Word?!? Walking Dead #171 Pink Signature Variant

This week sees the release of Walking Dead #171 which features a new character – “The Princess”. Like most of the new characters introduced in the Walking Dead universe, Image hyped up this news when retailers could order the book two months ago. Skybound, the Image imprint that publishes Walking Dead, surprised retailers with a special “secret” variant cover. There is a special secret Walking Dead #171 variant that features a pink signature in the bottom right corner.

Bleedingcool is reporting that this book is a 1 in 7 ratio variant and features 7 additional pages of content. This book is going to catch a lot of retailers off guard and most will not notice it. With completed ebay sales ranging from $40 to $50 this is the book to be looking for this week.


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Right when the American election couldn’t get weirder and more in your face, the Hillary Clinton campaign reminded everyone that comic books characters can still be important. Hillary Clinton’s campaign is currently targeting Donald Trump online supporters, here is a screen capture from her website.


Screen shot 2016-09-17 at 10.55.50 PM.png

Pepe the frog is a comic book character that through websites like 4chan and reddit has been associated with memes and viral content. Pepe is a frog that lives with three other animals whom play video games, drink and get high together. These characters have  no association with white supremacy.

Pepe the frog first appears in Boys Club #1 a self published comic-zine by Matt Furie in 2006 – later collected in trade paper back by Fantagraphics Comics. The original zine has grown in popularity considerably after Clinton started talking about the character.


Over the past week since being brought up by Clinton, the first printing of Boys Club #1 has quickly grown from a $10 to $20 book to a $50 to $60 book. This is a great book to be looking for (and can still be found in some comic book stores that cater to more independent publishers!)

Read more of Hillary on Pepe here

Expect a week in review post this week featuring some catch-up news as well as some great speculation tidbits I’ve neglected to post about in the past month.

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Hollyweird Catchup

I haven’t done a Hollywood post in a little while so this post will start with some new news and end with some catch-up information. Four titles to look for!

News came out today that the third season of the Flash CW TV-Show would be based around the DC Flashpoint story line with its own take on the original source material. It was also hinted that Arrow and Supergirl, both CW TV-Shows, would also appear in the Flash point third season. Flashpoint #1 first print has been heating up on its own in the past two months, selling for $15 to $25 respectivel. However, since the TV show news more copies are selling around $25 and the retailer incentive variant cover is selling upwards of $50. These two books have a lot of room to grow in the coming weeks. (The SDCC Variant for Flashpoint #1 is still available for $10 – It has not been performing as well on the secondary market as the first print cover A, however, it has great potential for growth)

Another book that has already been preforming well on the secondary market that is sure to benefit from this Flash News is the Flash Point Reverse Flash #1 one-shot. This book has been selling for $10.However, this book has the most potential for growth as there is no Flash Point without Reverse Flash and since this is the Flash TV-Show this character has a very high likely hood of showing up.

The Kitchen was a title that was published by Vertigo / DC in 2014. This week it was picked up by New Line Cinema to be adapted for film. This has resulted in the Kitchen #1 selling for two to three times cover. This is a book that can still be found in many back issue bins!

Another book that has been selling for triple cover price is Titan Comics Surface Tension #1. This book came out in February of 2015, became a mini series, now just announced a few weeks ago it’s being picked up for television adaptation.

The last book to be looking for is Scarlet from Icon / Marvel Comics. Scarlet was Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev’s creator owned title that has released nine issues since 2011. This book has apparently been picked up by HBO/ Cinemax. While Scarlet #1 started selling for $90 when this news broke is has started to cool off selling on average for $25. Almost every issue of Scarlet can still be found in the wild and all issues under 5 are selling for $10+. While this isn’t a book I would be holding onto it has great quick flip potential.

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DC Rebirth

A lot of crazy stuff happening this week so lets get right to it.

This week Henchgirl has been on fire – with the Scout Comics issue #1 selling for $70 to $90 online. Its not even the first appearance of Henchgirl and is just old material reprinted! Its crazy!

The big news though (as covered by Bleedingcool and CHU) is the leaking of this week’s issue of Rebirth #1, the starting of DC’s new universe (or whatever they’re going for at the moment). Someone (apparently in the press) received a copy and started revealing spoilers of the book on Reddit. This person has since been banned on Reddit, however, it is a very genuine post.

So what did we learn? Wally West is back but that has been hinted at for months. The big news is the Watchmen are now members of the DCU. What’s more is that Dr. Manhattan created the DC Universe. That finger on the cover of Rebirth #1? That’s a swipe at Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam with Dr. Manhattan. This also means that Alan Moore created the DC Universe.

Speculation wise: Watchmen #1‘s are selling like no tomorrow on ebay but there are a few other books to be looking for.

Watchmen #12 – In this book Dr. Manhattan makes a very poignant exit scene. Suggesting an early appearance of the NEW DC Universe.

Screen shot 2016-05-22 at 12.57.30 AM

Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan #4 – Dr. Manhattan creates his first universe. This book is already selling for $30 to $35 – with no combo-pack variants available for sale online since the news. This book seems to have great quick flip potential as it’s currently being pinned as the origin of the DC Rebirth Universe.

Screen shot 2016-05-22 at 1.31.30 AM

The last book that you should be looking for which is already selling for big bucks (five confirmed sales of CGC 9.8 copies selling above $400 – when GPA is $300) is DC Spotlight #1. This is the first appearance of both Frank Miller’s Dark Night AND the Watchmen. Raw copies have been selling for $40 to $80 in ranging conditions. This book has great potential for growth as Watchmen begins to be built into the DCU.

