Magazine Speculation Part 5: Foom Magazine

This article is an excerpt from the Comic Book Scalping video series, “This week in Speculation.” This article originally appeared in episode 8. This video and more can be found on our youtube channel.

A few weeks ago I highlighted Marvelmania magazine but this week I want to focus on Magazine that replaced Marvelmania when it was inevitably cancelled. It was also a Marvel published fan magazine – Foom Magazine or Friends of Ol’ Marvel Magazine.

Foom Magazine’s first issue was published in February of 1973 and the magazine ran for 22 issues – published quarterly with the last issue coming out in 1978.  Foom magazine was backed by a powerhouse of comic book creators – Jim Steranko edited the first four issues,Tony Isabella edited two issues and X-Men writer Chris Claremont edited two issues. Foom Magazine was distributed on a subscription basis with the magazine being advertised inside various Marvel comic books. These subscriptions came with membership cards and various posters among other oddities. The original packaging marvel used to ship these books are not only collectible but very cool.


Pictures above is the Foom Original Membership Kit from 1973. The magazine would be mailed inside the Hulk Envelope. 

While they weren’t printed in small quantities, given the way these books were distributed these magazines arn’t easy to track down, especially in high grade. While these books continue to climb in value I would like to talk about some of the key issues in the run, or at least issues that you should be aware of.

The first issue of Foom Magazine had an advertisement for a contest asking readers to submit their own hero to Marvel. To enter the contest you had to send a sketch of a character. In the second issue of Foom Marvel revealed the winners of this contest. One of the winners, Andy Olsen, had submitted a character named “The Wolverine” that striked a very close resemblance to the Wolverine character later introduced by Marvel. Foom’s second issue was released in 1973 and predates the 1974 publishing date of Hulk 181. – Because of this, This magazine is sought after as the “true” first appearance of Wolverine.


The 10th issue of Foom sells well online under the guise of “The First appearance of the New-X-Men” with many in the collecting community believing that this book, featuring a cover with Wolverine, predates both X-Men #94 and Giant-Size X-Men #1. The facts are though that Giant Size X-Men #1 has a publishing date of May of 1975, with copies first being distributed in February of 1975 – and Foom 10 is dated as June of 1975 – meaning it came out after. Either way, this book is still in demand and historically is one of the more sought after issues of Foom.


Foom 11 Features a panel appearance of Starlord that predates his first appearance in Marvel Premier magazine issue #4 by almost a year. This magazine also features a really cool Jack Kirby cover.


Foom 15 features a write up and images of both Captain Britain and Ms Marvel that predate there respective first appearances. Foom 15 came out in September of 1976, while the current established first appearance of Ms. Marvel is Ms. Marvel #1 was which was published by Marvel in January of 1977 and Captain Britain’s current established first appearance is Captain Britain #1 which was published a month after Foom #15 in October of 1976.


The final issue of Foom I want to highlight is issue 17. Like the first issue this book features a Stan Lee – however this cover is Stan Lee in a collage of all of his Marvel Super-Hero characters. This book has been sought after for some time.


This article is an excerpt from the Comic Book Scalping video series, “This week in Speculation.” This article originally appeared in episode 8. This video and more can be found on our youtube channel.

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Week in Review: After SDCC JULY 27

Three things of note this week

I’ve read a lot of people talking about But Like Maybe #1 this week. This book is entirely an example of the current modern pump and dump. The book is not selling above cover online but “speculators” are saying its a great pick. Don’t be fooled. The book is “the first comic to be based on an instagram user”. Also – Its still available on Diamond!

This week the big news came about about the character Kurt Russell will be playing in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy 2 film. It was revealed at SDCC he would be playing Ego the Living Planet, which in itself sounds insane. There should be other appearances of this character that will go up in value over time, but right now the books to look for are the first cameo and first full appearances – Thor #132 and Thor #133.

Currently these books can be found in the wild for under $50 with some bargain $10 to $20 copies. These are both books to start looking for as they are going crazy on ebay with Thor #132 and #133 being on fire!

An earlier version of this post said Ego’s first cameo appearance was in Thor #131. It is not. However, Thor #131 features the first appearance of the Rigellians. The Rigellians are known as “colonizers” in the Marvel Universe and based on how Ego The Living Planet (WHO EATS OTHER WORLDS) develops, this could be another key guardians of the Galaxy book. (So not a bad book to be looking for)


Thor #202 is also worth mentioning as it features the first appearance of Ego in (arguably) his first human form. As in Thor #202 Ego comes to Earth and fights the Asgardians. – This book has been selling for $20 to $30 – which is up from the $10 of a few weeks ago.

