Week in Review: March 7

This week sees the release of the highly anticipated first appearance in comics of Rick and Morty character Pickle Rick. Pickle Rick appears in this weeks Rick and Morty Presents: The Vindicators #1. This book has two regular covers, both have been selling above cover, with peak sales of $15, this book has been averaging for $10 on the secondary market.


This week also sees the release of Robert Kirkman’s Oblivion Song #1. (previously discussed here). This book has a special ‘collectors edition’ set that comes with a Gold Foil Oblivion Song #1, a poster, a pin and a statue. While the collectors editions are limited to 1000 copies produced, it was announced last month by Robert Kirkman that due to a production error only 600 of the statues would ship out week of release with the additional 400 statues being shipped out weeks later. While the statue has a suggested retail price of $200, the statues have been averaging $300 to $400 on ebay.


Another book to look for is last weeks Moon Girl #28. This book features the first appearance of Omnipotentis.  This book has been creeping up in sales selling from $20 to upwards of $40 online. This is a book to be looking for.


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The First appearance of Rick and Morty in Comics

When Oni Press’s Rick and Morty #1 started to heat up people were noticing the grading companies were not classifying the first printing of the book as the first appearance of the characters. Well thanks to Negan Grimes on CBSI we now know why.

Rick and Morty first appeared in comics in the book The Good Morty. The Good Morty is a comic in the style of a Chick Tract. Chick Tracts, created by Jack Chick, are short evangelical gospel comic books that began circulation in 1974 (as free religious pamphlets) and can still be found today. The Good Morty first appeared in Season 1 of the Rick and Morty series.


The Good Morty was distributed in the first editions of the Rick and Morty season 1 Blu-ray from 2014. 250 of these were inserted signed by Rick and Morty creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. I am unsure how many of these were printed – however, they are only found in the first edition blurays – there are several editions of the season 1 bluray and packages are almost identical. So this will prove to be a difficult item to track down.

Thanks again to Negan Grimes and CBSI.

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WORD?!? Dan Harmon’s Rick and Morty

Screen shot 2015-06-28 at 3.20.19 PM

Rick and Morty is a cartoon network show with a cult following, created by Dan Harmon (Community). Rick and Morty’s comic book from Oni Press has been a sell-out success, being released on April 1, 2015 both issue #1 and #2 have sold out at Diamond and these two books seem to be trending upwards.

In the past ten days Rick and Morty #1 First print has been selling anywhere from $6 to $20! 
In the past few days Rick and Morty #2 has been selling for upwards of $20!
The Rick and Morty #1 variants are also doing crazy things – with the Emerald City Comic Con Variant being the clear winner – with an average sale price of $25.

THESE are two books you should be looking for and holding onto!

The ECCC Variant can still be purchased from the ONI Press website for $10! Follow this link! 

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