are dropping fast- so sell em’ while you got em’ – but these books still have the potential of levelling out at the $30 sweet spot they were at before the recall. 

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Word?!: Rai #2 Mask Variant RECALLED

This morning all diamond account holders received an e-mail from Diamond telling them to destroy all copies of Rai #2 Mask variant. Why? A misprint – and replacements are on the way. What does this mean? Rai #2 Mask Variant is going to be a collectible and not unlike other recalled moderns in the past four years will demand a premium in CGC 9.8, and will be added the the competitive CGC registry recalled list.


Find this book. How can you tell if its the recalled one? Its only the mask cover, so it has a mask on the cover, and since replacements will not be sent for at least two weeks, they will be the only copies available in stores.

Happy Speculating