Another silver age book that has started going up in price online is Flash #128. Good to Very Good copies of this book have started to sell for $40! Which is almost double what they were selling for three months ago! Flash #128 features the first appearance of Abra Kadabra. DC seems to be building this character up, with him rumored to appear on the upcoming Flash Point season of the Flash.


(This character has been rumored to appear on the show for some time, however now it seems the CW is really moving forward with the character.)
However – as posted on Bleedingcool – This weeks Titan #1 comic reveals that Dr. Manhattan might not be the reason behind the New 52 and now the rebirth storyline (where 5 years were lost).


DC has confirmed that Dr. Manhattan and the Watchmen DC Universe build up is happening so this is probably just a red herring, however, the book is starting to sell based on this news.

BIG SHOUT OUT TO William Zachman, Lincoln Spader and Jeff “Nebo” N for there help with this post!


Happy Speculating
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Week of July 9 – Marvel Now

This week has been absorbed with speculation on the new Marvel Now Universe, mostly surrounding new Iron-Man, RiRi Williams. Her first appearance (Invincible Iron-man #7 2016) has steadily been selling for $30 to $40 (shes building the Iron-Man Suit) – the issue where she puts on the suit for the first time is also doing considerably well selling for $15 to $20. (Invincible Iron-Man #9).

There has also been a lot of movement with Marvel’s new Vision series, The Vision #1 introduces Viv – Visions Daughter – and she just joined the newly announced Marvel The Champions team. Her First appearance, The Vision #1 (2015) – has been selling for $10 but trending upwards.

There has been a lot of traction with these new characters marvel has been introducing. Right now there is a book that is kind of under the radar but introduces a new Marvel Now character that seems to already be a big part of the Marvel Universe.

Meet Miranda.

Screen shot 2016-07-09 at 9.22.30 AM.png

From this Excerpt (X-Men: Worst X-Man #5) – this new character, Miranda, has been credited for bringing back Bucky, Changing Nick Fury, and keeping the Avengers Young. Has the watcher been reborn? Either way, Marvel clearly has big plans for this character, first introduced in X-Men: Worst X:Man #3 – This is a book to be looking for as its already sold out online and the only auction currently on ebay is a $25 Buy-it-now. This is a book that you can still find in the wild and has a lot of potential to be the RiRi Williams of next week.


Happy Speculating
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Oh Word? Silver Sable

Here’s a book that has been selling for $10 to $15 for the past few months, Amazing Spider-Man #265 – The first appearance of the Silver Sable. However, today the book has been selling for quite a bit more.  Today Amazing Spider-Man #265 has been selling for $25 to $30 with three CGC 9.8 sales. One sold for just under $100, Later one sold for $125, after that one sold for $200. So Why the sudden interest in the Silver Sable?

In a recent interview (June 23), Tom Rothman, Sony Movie Chief, stated he was planning on building a Spider-Man Universe with Marvel. Since Sony and Marvel have recently come to arrangements with each other over the rights of Spider-Man it seems some of Sony’s previously leaked plans (in the hacked Sony E-mails) might still be in play.

When Sony’s studio was hacked and all of their private e-mails released to the public most fans focused on the big news that Spider-Man would be appearing in Civil War. However, some fans also found e-mails talking about Sony’s Plans on doing a solo Silver Sable film in the Spider-Man Universe through building a Spider-Man cinematic Universe at Sony. Most of this was thought to have been scrapped when the news that Sony was giving the rights to Spider-Man back to Marvel was announced, however, it appears that Sony still has plans for building this new Spider-man Cinematic Universe. As Confirmed by Jeff Snider on his podcast  Meet the Movie Press, Sony is still working on a solo Silver Sable film and are even trying to sign screen writer Abi Morgan onto the project.

I would expect to be hearing about the Silver Sable for some time as this book has no where to go but up. There is also a second printing (it has a silver cover) that should see an increase in interest.

The Aspen Justice League #1 Variant Cover featuring art by Micheal Turner and featuring a Black and White Sketch cover goes on presale Sunday June 26 at 9 am Pacific on – Like the Aspen Batman #1 This book will be in high demand upon release and will sell out on prerelease. Don’t sleep on this!

Screen shot 2016-06-25 at 1.41.20 AM.png

Happy Speculating
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