Word?!? Walking Dead #171 Pink Signature Variant

This week sees the release of Walking Dead #171 which features a new character – “The Princess”. Like most of the new characters introduced in the Walking Dead universe, Image hyped up this news when retailers could order the book two months ago. Skybound, the Image imprint that publishes Walking Dead, surprised retailers with a special “secret” variant cover. There is a special secret Walking Dead #171 variant that features a pink signature in the bottom right corner.

Bleedingcool is reporting that this book is a 1 in 7 ratio variant and features 7 additional pages of content. This book is going to catch a lot of retailers off guard and most will not notice it. With completed ebay sales ranging from $40 to $50 this is the book to be looking for this week.


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Zombie Uprising: Walking Dead #69

Screen shot 2015-06-08 at 11.02.50 PM

Three days ago the news broke that the character Heath was cast and started filming scenes for the upcoming season of the Walking Dead. Heath is to be played by Dr. Dre actor (in the upcoming Straight out of Compton film) Corey Hawkins in the sixth season of the popular TV-Show. Following the comic book storyline this also means that the Alexandria town is soon to appear on the small screen.

Heath and Alexandria first appearing in Walking Dead #69, a book you should be looking for and holding onto.


Because of the current TV-Show hiatus all walking dead books are trending downwards, this book was selling for $20 – $50 in the last few weeks, but now with the recent news Walking Dead #69 has been sticking around the $40 to $45 range, this is a book you should be looking for and holding onto. Heath should start getting more heat when he shows up on the TV-Show.

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Highest Valued Modern / New-Modern Comics to invest in 5 years?

This was brought up on a message board and I thought it was appropriate to talk about in a full length post. Disagree? Comment below!

Q: What is the Highest Valued Modern or New-Modern Comic to invest in for the next five years? 

A: Error or recalled moderns, with a focus on The Walking Dead #100 Hero initiative blank.

There have been mixed reports about how many copies of this book found there ways out of the hands of Image / The H.I. – with the official number being unknown, anywhere from 5 to 25 copies exist, with a few finding there way for sale on ebay.
The CGC has decided they will not grade them. CGC had indicated in e-mails, that Hero Initiative had contacted them about the blanks and regarded them as stolen. CGC not grading books they deemed as stolen resulted in this.

Prices on these books are very sporadic, with a raw copy selling five months ago for $800 – previous sales raw sales in December 2013 in the $700 range. This book, because of its unknown theft status, will experience a lot of growth in value in the next ten years.
If you were going to bet on one modern book from the last five years for investment, this is the one! (not to mention the high popularity of Walking Dead and its relation to the TMNT in potential for long-term fan-base popularity.)

What to look forward to in the next few days:

2015 Movie / Television / Media speculation run down Part 2 PART 3
Wytches #4 Eh! Variant Final Art Reveal

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WORD?!? The 40,000 Walking Dead Variant

Sometimes the things I’m told make absolutely no sense. I was informed earlier this week that Skybound / Image have released a new Hyundai Walking Dead themed owners manual like they have at the past 2013 NYCC (the Walking Dead Chop Shop book) and 2012 SDCC (The 2013 Elantra Owners Manual) before that. Graded copies of these books have have peak sales from $400 to $500- they currently sell for about $250 – $300 –  with raw copies selling for under $200. – These books were given away for free on a first come first served basis.
For 2014 Hyundai and Robert Kirkman have some up with something a little different.

9091876876Screen shot 2014-11-16 at 2.17.33 AMShown to the public for the first time at an Autoshow in 2013 – this Walking Dead Special Edition 2014 Hyundai Tucson. This vehicle is limited to 1000 and unbelievable comes with the 2014 Walking Dead Hyundai Owners Manual.

9091876644As of right now, no copies have shown up on the online comic marketplace. No image of the book has been released – however, if you pay the car’s asking price of $40,000 USD, they will send you the manual – like the car, limited to 1000 copies. Insane. Talk about a Walking Dead completists nightmare.

The car is only available in the US due to car safety regulations. Which I’m assuming is code for only the US can survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

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Do yourself a Favour Preorder: Lootcrate October

Lootcrate is a company that makes subscription lootbags – with one general bag of goods each month. Sometimes they have exclusive items, like the famed Groot Funko Pop see-through figure. This Month’s loot bag has a Walking Dead Variant.

the-walking-dead-132-loot-crate-var-099cbFOLLOW THIS LINK TO ORDER

Skybound is very discerning about variants for the Walking Dead series. There are very few variants for the on-going series – this isn’t because of lack of interest, Skybound denies almost all requests. That means this new Walking Dead variant for issue 132 – will be in high demand with Walking Dead collectors. This is a great opportunity to buy a book everyone will want in a few weeks that is very off the radar.


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