Week in Review: June 20

Today the Hollywood Reporter announced that Amazon greenlighted an Invincible animated series. This is interesting news because the animated series will not conflict with the Seth Rogan / Seth Goldberg Invincible movie, which is still in production.

This week sees the release of X-men Gold #30 – I am about to spoil this book so consider this a spoiler warning! This book was advertised as a Kitty Pryde / Colossus wedding issue but inside you’ll find that Kitty Pryde leaves Colossus at the altar and in a complete plot twist Gambit and Rouge end up getting married. The X-Men Gold #30 Secret J. Scott Campbell polybag variant is the only cover to show Gambit and Rouge getting married. This is a $4.99 book that has been selling for $8 to $10 online. It is very possible this book will be considered the first appearance of Mr. and Mrs. X – the new Gambit / Rouge series announced earlier today.


Another book to look for this week is the Josh Middleton cover B of Aquaman #37. This book has sold out at the retailer distributor level and has been selling for $8 to $10 online.


The last book to look for came out last week, Oblivion Song #4 Frog Variant. Skybound released a chase variant for Oblivion Song #4 that was inserted randomly into retailers orders – this variant has a frog on the cover. The Oblivion Song #4 frog variant has been selling steadily online for $10.



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Week in Review: October 18

This has been a slow week for comic speculation but there are two interesting books I’d like you to know about.

This week saw the release of Kid Lobotomy #1 from IDWs new Black Crown imprint. There was a 250 limited NYCC variant and this book was previewed in the free Black Crown preview comic released a few weeks ago however the cover to look for came out this week. Kid Lobotomy #1 has a 1:10 gold foil variant cover and due to a “manufacturing error” IDW and Diamond have recalled all copies of this comic. IDW has asked all retailers to destroy all copies of this cover. Will retailers destroy copies? Probably not, but nothing drives up demand for a comic like announcing its been recalled. Since news of the recall broke, this book has been selling for $15 to $25.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 8.24.54 PM

Speaking of Manufacturing errors, this weeks Zdarsky “how to draw” variant for Mighty Thor #700 has a big one. This book was manufactured with the wrong back cover – instead of an advertisement – the back cover is the same as the Spider-Gwen #25 back cover for the Unknown Comics retailer variant. Copies have sold on ebay for $10 to $12 – double cover price. All copies distributed by diamond have this error. Marvel and Diamond have not issued a recall for this book.

mighty thor blah

Happy Speculating
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