More Cover B’s?!

A common theme this year has been the performance of Cover B variants. Last week’s Justice League #8 Jim Lee cover b has been steadily selling for $10 and even the Marvel cover B for Venom First Host #5 has been selling for $8 to $10.
This week is no exception – these are just two cover B variants that come out this week that you should be thinking about picking up.

This week sees the release of Wonder Woman and Justice League Dark: The Witching Hour #1. This book has a Riccardo Federici Variant Cover. This book has been selling for $12 to $18.


Another book that comes out this week that has been seeing a lot of interest and has multiple sales above cover is the Francesco Mattina variant cover for Deathstroke #36.

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Tuesday Morning Speculation

I didn’t do a post last week. Does that mean I’m going to do more posts this week? Perhaps.

Here are a few talking points,

Here is a book that hasn’t really been talked about since October when it was released, He Man – Thunder Cats #1. The First print of this book has two covers, both are selling well on the secondary market with the Cover B selling for $10 to $14 and Cover A selling for $20 to $25. There is also a second print and a coloring book variant that are not seeing any love online.

These are books that many stores sold out of upon release but is still under the radar enough that you might be able to pick up a few copies

While we’re on the subject of He-man. This New He-Man on Battle Cat Dorbz Funko is selling for $75 online but limited quantities are still available on the Funko site at a strict one per order for $25!

Monday saw Disney announce the name of the new Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi. This will be the eighth Star Wars film. Brought to my attention by Drew Lujan on CBSI, The Last Jedi first appeared in the Marvel comic book, Star Wars #49. This was also reported by Bleedingcool so expect sales of this book to start trending upwards while any copies in the wild start to dry up.


Last week saw the release of five retailer incentive variants. Unlike ratio variants these were variants sent to every retailer if they ordered any copies of a certain book. Image Comics Curse Words #1 Gold Foil Cover, Boom Studios WWE Gold Belt #1, Marvel Comics Monsters Island #1, Marvel Comics Mighty Captain Marvel #1 and the Batman TPB Jim Lee cover. Unlike the other retailer variants The Batman Jim Lee TPB was only sent to retailers that ordered 5 or more copies of the new Batman TPB. Many retailers still have single issues of these books which resulted in this trade paper back being under ordered and many stores did not receive this variant.

To my knowledge this is the first time DC has ever done a Trade Paper back. This book is currently selling for $50 to $100. Long term this will be a good book to be holding on to.

Happy Speculating
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Week in Review: DONALD TRUMP

This has been a very slow month for comic speculation but there are two things this week that stand up.

Donald Trump is the president. But did you know that there was a comic book that came out in 1990 that eerily featured aspects of life in 2016. This isn’t the first comic book appearance of Donald Trump- CORRECTION: Donald Trumps First appearance in Comics is Ironman #228 from March 1988 and not Hup! #13 by R.Crumb as previously stated. This 1990 book is Heavy Metal July 1990 featuring the story The Wall by Peter Kuper.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Featuring scenes of civil unrest, the building of a wall, the deportation of a large group are just some of the weird parallels to the 2016 US election. (It even features the “Dump Trump” phrase). The full story can be read here.

Screen shot 2016-11-12 at 5.19.38 PM.png
This book was first reported by Bleedingcool and since being reported about has sold out on ebay. – this book has the potential to be a $40+ book by next week and is a book you should be looking for! (This book is available on the Heavy Metal website for $4)

Another book that has started to heat up that you should be looking for is the new Dark Horse series – World of Tanks #1 – this book, written by Garth Ennis and based on the popular video game has been selling online for upwards of $10 to $15. Great flip potential!


Happy Speculating
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Week in Review: October 4

This week sees the release of the new Black Mask series, Black, and the debut issue has sold out at the distributor and is going for a second printing before even going on sale. This book seems to be selling well at cover and is trending upwards but hasn’t sold for more then a dollar above cover.


This week’s book seems to be Girrion #1 from Scout Comics. I have spoken about this book before here. Girrion was a successfully funded Kickstarter that was picked up by Scout Comics (announced at SDCC). The kickstarter edition (still available for $5 on the official website) has already sold for $50! Where the Scout series has started selling for $15 with some sales hitting $20!  This book has a few retailer variants, however, if the first print is any indication of future prospects – this is a book to be looking for.


Another book that has started seeing an increased interest is Daredevil #58 (Volume 2). One thing that you might have noticed in the new Netflix Luke Cage series is that one character is referred to as “The Night Nurse” which makes it seems that Claire Temple is the Marvel Cinematic Night Nurse. It appears that the modern night nurse, the night nurse that aids Luke Cage, Daredevil and Iron Fist – first appeared in Daredevil #58 (volume 2). This book was off the radar last year but has since started selling for $10 to $20 – this is a great book to be looking for at your LCS.