Screen shot 2016-05-22 at 1.32.28 AM

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Week in Review January 28

The last few weeks has seen the speculative power of the Power Rangers – with Boom Studios 7 cover, Power Ranger #0 released two weeks ago tearing up the online market place. All representing a different member of the original Power Ranger Team, five regular covers and two incentive covers were released with the two incentive covers having very sporadic sales. The 1:50 Variant – Green ranger has been selling for $100 to $130 while the 1:100 White Ranger Variant has been selling for $175 to $250 – with full sets of all seven covers hitting up to $300. While the variant covers have stayed at the same price over the past two weeks the regular covers seem to be selling for $10 with the red ranger selling for upwards of $25!

With the popularity of this series and with Boom pushing out multiple variants for future issues – one should look at the first appearance of this franchise in comics. The Power Rangers first appeared in the very undervalued Hamilton / Saban’s Mighty Morphing Power Rangers #1 from 1994. While there was a give-away comic book that featured the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers that came out a few months prior to the Hamilton / Sabans issue (Published by Hamilton Comics and included in a Fruit of the Loom promotion)- it is almost non-existant with very few copies if any accounted for. Currently this book sells on average from $5 to $25 in near mint condition on ebay ($5 on MCS).

Screen shot 2016-01-27 at 11.48.27 PM

A book that came onto my radar while I was at Hot Topic looking for nail polish and nose-rings is the We Can Never Go Home #2 Hot Topic Variant Cover. While a lot of fans seem to be upset with Black Mask for dropping the balls on major titles like Young Terrorists and many other titles that only received a first issue while also unloading multiple variants for titles – some many months after release date – this Hot Topic Variant cover is selling for $7 to $10 – double the $4.50 cover price.

The last piece of speculative news from this week is the Lootcrate Walking Dead Mcfarlane Toys announcement. Earlier discussed on Comicbooksheatingup, next months Lootcrate (the one currently up for order) features an exclusive Walking Dead figure or toy by the Mcfarlane toy company. These lootcrate items historically sell very well once they are released and then slower cool down – however, one could simply look at the December Lootcrate featuring a Star Wars Funko Pop of Han Solo that had peak sales of $80 but now only sells for $20 – still covering the price of the lootcrate and giving you additional product to sell. This offer has great potential and can be ordered here.

PS: Here is a picture of the impossible to find first appearance of the Power Rangers – The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers Fruit of the Loom Edition from Hamilton Comics.


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Back issue Spotlight: Steam Wars

Screen shot 2015-09-17 at 11.34.01 PM

With the release of the new Steam Wars Arc – Steam Wars: First Empire #1 this week its time to look back on the first volume. Steam wars is a Star Wars parody based in the steam punk world. Which yes, is just as stupid as it sounds. The first two issues of this series occasionally sell for double cover but the issues to look for are Steam Wars issue #3 and #4.

Screen shot 2015-09-16 at 7.20.47 PM

these books have lower prints runs and have very low reported sales – however, with the new Star Wars craze because of Marvel’s new series will result in these books to selling even higher then they already do. Steam Wars #3 and #4 regularly sell for $20 to $25.

Screen shot 2015-09-16 at 7.20.31 PM

the new series has potential but issue #1 from the first volume is the book to go for if you’re hold onto in hopes of speculating on the steam wars franchise. ALL issues of the first volume of Steam Wars can be ordered at the Antarctic Website at cover price – including issue #3 and #4 (at cover price!!!)

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THE All New Marvel Universe (Part UN)

Marvel has made it very clear that the new Secret War Event that is currently bringing all of the legendary Marvel story lines together will result in an all new all different Marvel Universe much in the vein of the New 52. This week Marvel released an image depicting the new line up and then a few hours later released another image. In this post I will discuss the first image and the books you should be looking for.

1283805144067408998 The characters appearing in this image are no big surprises following in line with the Marvel television and movie universes. We have, both Spider-Mans; Peter Parker and Miles Morales, The Newly introduced Spider-Gwen, The Newly introduced Kamala Khan as Ms.Marvel, The All New Thor, Ant-Man, Black Panther, Vision, The Newly introduced Spider-Woman, Falcon as Captain America, old man Steve Rogers, Agent Coulson, Red Wolf and what appears to be an all new Iron Man. Most of these characters are known so there are really only a few things to talk about.

The All New Hulk: There is a lot of speculation around Amadeus Cho. Axel Alonso suggested Bruce Banner would no longer be the Hulk and the rumour mill is pumping up Amadeus Cho. Which has resulted in his first appearance to start to skyrocket. I talked about this character before here. Amadeus Cho first appeared in Amazing Fantasy Volume 2 #15. A book that has currently dried up on ebay, selling for an average of $30 to $45. If the rumours turn out to be true the $45 price tag will be regarded as bargains.


Red Wolf: Red Red Wolf first appears in Avengers #80 – this book before the Marvel U news sold for $15 to $25. In the last few days Avengers #80 has been averaging $45 to $85 in Very Fine Plus to Near Mint condition and is on the rise. This is a book to hold onto until prices start to stablize. How high will they go? Now is not the time to leave money on the table.


Kamala Khan/ The New Ms. Marvel: This character has been getting a lot of heat latly. WIth the second print Captain Marvel #17 selling for upwards of $200 in raw condition! Another Kamala Khan book that has been getting noticed recently is All New Marvel Now Point One #1 (a four issue series, not to be confused with Marvel Now Point One #1 One-shot). This book is the first appearance of Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel and has been averaging $20. This book still has a lot of moving move.

SPECIAL Shout out to CBSI’s own Mark Hendrie for putting Red Wolf and Weird World (stay tuned for why thats important) on my mind. 

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Stay Tuned for Part DEUX in two days!