Happy Speculating
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Hot Shot Run Down

Deadpool back in black #1 comes out next month, a series based around the Venom symbiote taking over Deadpool. A cool concept but when was its first appearance?
Cable and Deadpool #50 – the last issue in that series is the first appearance of Deadpool as Venom. This book came out in 2008 – three years before the What if Venom took over Deadpool mini-series.

This book currently sells for $30 to $50 in high grade but can still be found in the wild at bargain prices. This is a book to be looking for! When Deadpool back in Black aka Deadpool as Venom really kicks off with fans, this is the book everyone is going to be looking for!

Thanks to UltraMaximus. He was the first person to point this out on Google+.

While we’re on the subject of Venom – a book to look for is the new Marvel Now! Venom #38. This book sells for $25 to $40 as it features the new Venom Side-kick character, Mania. Will this book have long term potential? probably not – but it has great flip potential!

Happy Speculating
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Last January there were a lot of DC rumors posted as facts on Reddit by a user claiming they had seen the new Batman / Superman film. I spoke about it here. Some of the rumors proved to be true while others proved to be false. Batman / Superman was the jump off point for the Justice League film. Jason Mamoa did appear in the film as did the Flash in costume. Some things didn’t prove to be true like Lex Luther going bald due to kryptonite poisoning – but most of the claims on the Reddit post proved to be true.

This week a new post showed up on Reddit claiming to have “Future of the DC universe leak” filled with spoilers. While these claims really have no basis or proof there could be some truth to them, or they could just be smoke in the air. Either way, here are the parts of the leak that might hold the most credibility.

The Green Lantern Corps (to be released in 2020) is going to be based on the Green Lantern Sinestro Corps War story line from 2007. Guy Gardener, John Stewart, and Hal Jordan will be appearing in this film. Aside from the first appearances the books to be buying now are the first appearance of the Sinestro Corps War- Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special #1 from August of 2007 Green Lantern Volume 4 #21 from September of 2007. Both of these are key books in the Sinestro Wars storyline.

The next tidbit to come out involves Deathstroke – which coincides with the clip from the new Batman film that Ben Affleck recently released online. There will not be a Deathstroke solo movie, however, he will be appearing in both the Batman and Justice League films as an antagonist to Batman. This has resulted in a bump of interest in the new 52 Deathstroke #1 1:25 Variant cover, the first appearance of Deathstroke – New Teen Titans #2 and the very undervalued New Teen Titans #10 (the second appearance of Deathstroke). While all three of these are selling well you can probably still find New Teen Titans #10 in the wild and at a good price.

All the points from the Reddit Future of the DC Universe leak can be found here.

Happy Speculating
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Week in Review: After SDCC JULY 27

Three things of note this week

I’ve read a lot of people talking about But Like Maybe #1 this week. This book is entirely an example of the current modern pump and dump. The book is not selling above cover online but “speculators” are saying its a great pick. Don’t be fooled. The book is “the first comic to be based on an instagram user”. Also – Its still available on Diamond!

This week the big news came about about the character Kurt Russell will be playing in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy 2 film. It was revealed at SDCC he would be playing Ego the Living Planet, which in itself sounds insane. There should be other appearances of this character that will go up in value over time, but right now the books to look for are the first cameo and first full appearances – Thor #132 and Thor #133.

Currently these books can be found in the wild for under $50 with some bargain $10 to $20 copies. These are both books to start looking for as they are going crazy on ebay with Thor #132 and #133 being on fire!

An earlier version of this post said Ego’s first cameo appearance was in Thor #131. It is not. However, Thor #131 features the first appearance of the Rigellians. The Rigellians are known as “colonizers” in the Marvel Universe and based on how Ego The Living Planet (WHO EATS OTHER WORLDS) develops, this could be another key guardians of the Galaxy book. (So not a bad book to be looking for)


Thor #202 is also worth mentioning as it features the first appearance of Ego in (arguably) his first human form. As in Thor #202 Ego comes to Earth and fights the Asgardians. – This book has been selling for $20 to $30 – which is up from the $10 of a few weeks ago.

Another silver age book that has started going up in price online is Flash #128. Good to Very Good copies of this book have started to sell for $40! Which is almost double what they were selling for three months ago! Flash #128 features the first appearance of Abra Kadabra. DC seems to be building this character up, with him rumored to appear on the upcoming Flash Point season of the Flash.


(This character has been rumored to appear on the show for some time, however now it seems the CW is really moving forward with the character.)
However – as posted on Bleedingcool – This weeks Titan #1 comic reveals that Dr. Manhattan might not be the reason behind the New 52 and now the rebirth storyline (where 5 years were lost).


DC has confirmed that Dr. Manhattan and the Watchmen DC Universe build up is happening so this is probably just a red herring, however, the book is starting to sell based on this news.

BIG SHOUT OUT TO William Zachman, Lincoln Spader and Jeff “Nebo” N for there help with this post!


Happy Speculating
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